Thursday, August 14, 2008

Side Biz #1

Sorry for being unavailable for quite sometimes. I was busy with my preparation for the KPLI interview. And at the same time my new office (am still at the ol' company, its just that we moved out to a better place) still doesn't have land line and therefore it's impossible for me to get online.

Btw, i want to wish all of Muslims out there, Happy Ramadhan and hopefully this coming Ramadhan will bring us Rahmah Ilahi..


Currently, am engaging to my new side biz. and i wrote a whole length of narration to seduce u guys to get this stuff. Unfortunately, as i was trying to post it, something happened to this bloody laptop and all of the were gone!

So what am gonna do is just to paste wutever stuff that i have in Bahasa, no mood to traslate them in English anymore~cries*

Anyways, enjoy them!

So i give you...

MiOR - The Moor Facial Bar With IndinineLuxeTM

miOR ini adalah 100% natural dan berasal dari Austria. Antara bahan-bahan yang terkandung dalam miOR adalah:-

IndinineLuxe™ - Algae yang kaya dengan antioksida, vitamin dan mineral dari Europe
untuk mengembalikan keremajaan dan menyembuhkan kulit;

Heilmoor Clay – Terdiri daripada beratus herba, bahan organik, antibiotik yang semulajadi, hormon tumbuhan dan banyak lagi. Inilah Heilmoor Clay :-

And the effects are as the following:-

The Advantages Effect:
  • Mengecilkan pori-pori;
  • Mengawal blackheads dan whiteheads;
  • Mengawal keseimbangan pH pada kulit;
  • Mengawal masalah jerawat dan kulit sensitif;
  • Mengurangkan kesan parut pada kulit;
  • Mengurangkan pigmentasi dan mengawal masalah jeragat;
  • Mampu mengurangkan garis-garis halus/kedut pada wajah;
  • Membantu mengawal masalah penyakit kulit, eczema, psoriasis, stretchmarks, kesan selulit dsbnya;
  • Kulit kelihatan 1 tona lebih cerah kerana proses exfoliation;
  • Kulit kelihatan lebih kemerahan secara semulajadi dan berseri-seri;
  • Meningkatkan keupayaan kitaran sel kulit, menjadikan kulit sentiasa anjal, sihat dan berseri;
  • Juga sangat sesuai dan selamat digunakan kepada bayi dan kanak-kanak;
  • Mengurangkan noda-noda hitam dan sel mati pada keliling leher, celah ketiak dan bikini line;
  • Bagus untuk mengekalkan keseimbangan minyak pada kulit kepala;
  • Menghilangkan kelamumur & melembutkan rambut dan menyihatkannya.
And this is how you apply it:-
  1. Basahkan tangan dan keluarkan buih daripada sabun;
  2. Letakkan buih sabun di tempat jerawat, eyebag, jeragat atau tempat yang bermasalah;
  3. Baki buih sabun gosok di seluruh muka selain dari tempat yang diletakkan tadi;
  4. Biarkan 2-3 minit dan lepas itu cuci. (Pohon jangan dibiarkan melebihi 3 minit, kurang tidak mengapa);
  5. Jangan lap muka dan biarkan kering sendiri;
  6. Sesuai untuk 2 kali sehari (pagi dan malam);
  7. Hanya 2-3 minit sahaja setiap kali kegunaan.
  8. Apabila menggunakan sabun miOR, ianya menggantikan fungsi sabun malah lebih dari itu. Namun digalakkan supaya jangan terus tinggalkan routine harian penjagaan diri anda, semata-mata kerana bergantung 100% kepada sabun miOR ini. Dengan sabun miOR anda boleh mengurangkan jumlah step penjagaan iaitu hanya guna sabun miOR, moisturiser dan sunblock sahaja berbanding dengan pengunaan susu pembersih, sabun, toner, moisturiser, night cream dan sunblock. Lebih ringkas bukan ?
Tindakbalas Apabila Penggunakan MiOR
(Special case sahaja - bukan untuk semua kulit)
  • Kulit menjadi kering (bagi mereka yang kulit kering) - Hanya biarkan selama 1 minit sebelum basuh muka dan selepas kering pakai mousturiser. Kurangkan masa cuci kepada 1-2 minit shj;
  • Keluar bintik-bintik halus di muka - Cuci selama 1 minit sahaja kerana ia merupakan “proses pembersihan dari dalam” (detox). Gunakan mousteriser dan jangan risau dan teruskan guna miOR;
  • Kulit akan mengelupas sikit (terutama kulit yang berpigmentasi) - Cuci selama 1 minit kerana ia mengeluarkan sel kulit-kulit mati. Biar pengelupasan sendiri dan jangan dikopek;
  • Kulit rasa gatal-gatal - Itu tandanya ada resdung. Jangan garu dan kalau boleh dalam tempoh sebulan ini jangan makan seafood, daging atau telur. Tunggu sehingga kulit dah ok. Kurangkan masa cuci kepada 1-2 minit sahaja
There you go. I've been using MiOR for a month now. At 1st there were some zits on my face, but i understand that it was the immediate effect of Mior when it's detoxing your face; and they dissapeared less than one week after that and as results, my pores are getting smaller and almost invisible now, my skin is getting vibrant..and am very happy about it and am very confident to reccomend it to others. perhaps you should give it a try too..

For a start, you can try a quarter bar 1st for only RM 70.

And after using it, if u feel the effect, you can buy for half a bar or whole bar for will cost you RM130 and RM259 each.

p/s: my sis used my Mior bar without my permission. And one day she called me when i was at Froggy's house telling me that her face got inflamated after using it for the 1st time. I told her that served her right for using it without my consent. And i told her to stop using my bar coz perhaps it's not suitbale for her. After 3 days, her face got to its normal condition and to our shocked, all the big zits and acnes that she had were gone and so as her pigmentation around the eyes corner. Her pores get smaller too..

As much as i'm happy with her condition, i know now that i have to share my MiOR with her. sigh~

Friday, August 08, 2008


Sometimes i wish that somehow, life will get easy on me. I'm not a faithful follower, but i always believe in God. And i never blame anyone when things get tough on me. But sometimes, it's just hard. Live is hard, a part from its ferocious living things.

People have their own way on how to release all the tension and stress in them. Some go for window shopping and some go to extra mile and bring back piles of shopping goods. Well, good for them.

What do i do when i have things bugging around my head, hurm let see.

Normally, if it's just a teeny thing, i'll just deal with them straight. Otherwise, i'll call froggy and talk about it for while and go to sleep. Yes, sleeping is the best remedy for me for almost all of my problems. I just dont wanna get insane by thinking about all those bullshits silmutaneously but rather get a sleep or a short nap, and rethink about it one by one when i wake up. Because sometimes when u gather all the problems mounting in ur head, there's least chance for you to solve it efficiently and wisely.

When things get rather ugly, like when i lost my wallet and all my money were taken out from my account, i just wished that i'll be with someone who cares abt me the most. Goodness that i was able to meet froggy that nite, otherwise i'd end up sleeping alone with tears on my pillows. (What, pretty guy cant cry meh?)

Yet sometimes, i just want to be alone on my bed or on the couch whole day long watching cartoons and let time passes me by

Or sometimes when i have probs, i'll get my superbly long shower for 1 to 2 hrs and shave my facial hairs hoping that all my prob will go aways with them. And i did go to the extreme when i cut my hair uber short once. hiks.

And infact, after what happened in my office lately, i feel like i really need a long shower when i get home tonite!

Oh since i'll be staying over Fz's tonite, so i'll get my shower there then

You know i love you