Thursday, March 31, 2005

In God We Trust...A tribute to Ochee

It's been awhile actually since i left IMax(institut Maxisegar)..and after i stepped out form there, it's already 4 years...and that means i havent seen Ochee(Zainol Izham B Zainal Abidin) even wif that duration also...but we still contacting each other....But not anymore-since he's no more with us....back to his Owner, Allah S.W.T.
I juz knew bout it yesterday nite (30.03.2005)..but it was reported that he passed away on the day before. All i know is that his car was out of control and spun on the road and hit the car behind..Along with him was his soulmate-Balkhis.
Most Imax student knew that we were good frens back then...but no one'd ever know how close it was...for me, he was not only a friend, but a brother to me-sumtimes being a big brother who gives advice on how to lose my temper...or a lil' bro who told me bout his prob and then being "dileter" by me.
Ochee was first called Ochee when he was in Sek Men Sultan Abdul Halim(SMSAH), jitra. He told me that it was bcoz he was originated from Manjung, Perak and Perak is known by its Tapir(cipan)..Then from CIPAN, it evolved to Ocipan and to OCHEE...Ochee that i knew is a person who really concious but his body shape, cares bout his girlfriend, and one who is filled with bad temper but successfully controlled 'em, dun really like Math and rather likes biology and really an Insectophobia (scared of insects)..hehehee..
We once made a havoc in the apartment when a couple of big cockcroaches got into the apartment..we made ourselves "lastik getah" and together we tried to get rid of 'em..pastu bila lipas2 tu terbang..kitorang dua2 siap nyorok2 blakang tilam le..bawah meja ler...hehehhee!!!!
And i called him "kentang" since he really liked potatoes so much! we once went to MAKRO at Selayang together with Jonet(juhanis) and Safa-if im not mistaken. and we bought satu guni besar potatoes and then kupas and sliced 'em utk dibuat kentang goreng..Itu tak termasuk French fries that we bought!
Although i often went to kl during semester break (UUM)..we never met...the closest was when i juz got to Bangsar LRT from Midvalley Megamall and he and Bal juz get there...He called me and said that he was in Midvalley but since i've already bought the ticket, told him that it was okay since we still could meet later kalau ada jodoh....without lil' I know that there would be no other chance for us......IF i ever Grab that chance!!..but........................................................
There is notting else i could do..i really hope and pray that he and Balkhis will be upthere placed with orang2 yang beriman.....Amin.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

i'll be there for yer!! thing about me is that i know what i should do..but i've never followed ' i should have done my projects n assignments earlier because i've already known the consequenses of not doing it..but..there it is again-my laziness and postpone evil..keep on tryin' makin sure that i'll abandon 'em.
I know that time is crucial now..but god knows how im too lazy to do 'em...heheheee....

Friday, March 04, 2005

Non-probability Starting~better one that none

well..This is why i start to write in this is Friday and i got nothin' to when i surfed into my frens's blog and saw how lovely their blogs are...the idea of creatin' my own blog came into picture..hehehee..basically i've gotten one blog back then..but now i wonder whether it's still there or not..since it has been abandoned for years now..and one more reason im doin' this is that i believe that practice makes perfect-and i havent been writing or communicating in english for quite i hope that this blog which im gonna write 70% in english and the rest in BM will indirectly encourage me to improve my fluency in Eng....for startin' i guess...that's it!!!

-ralat itu normal-