Sunday, June 25, 2006

Paintball attack!!!

LAst WeeKend (17th June 2006), i went for a Paintball games atULU YAM. It was nice, kinda extreme but awsome!!!!
-malas nak cakap lelebih..tengok je la gambor~~~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A marathon on a weekend


Well, i don't think that i should elaborate in detail; therefore i'll list out what were the occasions that i had been to on last weekend:

p/s: the marathon didnt really start on weekend ( saturday ), rather earlier that is on friday itself.

1st day: friday (KLPAC)
On friday I worked until 5.30pm and rush to Kelana Jaya LRT station. Met Paranoi8 there, and together; we rushed to Sentul-we supposed to meet ma 2 other friends there. We were gona watch The Fastest Clock In The Universe at 8.30pm!!!! How kewl is that?????.....and the play was in KLPAC.
....And to tell you guys the truth...I despise KLPAC! When we arrived in Sentul LRT Station, the pakguard said that we need to drop at Sentul Timur..Arrgghh!!

Arrived at Sentul Timur, my 2 other friends didn't turn-up. Late i gotta know that Eghayana who's staying in Shah Alam was still at his house, and Muj had to pick his up from Selayang..and it was already 7.oopm..Obviously tak sempat kan??????

Waiting for them to arrive, so that they could pick us up, Paranoi8 and I decided to have a look around the local Pasar Malam (the place was &%*&#%$#*^*!!!)...At the end, we decided to go there by ourselves, but the thing was none of the stupid f***ing taxi drivers knew where that stupid KLPAC is...(well, we were being stupid too for believing that taxi driver should know every corner of the world).

We had the driver to drop us at in front of Ong Tai Kim, and waited for Muj and Eghayana to pick us there since we were totally lost.

Later, after a few cursing session at ourselves, They picked us, and we arrived so damn bloody late at KLPAC, and it's located not far from sentul timur...We arrived when it was in interval and watched it only after 15mins later. The show was awsome, cursed myself for not coming in earlier..
After the play, we went for a drink at AR-Rawsya. Since it was too late to take the lrt, we spent the nite at Fendi's house. And early of that morning, Paranoid woke me up since we will be goin' for a picnic at Ulu Yam with my two other friends

2nd Day: Saturday(Ulu Yam)

Yus and i and two our officemates went for a picnic at Ulu Yam. That wa the 1st time i went there. We picked among the most favourite spot-less people,picturesque scenery. A picnic wouldnt be a picnic without the FOOD. Luckily the two girls brought fried chicken, fries, meehoon etc. Infact, those were the thing we assaulted when we first got there.

Later when it came to mandi-manda part, i was among the last person who terjun last dlm air.The water was quite icy cold, i shivered the first time i deep my toe in the water..

Itu mula2 je, lepas tu mandi tak hengat dunia!!!..kekeke..We did have a crazy game-we arrange stones atas batu2 besar and then baling at the batu2 till it falls.(takda keja sangat kan???-takpe yg penting kejujuran..)

Later arround 2pm, we headed back to Kelana jaya...Overall, the picnic was nice..really thankful to paranoi8, Abby and Yanie for invinting me along to their trip...You guys rock!

After that picnic, I headed to KLSentral, met froggy there and together we went to Midvalley Megamall..Didnt do much, nak shopping pon duit takde sangat..hehehhe..It has been a long time we didnt go out together. Normally, i would just visit Froggy at His place since he was busy with his thesis..Really missed the time we hav spent together...

3 and 4th Day: (Sunday&Monday)

SUNDAY, MY petbro, Andy ok je, Aiman tak kesah, their friends and me headed for pahang. We went to genting Highland!!

There were 8 of us-me, Andy, Aiman,Sheera,Ezz,Anor,Ayu and her fiance. We gathered at Andy's house and headed from there.

Upon arriving at Genting, we went for the "spiderman Ride''. I have to say that for rm10, it was not a bad ride(though i think that they should make it for two rounds per game). The SpaceShot was awsome though i almost scared to death at 1st, hehehe..We went for the CorkScrew, bla..bla..and we tried almost all the available games except the Bumper boat. We went for one game to another until i could barely walk anymore. Really envy Sheera though,she has the energy of a stallion(mmg hyper habis, tak reti penat budak ni!!).

Checked-in Genting Hotel arround 7.00pm. Gosh, how i was so happy to be introduced with Handsome MrBed and lovely Miss Pillow and Blanket. We all lepak kat bilik masing2 and went out hunting for dinner arround 9.00pm.

Right after that, we went for the Indoor Games. Most of them were quite slow and boring. Well, in a way, it was a good thing since we were pretty tired after all.

MONDAY, woke up 'almost' early, and went for the buffet breakfast. I ate loads of food since I was so hungry i could eat a horse. Later we went for shopping, I didnt buy anything-keeping my budget tight. hehhehe...The we balik hotel kemas2 and headed for the skyway. If we were so hyped up went we were 1st going up to Genting, this time everybody was tired to blurt out anything. Perhaps they were all thinking when will it be the time we could all have an exhilarating trip like this ever again...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Attack To The DIM SUM CAFE

Today 's saturday. While our Agung's celebrating his birthday, i'm stucked in my office, doing my routines-pick up calls.

These bloody customers, don't they know that it's public holiday????..Gosh, leave ur computer, internet n offices, go lepaking somewhere or cuti2 Malaysia!!!..dont bother to call us, we never missed you guys!!! HUH!

Enough with that, let us talk about the nearest Dim Sum Cafe which my two other friends and I went later this lunch time.

The place is CHI DIM SUM CAFE, located on the 1st floor of Giant Kelana Jaya offers range of dim sums which are yummy to some people but yucky to others. hehehhehee..

We ordered :
-3 plates or glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom
-1 plate of BBQ chicken bun
-1 plate of Teachew Mai
-1 plate of Teachew Ko
-1 plate of Yam Kak
-1 plate of Cheesy Seafood Snack
-and 1 pot of Kuk Pah (chrysanthemum)

Well, personally, those serving sizes didnt really meet our big-expandable-hungry-stomach, but since that was the 1st time we've been there, we were not really aware of that and we were running out of time-the lunch time was almost up, no time to order more plates. Anyway, the food was OK.
But later we went to KIng Confectionary and bought some buns and bread..(perut tong mana cukup mkn sket :P~)

I give 4 out of 5..errr..can i give 3 and half???

Balik Kampung

I went back to my hometown last week(from Tues to Friday). It has been 6 months since last Hari Raya Puasa..

Nothing much has changed in Kedah except the only happening place in AlorSetar,City Plaza now has Secret Recipe...hahahha..

Hmm, I had this strange feeling during the 1st day in Kedah-The weather was hot, but i didnt even slightly have my migraine. Quite weird isnt it??...I had migraine almost everyday in kkkkkkkkkkklhehhee..

The best thing of goin' back to hometown is, i could eat my mom's cooking..oh, how i missed her gulai ayam. All those avant-garde curry house in Kl could never be matched with her gulai!!

But then, at times, when i was alone in my house, watching the Venuzuela's Series-Ruby the bitch, my mind was not even on the TV screen...i realised....I miss Froggy..

Thank goodness, we could still contact each other thru sms and calls..
But now, since I am already here in Kl, I cant wait to meet Froggy..(rindunya bucuk!!..tak sabar nak jupe..)