Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 07-Updates of mylife...

Lesson to be learned:

"There are times when u tried to be protective towards people who you love, then you realised they are the navigator of their life..and ur just a map that guides them; not ordering them to go to the place they should be...the choice is theirs"

on another note,

I (so as Mak Bee and Ted) had help Isis in designing her dress *tho she never credited me in her blog, nanges!!!!; for her Company Annual Dinnerand it turned out that she won the Best Dress Person Award! That raw silk dress inspired by Indian Maharani displays a simple mermaid cutting with one metre train and bare back design constructed with peacock feathers deatailings and sequins.

Pics as follow:

Pose al' aqadra (pose alakadar)

Pose Al' aqadra (ii)

Gorgeous??? U need to say that twice!

And i successfully designed and made a simple yet lovely small dais for my cousin for her engagement ceremony...Garden of Pink; displays the serenity of a garden enveloped in a pink atmosphere injected with self-made cute butterflies-a complete eco-system of a wonderful engagement!

Pics as the following:

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No, I din do the make-up. I did the tudung.

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