Saturday, December 31, 2005

Startin' a new day if life

I've signed up to ork in tmnet call centre. at the moment, i dun hav much choice..if i keep on searching for jobs without having any job at the moment, i'll be in deep trouble since im alredy out of money at the, i took mary's offer n went for an interview for tmnet custimer service officer. and now after 3 weeks stucked at the training centre, im now starting my day a a CSR in's quite interesting to work here..i meet new great guys n gals..fantastic frens..n learn new things-softskills, internet infos( aku bute internet sblm nih!!)...but, The thing is, i dun think that im ready to take calls from people..hehehehe..matile aku kelentong diorg nanti!!!..but still at the mean time, im still trying to find more new sound jobs..