Tuesday, May 25, 2010


after being stuck in sarawak for almost 5 months (the longest time is spend being away from family and friends and froggy), i will be able to go back home this thursday!


My ex-uni friends invited me to join them for a Redang Island trip but later cancelled it for no obvious reason. *darn

Well, i'm so excited about this holidays that i cant stop thinkin abt them; and am so grateful that froggy postponed his Induction programme so that much time could be spent with me.* grins

I have all sort of things to do in Kl that i dont even know where to start!

I wanna meet all my friends, eghayana, teddy, mujarina, mak bee, jas, art, maryana, fizi, andy to name a few and of course my beloved family, nephews n nieces and last but not least my froggy.

I don't wanna shop that much but i have the feeling that im gonna get blinded by the fact that it's not everyday that i could stay in kl...not like i used to do n forget the whole idea of wise-expenditures.


A friend said that holiday season is like the mating season. People from all walk of lives will get hitched by this time, and i really hate it. This's when my mum will nag on the issue of me not getting married at this age of mine and she'll come out with catalogues of girls that she's chosen!* die die~

A couple of days ago, mum called again. This time, the talk revolved on the house renovation* minor ones, that she's doin' in our house and she was hoping that i could chip in some cash which i dont mind. And when i was bout to say goodbye, she suddenly blurted out,

"Mak dok tunggu kakak nih, nak bawa die gi tengok budak pompuan tu. Putih..elok, keje pensyarah."

Wtf? She told me about this girl a month ago and i already said no. But i guess mum never gives up eh?

wutever it is,

happy holiday peeps!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

help help!

i have 3 weeks holiday and im just afraid that i'd do nothing about them. i wanna go everywhere and get myself busy doing everything i could possibly think of in kl!


gimme some suggestion guys!