Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey guys. It's 2015 and as i was reading all my posts, i couldnt help but to notice all grammatical errors that i made. Im so sorry to have made you guys bleed ur eyes while reading them posts. Lol.

I dunno whether there are still readers out there who care about my blog anymore, but i really miss reading musang api, oxymoronic and few other blogs too. Ive been contemplating to delete this blog or not coz eventho i dun write anymore, i do sometimes reread all my old posts and reminisce all my sweet and bitter moments.

Anyhow, im now teaching in kl and there were lotsa ups and downs as usual. Im still with my masyam froggy who has been so nice to me all these years.  God knows how i really appreciate all froggy's effort to help me with my financial problems and family matters.

Oklah, thats all for now. Till then :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

happy birthday to ochee

I was chatting with a matrix friends about our encounters back then and how funny there were. We talked about one person to another 'till we touched about Ochee. We talked about that very night when he came to our matrix dinner just to meet me n apologised to the stuffs he's said b4. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I almost forgot how much i missed him all these years. It's been 6 years since he passed away.

I love you as a friend.
I love you as an elder brother.
I love you as your little brother.

Gosh, now i remembered! I was wondering whose birthday was it yesterday (10.10) it's 11.1o (1.05 am). It was his...

Happy birthday my friend.

p/s:God knows how i really feel like hugging someone now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Of Ramadhan and Eid & my busy-ness

I almost forgot abt this blog *tell somethin' new eh till i got a comment from GC. *thanks babe

I'm like super busy now with more than 5 ongoing projects that i'm running simultaneously now at school! I wish I have the audacity to do all of them ala kadar but my heart says no. And now i'm burdening myself with those stuff everyday.

Being a self taught designer, i showed the school how talented i'm in designing costumes and it ended me up with a dancing team that i'm currently in charged of since the former coach whom i assisted before got transfer early of this year.

And since the headmistress herself liked the costume and the dance she's been asking me to lead this group and yada yada yada..i'm stuck with our practice everyday after school now.

And i also indirectly involve in the English action song team; designing costume for them and helping the teachers with the lyrics and songs n etc2.

Since i'm like the only Malay guy there, she's also got me to set up the school's boria team when i know nothing *ok, just a lil' abt it. I have to choose the songs, lyrics, costumes bla bla yada3x~

Since i'm the warden, i have to oversee the children plus the hostel that they live in now is kinda like a broken home, I volunteered myself to head the hostel's revamp programme that needs me to paint the hostel...err can i just not finish this? Writing abt it alone gives me a headache.

Btw, this is my second ramadhan in swk. nothing new. nothing much. but reading statuses from friends who're having pot lucks here n there in kl makes me wanna scream, "NAK JOIN JUGAK!" but what to do eh?

I've got the tix for my balik kg and i just can't wait to go back home. I even asked froggy to buy some pearls bracelets for my mum n aunts and got them woven basket made from err..i dunno's that plastic straps that they use to tie boxes but these peeps use them to replace the 'mengkuang' leaves. I ask the hostel cook to make them for me. They look so nice. I even asked her to make an oversize envelope clutch for me which i'm gonna revamp later with a few hardwares that i found in our local hardware store.

And you know what, i wrote so much here that i just remembered that i havent done my lesson plan for LAST WEEK!

So, signing off for now

Alles liebe,

*plz ignore my sentence structure and my grammar coz i dont bother to check them.* androi8 n froggy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

im still here

hey guys,
I've been away for ages and it was all my fault. I was so distracted with work and other stuffs that i reckoned blogging is listed last in my to-do list.

A lot of things happened between past and present.

Im still with froggy with our ups and downs.

Im still teachin' in swk.

I have lotsa ongoing projects in school that i sometimes abandon or have little interest in my core business. God forgive me!

I managed to lost few pounds and was getting good feed backs from friends.

I hate my housemates for they're so typical that i cant barely sit with them.

My lappy is spoiled due to my own stupidity and ignorance.

I'm really not an organised guy and that's a quality that i hate the most in me. What i hate more about me is that I already acknowledged my weakness but i have no effort in rectifying it. *crazy!

I wish i had better paycheck.

Those are some ramblings on my current life and some past updates.

au revoir* i hope that i'll start blogging regularly from now on.

You wish!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


after being stuck in sarawak for almost 5 months (the longest time is spend being away from family and friends and froggy), i will be able to go back home this thursday!


My ex-uni friends invited me to join them for a Redang Island trip but later cancelled it for no obvious reason. *darn

Well, i'm so excited about this holidays that i cant stop thinkin abt them; and am so grateful that froggy postponed his Induction programme so that much time could be spent with me.* grins

I have all sort of things to do in Kl that i dont even know where to start!

I wanna meet all my friends, eghayana, teddy, mujarina, mak bee, jas, art, maryana, fizi, andy to name a few and of course my beloved family, nephews n nieces and last but not least my froggy.

I don't wanna shop that much but i have the feeling that im gonna get blinded by the fact that it's not everyday that i could stay in kl...not like i used to do n forget the whole idea of wise-expenditures.


A friend said that holiday season is like the mating season. People from all walk of lives will get hitched by this time, and i really hate it. This's when my mum will nag on the issue of me not getting married at this age of mine and she'll come out with catalogues of girls that she's chosen!* die die~

A couple of days ago, mum called again. This time, the talk revolved on the house renovation* minor ones, that she's doin' in our house and she was hoping that i could chip in some cash which i dont mind. And when i was bout to say goodbye, she suddenly blurted out,

"Mak dok tunggu kakak nih, nak bawa die gi tengok budak pompuan tu. Putih..elok, keje pensyarah."

Wtf? She told me about this girl a month ago and i already said no. But i guess mum never gives up eh?

wutever it is,

happy holiday peeps!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

help help!

i have 3 weeks holiday and im just afraid that i'd do nothing about them. i wanna go everywhere and get myself busy doing everything i could possibly think of in kl!


gimme some suggestion guys!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

And I'm here again

hey babes.

it's been years since the last post eh? I am now teaching in a Chinese school in Sarawak. It was so hard to cope up with the pupils as they were still trying to cope up with me.

Sometimes, i tried so hard to make sure that t they understand the words that came out from my mouth. The thing is, 59% of the pupils are Chinese and another 40% are the natives and 1% of Malay. My only concern now is that the communication barriers that we have play a big roll in determining on whether the learning teaching process goes well or fails.

I used a lot of body language, face mimic and body gestures to support my teachings in the class but those are useless if the pupils were not even listening. That leads me to the only thing that i should emphasize-the set induction which i've abandoned for so long since i left the institution.


I'm staying with another 3 peninsular teachers who teach in secondary school. They are ok...2 are from Johor and the other one is from Kelantan. When i first arrived here, the roof on top of my room was in a bad condition. It leaked badly when it rained. Therefore I had to sleep on the couch in the living room because I couldn't buy a bed yet until the roof was fixed. And as im typing this post, I still haven't gotten myself a bed even though I fixed the room and painted the walls. I'm too traumatized that t. he roof will leak again and I'd find myself one night wet.

But, i already bought myself a fan, and it will be delivered soon. At least I won't get sweaty whenever I change my clothes in the room. Gonna get myself a bed soon n start living well again.



As far as the relationship between me and Froggy, there are times when we feel that this long distance relationship that we're having is testing us in every way to make us feel bad and iffy. I'm thankful enough that I have the phoneline and the internet as mediums of communication between the two of us. But when those are not working well, it's a madness i tell you. One thing about this place that I'm at now, everything is so limited. Like for instance, y Froggy sent me a postcard almost a month ago, and I haven't gotten it until now! Then he sent another parcel as a surprise and after two weeks i haven't gotten it, he had to tell me about it. And yes, I havent gotten it until now too~!


He was furious about it. But i told him, whether the stuffs are here or not, i already felt appreciated with what he did.

I was told that the thought that counts anyway.