Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tsk tsk??

hey dolls!

i've been away for quite sometimes i guess.

Dont blame me, blame the lagging wifi *im never at wrong, get it?

Btw, me and some of my clicks watched few movies; Night at the museum 2 which made we ended up sleeping in a car in front of 24-hrs KFC, and Push to name a few.

Loved Night at the museum 2, Push was not that ok for me. The hero was weak...tho he has power of pushing things and people. And it seems that almost everyone has power in that movie which made him looked less special.

And also, me and my classmates had just finished organizing a bowling tournament, as our Gerko Project in completing the prerequisite to grad. And guess who beats the whole class? Moi!! hahaa..

I impressed myself too. Two days ago me and frens has a game and i in the last place. But today luck was shining its stars on me..huhuhu!

Oh yeah...I already knew my practical school. It's sumwhere near Gunung Jerai. Can u imagine?

I just hope that i could learn more about teaching there. Will try to do my best there.

*cross fingers

And also, i have lots of assignments to be done yet am still not doin them, why am i not nervous or worried at all??

tsk tsk..

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Broke down?

Car broke down yesterday in the middle of the town.

Luckily not in the middle of the road.

Thank god i was not alone. My classmate who happened to know a few things about car gave a useful hand in rectifying the situation.

It was passed sun set and getting dark. Plus the cat and dog rain didnt give us much help either.

We found out that the radiator is having a problem.

It was overheated.

Somehow, the water from overflowing tank couldnt flow back to the radiator and the car got overheated.

I bought 3 bottles of mineral water and poured in the bloody thirsty radiator.

Thank goodness it worked after a wh

Drove back to college and was 30mins late
for the 8.00pm class. darn!

"Where's my knight in shining armor when you need one?"