Monday, December 11, 2006

News and Updates-Honeymoon and etc.

Dear gals,

1ST of all, pls pardon me for i have not been updating my blog for quite a long time. I mean, LONG TIME! Well, I could be defensive by saying that i was so bloody busy, kinda hectic life am having here in KL, consistently seeking for new job, mentally depressed with my employer..but hey, isnt everybody the same?

Well, not 100% similar situations..but we all have our own problems, and whining bout it will bring us no where..

I was offered to take my master degree in UiTM, and the enrolment is on Jan 7th. What is bothering me is that Im still with no funder, be it from MARA, PTPTN or any grant funder institution. I've applied for Uitm Young Lecturer Scheme(YLS-actually, i dunno wut the full name of the scheme, i just created the name) that will (if i get selected) support my study fees and allowances

.. yet never get any reply from them.

MY initial plan is that I will firstly apply for master course and then apply for that bloody Young Lecturer Scheme (YLS @ TPM) as my funder so that i'll be hired as one of the lecturer there right afta i finish my studies and funded by them.

But, guess everything is lil bit out of ma hand now.

Dear god, i know i've been a naughty boy..VERY VERY NAUGHTY...but please spare me YOUR kindness, bless me with YOUR superb power, please let me be chosen by UiTM for that YLS..please GOD...and i will not seduce any of the lecturer there in order to get better marks(not that i've done it before) and i wont seduce or ask my future students to do any naughty thing just to get good marks from me.

and yes, i guess i'll have to postphone the intention to further my study so that i'll have enough time to get enough money to pay all those expensive fees.*

updates: I didnt manage to get the TPM, so asta la vista my master~guess i need to get loans from MARA later..if i still wanna get in this coming Jan.
*those are things happening in present and below are the things that happened during my silent period.

THERE are 2 major things that I want to update here-my honeymoon and my cousin's weddin'. Unfortunately, i didnt have all the pictures wif me and so i will upload them later y'all.

From 18-20th Nov, froggy and i headed for Fraser's hill. It was our first honeymoon out of KL. I know when i said Fraser's hill, people will raise their messy unplucked eyebrows and say, "wut on earth will you do there? there are only hills and fog and thick jungles!"

Yes, those are the reason why we got there! We need to have cold and shady place to make babies, dont we? Hahhahaa, i was just kidding..Fraser was our last choice actually.

It was all started when i found out that Telekom has several resthouse units scattered all arround Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. And It was so happened that I still have a couple of days of Annual Leaves left and they will be wasted if i didnt use them as they will not be fowarded to next year(darn it).

The prices arent that bad, range from as low as rm15 to rm200.

Yes, as LOW as rm15. A 3 rooms bungalow in PD for only RM15 per day. ISNT THAT A PRICE FROM HEAVEN Or WUT???? I quickly informed froggy bout this news from paradise. unfortunately, that place was fully booked from the minute i called till the very end of this darn year.

At last i managed to book a 3d2N at Fraser's Hill (FH). And the journey to get there started. We always say that, bad things are easier to be done by good things-NOT! It took me a lot of a journey just to get there.

It was very hard to confirm of the way of getting to FH. We googled all the websites..and each has different infos from another. Some say we can get there by bus from Puduraya to Kuala Kubu Baru(KKB), some say we can go by leng Seng Bus, some say we can go by Rapid, Megah Kota(or Setia I cant remember) and some say we can get there by bloody Naeila-And u now wut..none of the buses offer service to KKB anymore. And that Naeila bus has already bankrupted like years ago. Stupid Malaysian websites!

That day, Afta wasting time walking here and there around that area like a mad couple lost who their child, we decided to take the Komuter (KTM rules!) from kl to Rawang, take a bus to KKB.

From KKB, we were told that there will be only 2 buses going to FH everyday-1 at 10am and the last one is at 2pm. We arrived at 9.50am, and found out that the bus has left for FH 5mins b4 we arrived. To make it worse, 2pm bus is never existed! Local said that, that infos we found in the websites was invalid for almost 3 years already. And I wonder what's the tourism department doing in their fucking office.

A taxi driver offered to bring us to FH for RM60! I almost wanted to go back to Kl, but Froggy insisted to take the offer since we've come that far. I didnt say a word in the taxi, Froggy did all the chit-chatting with the taxi driver. Not that I was being arrogant or wut, but i was feeling so bad.

It supposed to be one kind of a trip; A sweet memories that will be etched in our heart. But these crappy things that kept on happening making it almost unattainable.

We reached the apartment an hour later. Sri Peninjau Apartment is amongst of the hotels located far from the town.

"Right, how are we gona get to the town then." first thing came in my mind.

The apartment was nice..and so the ambiance..It was foggy when we reached there and that thrilled Froggy. Mmm...let see..Froggy and foggy environment!-A good combination. kekkeekkeke....

Being stucked too long in Kl, I tried to give FH a second chance for my honeymoon..try to look at a different perspective of how this vacation will bring us closer..

That day, we didnt go anywhere; spent our time in the apartment, taking lotsa pics and watching tv. For dinner, we ordered 3 plates of different fried rice-nasi goreng kampung,nasi goreng cina and nasi goreng cendawan. Muhahahahhaa. BIG EATER, we are!

Luckily on the second day, the nice manager invited us to go with him to the town since he is running a cafe there. Goodness, daddy didnt need to walk to the town. Hehehe..

We had our bfast at the manager's cafe and went for A walk. We took a lotsa pics and u know what..i started to think that being there was really not a bad idea.

We walked back to the hotel. It took us for almost 45mins to get there but we were enjoying it.

Again we had dinner in our apartment. This time, we had 2 plates of meals only. We were on diet that day...NOT. That was actually because we already had goreng pisang..lotsa them, burgers and bread..muahhahaha! (Mm..and i still wonder why did i gain weight so fast)

On the last day in FH, we bought some sourvenirs (macamle pegi oversea..muhahha) and i bougt a birthday present for Egha(and when this post is updated, it's still wif me..asik lupo je nak kasi).

We took the one and only bus and went down to KKB. The bus driver must be familiar with the road. He drove down the hill, through the winding road like a pro. Schumacher brothers(i didnt know how to spell his wut?) will resigned if they see him driving!

From KKB we took bus to Rawang and then took Komuter to kl.

-the end-

Overall, I would say that:

  • It was not a bad honeymoon. Yeaah, it may seem like so in the beginning but it went better to the end of our vacation...
  • I learned that even the lamest thing will be wonderful if you do it with yer loved one.
  • Froggy has been very very...very patient with me..with my tantrums..and i thank you so much for making our vacation happened and guys must be wondering, why in the world did we go there by public transport?..the answer is very simple..both of us cant afford to get a car yet..but will that going to stop us for another vacation next time or anytime???...I beg to differ!
  • ich liebe dich mr frosch!


2nd thing, I made pelamin for my cousin on her wedding. Nothing much can i say. Just take a look at the pics below..

******* blimey, i still didnt have the pics wif me. so gurls, i will upload it later ok?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

~Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to Kast,
Happy Birthday to me~

Last November 3rd was my birthday. Yeah, i know i didn't update this earlier. Didn't celebrate much, just had dinner at Secret Recipe with Froggy. He was such a sweetheart to treat me dinner. I had Grilled Black pepper chiken and iced lemon tea and Froggy had Chiken Kebab and Later, he ordered a slice of an absolutely a luscious, luxurious, sinfully rich chocolate lover's dreamcakes for dessert-Chocolate Indulgence and White Choc Macadamia; a slice for each cake as both of us know for the fact that we cant finish a whole 1KG cake .

Later he made a surprise by givin me my birthday breathtaking gift-a ring.The ring am wearing now while updating this post. Hehehehe...was quite shocked when he handed me my birthday gift.

I unwrapped it. It was a cardholder case; with leather finishing and stiches..and then I saw a piece of cloth stucked in it( It was actually panty hose which he used in making architectural models).

I pulled out the cloth ; and the ring suddenly popped out! He smiled.

I was speechless. My hands were shuddering while putting it to my finger...

After mouthwatering dinner, we ran for to TGV. Watched The Convenant-predicted plots, eye candy hot actors..I mean hot, hot and hot actors! That's all what I could say about that movie.

Later, We headed back to my house and ended the day with a smile.

Thanks dear for another wonderful evening, and also for my birthday gifts.

p/s: pls ignore my unshaved face :-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Orgasmic Triffle?????

On Ted's last birthday, Southernson had made triffles for us. They were sexilicious! One could get orgasmed by just looking at them(wut? is it wrong to exaggerate a lil' bit? gimme a break! ).

Well anyway, the good news is that I was able to steal the secret recipe from Southernson and below is my conversation with him; probing the secret of making Orgasmic Triffle:

OMG, OMG! I just created a name for this recipe! Hiks!

Session Start (kas*****:southernsons**): Fri Oct 13 12:39:56 2006

[12:40] kas*****: abg south
[12:40] kas*****: i need ur favor!
[12:40] kas*****: :)
[12:42] southernsons**: apa dia kast..
[12:42] *** Auto-response sent to southernsons21: I am currently away from the computer.[12:42] southernsons**: then?
[12:42] kas*****: cane nak wat triffle?
[12:42] southernsons**: owh..
[12:43] southernsons**: all u need is evaporeted milk,susu cair
[12:43] southernsons**: susu cair..
[12:44] southernsons**: tepung custard
[12:44] southernsons**: fruit cocktail
[12:45] southernsons**: swissroll
[12:45] southernsons**: crystal jelly..
[12:45] kas*****: ok..ok
[12:46] kas*****: cane nk masaknya lak?
[12:46] southernsons**: ok..
[12:47] southernsons**: mula2 swissroll tu slicekan..
[12:47] southernsons**: then susun dlm bekas
[12:47] southernsons**: pastu fruitcocktail tu toskan, airnya jgn buang
[12:47] southernsons**: then susun fruitcocktail tu atas swissroll base tu
[12:48] southernsons**: dah susun fruitcocktail, put aside[12:48] southernsons21: air jus fruitcocktil tu campur dgn susu cair..
[12:49] southernsons**: 1 tin susu cair campur dgn i tin air fruitcocktail tu
[12:50] southernsons**: masak susu cair tu atas api yg kecil
[12:50] southernsons**: keep kacau campuran tu
[12:51] southernsons**: bila susu cair tu agak2 nak didih
[12:51] kas*****: ok
[12:51] southernsons**: masukkan tepung custard yg dah dibancuh dgn sedikit air
[12:51] southernsons**: 1 sudu besar utk i tin susu cair[12:51] southernsons21: ikut suka la[12:52] southernsons**: klau nak pekat lagi, tambah lebih skit tepung custard tu
[12:52] kas*****: tepung banyak mane?
[12:52] southernsons**: 1 sudu besar tepung custard utk i tin susu cair
[12:53] kas*****: ic
[12:53] southernsons**: pastu keep kacau smpi pekat
[12:55] southernsons**: lps masak, tuang custard susu tu atas fruitcocktail td..
[12:55] kas*****: ic
[12:55] kas*****: then?
[12:56] southernsons21: dah tuang tu.. keep cool
[12:56] southernsons**: bila dah sejuk, crystal jelly tu bancuh dgn air panas ikut sukatan yg ada dlm arahan pd kotak
[12:57] southernsons**: lps tu, tuang perlahan2 kat atas custard susu tu..
[12:57] kas*****: then ble makan ekk?
[12:57] kas*****: :P
[12:57] southernsons**: then lps tu, bila dah agak keras skit jelly tu, boleh la hias dgn hirisan pic..
[12:58] kas*****: (terliur~)
[12:58] southernsons**: serve chilled..
[12:58] kas*****: thanx so much :-*
[12:58] kas*****: tak sabar nak try
[12:58] southernsons**: hehehhe..
[12:59] southernsons**: utk melihat cara2nya, sila lawati teddieville.blogspot
[13:00] kas*****: yeyeye
[13:00] southernsons**: ;))
[13:00] southernsons**: kat situ kan ada caption2nya..
[13:01] kas*****: insy
[13:01] kas*****: tp rasanya ble wat
[13:03] southernsons**: try la
[13:27] *** "southernsons**" signed off at Fri Oct 13 13:27:58 2006.Session Close (southernsons**): Fri Oct 13 13:44:26 2006

(For privacy and confidentiality of ME and South, our IDs are half sensored,-feeling2 jadi artis plak, hiks!)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Lemme's the 16th day of ramadhan(or is it 17th?) and there's another half of Ramadhan that we need to go thru in before Syawal comes.
Me myself is actually quite 'liat' when it comes to sahur*, but thanks to Froggy who has always gimme calls to wake me up.
But when it comes to break fast, i eat like there's no tomorrow. One thing 'bout Ramadhan is that rezeki comes to ur hands ad infinitum. You buy rice. Later you'll find ikan keli,kuih-muih and segala-mala wut not on the table. Those days, people fast to feel hunger yet nowadays people fast so that they'll have chocked-full dead break fast(same goes to me :P).
During Ramadhan, stalls open even at the very small inch of the place all over Malaysia, just to satify Malaysians hungry mounths. Like yesterday, i had nasi beryani,mutton curry,ikan keli, tepung pelita, popia basah. Yes dude, i had 'em, I had 'em all. Not to mention the 2 whole roasted chicken that i shared with my 8 colleagues.(talk bout nafsu makan)
The other day,on weekend I had Froggy and Jib (Froggy's fren) bunk-in my house. Froggy cooked our fav Steam Dori fish and Jib showed his skills in cooking by making his own unique fried spaghetti. 3 of us ate like no one business.
The next day, we went to Jusco but Jib had to go back since his head was feeling kinda dizzy leavin' me and my other half to explore the sales there ourself. Nothing much was in Jusco that we decided to extend our exploration to Midvalley Megamall. Broke fast at McD, and later Froggy had to rush for home since her sis needed him to send her to her univ.
In the end, I bought 2 pairs of Renoma undies, and a shirt with marshmallow kinda color. Gotta give credit to froggy for choosing that shirt for me.
thanks dear.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday My Big Bro

It has been 3 days since Andy's birthday.hehe. We had a surprised bukak pose cum birthday party for him. WHaat? I din hear you....Oh, yea, how old's Andy now issit??..He's now 32 years old. What, why do u guys look sso surprised?..hehhee...yeah i know, he's actually 5 years older..or can i say mature than whut he always tell me....hehhehe...(ciss, tipah tertipoo!)

Neways, I just wana wish you, "Happy birthday my big Bro! I pray that u'll always be in great health,..and also wealth, so that i could pau you more..huhuhuhu~and also I wish you'll always find peace in yourself and one last thing, YOU ROCK!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan~

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan~

In conjunction with coming Ramadhan, I would like to appologised to all of u guys out there, halalkan makan minum..especially to my friends n brothers and sister Andy, Aiman, Sheera, Ted, Lilbro Naim, Lil bro Afee, Faz, Ben, Ron and others who has always been there for me.

And also, not to forget to my Bucuk, am so sorry if i've ever made u feel bad, halalkan makan minum and semoga kita dapat menjalani ibadah puasa dengan khusyu' and tawaddhu'!


Monday, September 11, 2006

Confronting with the issue

I have confronted the issue with froggy.

We disscussed.

He appologised for mistreating me.

I appologised for which i didnt put myself in his shoes and try to understand that he was only trying to entertain his fren.

We hug.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Being Venusian???

Went to ma niece's school's Bacathon Day. She took part in dikir barat . It was quite fun though to see all these small kids singing n dancing. She put all her heart on it as if there were nothing else important but the show itself..

Waited for Muj for almost 3 hours, I then decided to ran through the rain heading to the barber shop. Had my beard n moustache trimmed so that i wouldnt look like Osama when i meet Froggy.

Muj picked me up later n we headed for Zarul's house. It was actually a "kenduri kesyukuran" because Zarul will be flying to London to further his studies next week.

Later after that, Muj,Fendah, Nafie n me headed to Darul Ehsan Medical Centre where Egh was warded due to complications on his left foot. I was glad that Egha's getting better even though he's still having bad cough.

Had Fenda to send me to froggy's house. Fenda n Naf were quite excited to meet Froggy, but ended up having glance of him.

Froggy needed to rush to the shop to get sum stuff.

Watched Anugerah Era which dominated by Mawi. Was thinking of spending sum times wif froggy, yet found out that his friends who was bunkin in also needed sumone to talk to. Might as well to give them some space..but i cant help to feel horrible that i didnt really accomplish* anything by coming to his house..

I am now in his supposed to be sleeping...BUT HOW AM I GOING TO SLEEP?????..sorry if i sounded selfish..or even lame...or too 'manja'.. but wut's d purposed of me coming n bunkin at his house..yet am sleeping alone, while he's downstairs with his pal playing PS2.......and now blogging here so tat i could get my horrible feeling off ma mind!..Yeah..too bad for me that i didnt know how to play games...infact i dun fancy it at all...perhaps am all-that-boring-type-of-guy...and perhaps..i shouldn't have come hear tonite...

Dear, sorry that i didnt tell u what's bugging me ealier...because i dun want u to get hurt...especially when ur fren is around.

Am i being too venusian?

accomplish*-accomplish here means to spend time with him talking and sharing things and stuff happened for the past one week..share our thoughts and opinionof how are we gona face his thesis dateline which is only arround the corner.You know that kinda stuff. Don get me wrong okies?

Friday, September 01, 2006

On independence

Nothing much happened on Merdeka Eve.

Met my real lil' bro on my way home and introduced me to Abe, Mujah and all the sisters. Lepak at Chinoz.
They (the sisters) didnt believed that my bro is my bro. They thought he was my 'anak ikan' or sumthing that we were forced to show each other's myKad.Hahaha..

Well, we obviously looked so distinguished that one would say that we are not related at all. Am fair whilst he's a bit darker; he's lean and toned whilst me...buff and makin berisi . huhuhuhhuu (nangis)

Kicked him off from there so that i could act bitchier, waited for the count-down to midnite time.
Froggy didnt come. He was accompanying his mom at Ampang Puteri. Her (froggy's mom) blood pressure is high that she warded there. SMS-ed Froggy. Missed him a lot.

Yesterday, (31.8.06) I worked (As usual...when all the earth creatures were cuti2 Mesia) until 6.30pm and headed to Froggy's house. That was d 1st time i met him after he went for a gathering at PD last week (macam lama je tak jupe :P). He looked tanned and gorgeous. :">

Muah muah!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

to independence!!!

1stly, Am so sorry that i have not updated my bog for sumtimes. Huhuhuhu..Well, so many things had happened-good and bad. Good in sense where im still attached to my other half, breathing in this almost-liberal world and survived; Bad in situations where i'm still working in this bloody TMNEt, had a argument with Froggy (thank god it lasted for only less than a week) and still in blur with my future direction..Well, not bad aint it?

2ndly, as liberal as i would potray myself, i'll never ever second IFC resolution. What is IFC? Dude, u seriously need to work with your readings if u dunno wut IFC stands for. This case has been widely disscussed and there are certain yes n nos bout it. Yes that malaysia is going liberal, Yes that the goverment is not working hard to control this, Yes that the federal constituition is more powerful that the syariah Law, No that Lina Joy case has been verdicted, no that i have the urge to kick her butt if i were to meet her, No that those Jabatan Agama Islam is really worried bout it. Yikes!

3rdly, in conjunction of Merdeka, an actress shocked everybody when she blurted out the most what i can say quote od the year. Congrats to Sharifah Amani for being truthful yet synical. C'mon, u know what u said is wrong. If u wana go to waste, go by urself! And as for Yasmin, well, i kinda agree when u said that Rais had been kinda harshed to Nani when he touched bout her parents not raising her well. Else, eventhough i kinda admire her works, i dun really like the idea of liberalism that she's trying to inject to her films. Others are superb. Watching her Gubra reminded me of 'Dejavu seorang perempuan'. A conflict between religion n moral...(malas nak cite the whole sory)...and morality undermined religion.

4thly, tonite is Merdeka Eve, and i dun think i have any intention to celebrate it-not because the fact that Malaysia is not entirely independent due to vigorous social ilnesses which injected by those punks, skinheads, kelly osbourne wannabes and others-including we all..hehehe, but becoz i dun have any plan, anywhere to go. Froggy's mom is warded due to high blood pressure. Therefore he might be looking after her at Ampang Puteri. And i'll be lepaking with my sis n my lil' bro at our house..i guess.

5thly, I just wana wish u guys Happy Independence Day. Doesnt matter what ur doin in your life, just dont forget what and where your root is. A Malay will always be malay doesnt matter how hard he tried to deep himself in bleaching liquid to get a fairer complexion. And by drinking JD doesnt make u more Carlifornian. Hahhahaaa...carut diri sendiri ke aku ni??????

Wutever it is, just remember u'll not be less stupid if u use English or Bahasa. Hahaha...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Starlight Movie, A Bowl

Sunday was great!

Well at 1st it wasn't so..It was not that organised..hehehe. Plans kept changing and i was thinking of 'lepakin' at home since Froggy needed to complete some works for his submission today. Somewhat, his friend's pc crashed, n those 3-D works has gone n to be redone. So at last he decided to go out with me.

We met at Midvalley, and str8away* headed for Cosmic Bowl.To tell yer ther truth, I dont really do bowling..Normally i just played half or the game and later asked my friends to finish it for me. But yesterday was so sexual!!!..We had a great time though it was just for 1 game. Have not play bowling for years..Thinking of doin it again when we got chances later.

After that, we went to KLPAC. That was my second time there n first time for froggy. We arrived quite late, was showing CARS. I really enjoyed that movie since i havent watched it b4. So did froggy.

......And the nite ended with a happy ending, today is a new beginning..cant wait for another excitement!

*str8away means continuously stopped at shops pasted 'SALE' stickers on their window. hehehehe!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

One In A Million

Paranoi8 got sponsor tickets for One In A Million. So last nite we ( Paranoi8, Abby, me n sum friends) hurried to Plaza Alam Sentral to watch it.

Honestly, i never really watched it on tv, so i didnt really recognised those contestants. However, it turned up to be quite a great show. Faizal sang his lungs out greatly, Dayang was herself (she did nicely, but i didnt see anything special about it)..and so as other contestants...they were ok, they could sing nicely, though sum of them did missed their pitching.

The contestants have to choose an opening song which they gona sing if they were to have their own concert. Errr..i dun think that i need to make reviews of the show. (Malas)

Just wana say that Marianne..or Mary Anne (really dunno how to spell her name) was gorgeous last nite wif her red gown. She was so poised n articulate whereby our Mr Awal who memorized his scripts so many times did twisted his tounge over sum lines.

"....Mari kita lihat siapa yang bakar tersingkir....." suddenly sumone need to get burnt there?

Friday, July 28, 2006

The silver lining appears

It appears as fast as it dissapears. My silver lining is back between the skies. Froggy's friend, Syuq has come to KL yesterday nite from Swk . After gym, Froggy and i picked him up at KLSentral. We waited for him for nearly an hour, but the best part is I didnt feel like waiting but it was more like a date; and the venue was in the car. I had great time with froggy; talked bout ourself, families and stuff..really glad we cleared out everythin'...
Around 12am, Syuq arrived and we headed for Kelana Jaya where I was introduced to the beautiful yet hillarious Sam and Ziz. And right after these people gathered, a sister yayahood is formed..hehehehe.. had so much fun being arround them, thanx to bucuk. U made my day.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A lonely offday

Yesterday, Froggy and i were planning to meet up. I was so looking foward to it, bought discounted Seed shirt for the date. Hehehhee..

However, the sky is not always bright. The silver lining dissappeared on that very day when he called up and canceled it. He needed to prepare himself for the meeting and sum other reasons..

Well honestly I admit that my heart shattered on the floor, but i managed to pick all the pisces and walked out the door and had wondow shopping all by myself...from KLCC to Piccolo Galery to LOT10 to Sg Wang Plaza to LowYat Plaza to BTS and later back to klcc around 7, had sum workout at the gym until 11pm and went back home...


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Today's sunday. I'm workin' today. I slept at forggy's place lastnite and so as the other nite before that..Today whenni tried to use Yahoo Messenger, i found out that it cant be opened. BIG i wonder what will i be doin without YM, i lost contact with my frens, my skoolmates and above all my froggy...
Really wonder wut froggy's doin he continuing his sleeping after walking me to the gate justnow..or is he playing PS2 wif Jib or is he having his bfast now??? My mind is swirling his name now..miss him so much of all sudden..

I Turn To You
When I'm lost
In the rain
In your eyes I know I'll find the light
To light my way
When I'm scared
Losing ground
When my world is going crazy
You can turn it all around

And when I'm down
Your there
Pushing me to the top

Your always there giving me all you got

For a shield from the storm
For a friend
For the love to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you
For the strength to be strong
For the will to carry on
For everything you do
For everything that's true
I turn to you

When I lose
The will to win
I just reach for you
And I can reach the sky again
I can doAnything
Cause your love is so amazing
That your love inspires me

And when i need a friend
Your always on my side

Giving me faith
And taking me through the night

For a shield from the storm
For a friend
For the love to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you
For the strength to be strong
For the will to carry on
For everything you do
I turn to you

For the arms to be my shelter through all
The rain
For truth that will never change
For someone to lean on
For a heart i can rely on through anything
(you can rely on me)
For the world to
I can feel to...oh yeah
I turn to you
For a shield from the storm
For a friend
For the love to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you

For the strength to be strong
For the will to carry on
For everything you do
For everything that's true
I turn to you
For everything you do
For everything that's true
I turn to you

-christina arguilera-

Friday, July 14, 2006

Dream and Handy

ONE said that if u keep dreaming, it will not come true. well, dude yer wrong! And why yer wrong is simply because i've proven that's true. And why it's true???? This is why~
Couple days back, i dreamt that i was walkin' in a foggy atmostphere and suddenly i realised my phone is gone. I was so worried that i searched for it all over the place (dunno wut place it was). To cut it short, i didnt manage to find it; instead I found jewelleries.
I woke up worriedly, and told froggy bout this matter. Obviously both of us think that it was just a dream..And i carried my life and routines as usual until yesterday, after i walked outta gym, i realised that my handy was gone! gone! gone! gone...
I was so furious, heartbroken..This is like the 4th time i lost handphone. 1st time was when i was in matriculation, 2nd in UUM, 3rd after i graduated and 4th is NOW...
Obviously, this incident proves that:
1.) Am such a careless guy
2.) Dream could come true
3.)Am a psychic (fortune telling anyone)
Upon hearing my ordeals, Froggy has being so supportive- calming me down; and the most important he didnt lecture me a bit about it..
Thanks to him, i could still proceed with my plan-lepak with my cousins. At 1st we wana lepak at DanauSetapak Uptown (i prefer to call it downtown though) but it was close on Thursday, so we endup lepak-ing at NZ up until 2a.m. Talking bout love, i realised that everyone has their one unique lovelife...
guess wut, mine's not that bad after all...
happy moment wif my handy***sob~

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


i love my job, i love the pay
i love it more and more each day.
i love my boss, he is the best!
i love his boss and all the rest

i love my office and its location, i hate i have to go on vacation
i love my furniture, drab and grey, and piles of paper that grow each day
i think my job is really swell, there's nothing else i love so well
i love to work among my peers, i love their leers, and jeers and sneers.
i love my computer and its software;i hug it often though it wont care.
i love each program and every file.i'd love them more if they worked a while

im happy to be here, i am i am
i love this work, i love these chores
i love the meetings with deadly bores.
i love my job-i'll say it again-i even love those friendly men.
those friendly men who've come today,in clean white coats to take me away
-the lost Dr Seuss Poem

Upon reading this poem, i looked at myself and thought, "Aren't we ALL?????"
***menci!!!!..menci keje kat TMNEt

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bucuk's Birthday

Uiks, it has been for couple of weeks i didn't update my blog..Sigh...Ops, before i forget,


BUCUK, happy 27th birthday (although he keeps saying that he's 19). I pray that you 'll be happy here and thereafter..always get what you want (insy), in great health and blessed by Allah...Amin..

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Paintball attack!!!

LAst WeeKend (17th June 2006), i went for a Paintball games atULU YAM. It was nice, kinda extreme but awsome!!!!
-malas nak cakap lelebih..tengok je la gambor~~~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A marathon on a weekend


Well, i don't think that i should elaborate in detail; therefore i'll list out what were the occasions that i had been to on last weekend:

p/s: the marathon didnt really start on weekend ( saturday ), rather earlier that is on friday itself.

1st day: friday (KLPAC)
On friday I worked until 5.30pm and rush to Kelana Jaya LRT station. Met Paranoi8 there, and together; we rushed to Sentul-we supposed to meet ma 2 other friends there. We were gona watch The Fastest Clock In The Universe at 8.30pm!!!! How kewl is that?????.....and the play was in KLPAC.
....And to tell you guys the truth...I despise KLPAC! When we arrived in Sentul LRT Station, the pakguard said that we need to drop at Sentul Timur..Arrgghh!!

Arrived at Sentul Timur, my 2 other friends didn't turn-up. Late i gotta know that Eghayana who's staying in Shah Alam was still at his house, and Muj had to pick his up from Selayang..and it was already 7.oopm..Obviously tak sempat kan??????

Waiting for them to arrive, so that they could pick us up, Paranoi8 and I decided to have a look around the local Pasar Malam (the place was &%*&#%$#*^*!!!)...At the end, we decided to go there by ourselves, but the thing was none of the stupid f***ing taxi drivers knew where that stupid KLPAC is...(well, we were being stupid too for believing that taxi driver should know every corner of the world).

We had the driver to drop us at in front of Ong Tai Kim, and waited for Muj and Eghayana to pick us there since we were totally lost.

Later, after a few cursing session at ourselves, They picked us, and we arrived so damn bloody late at KLPAC, and it's located not far from sentul timur...We arrived when it was in interval and watched it only after 15mins later. The show was awsome, cursed myself for not coming in earlier..
After the play, we went for a drink at AR-Rawsya. Since it was too late to take the lrt, we spent the nite at Fendi's house. And early of that morning, Paranoid woke me up since we will be goin' for a picnic at Ulu Yam with my two other friends

2nd Day: Saturday(Ulu Yam)

Yus and i and two our officemates went for a picnic at Ulu Yam. That wa the 1st time i went there. We picked among the most favourite spot-less people,picturesque scenery. A picnic wouldnt be a picnic without the FOOD. Luckily the two girls brought fried chicken, fries, meehoon etc. Infact, those were the thing we assaulted when we first got there.

Later when it came to mandi-manda part, i was among the last person who terjun last dlm air.The water was quite icy cold, i shivered the first time i deep my toe in the water..

Itu mula2 je, lepas tu mandi tak hengat dunia!!!..kekeke..We did have a crazy game-we arrange stones atas batu2 besar and then baling at the batu2 till it falls.(takda keja sangat kan???-takpe yg penting kejujuran..)

Later arround 2pm, we headed back to Kelana jaya...Overall, the picnic was nice..really thankful to paranoi8, Abby and Yanie for invinting me along to their trip...You guys rock!

After that picnic, I headed to KLSentral, met froggy there and together we went to Midvalley Megamall..Didnt do much, nak shopping pon duit takde sangat..hehehhe..It has been a long time we didnt go out together. Normally, i would just visit Froggy at His place since he was busy with his thesis..Really missed the time we hav spent together...

3 and 4th Day: (Sunday&Monday)

SUNDAY, MY petbro, Andy ok je, Aiman tak kesah, their friends and me headed for pahang. We went to genting Highland!!

There were 8 of us-me, Andy, Aiman,Sheera,Ezz,Anor,Ayu and her fiance. We gathered at Andy's house and headed from there.

Upon arriving at Genting, we went for the "spiderman Ride''. I have to say that for rm10, it was not a bad ride(though i think that they should make it for two rounds per game). The SpaceShot was awsome though i almost scared to death at 1st, hehehe..We went for the CorkScrew, bla..bla..and we tried almost all the available games except the Bumper boat. We went for one game to another until i could barely walk anymore. Really envy Sheera though,she has the energy of a stallion(mmg hyper habis, tak reti penat budak ni!!).

Checked-in Genting Hotel arround 7.00pm. Gosh, how i was so happy to be introduced with Handsome MrBed and lovely Miss Pillow and Blanket. We all lepak kat bilik masing2 and went out hunting for dinner arround 9.00pm.

Right after that, we went for the Indoor Games. Most of them were quite slow and boring. Well, in a way, it was a good thing since we were pretty tired after all.

MONDAY, woke up 'almost' early, and went for the buffet breakfast. I ate loads of food since I was so hungry i could eat a horse. Later we went for shopping, I didnt buy anything-keeping my budget tight. hehhehe...The we balik hotel kemas2 and headed for the skyway. If we were so hyped up went we were 1st going up to Genting, this time everybody was tired to blurt out anything. Perhaps they were all thinking when will it be the time we could all have an exhilarating trip like this ever again...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Attack To The DIM SUM CAFE

Today 's saturday. While our Agung's celebrating his birthday, i'm stucked in my office, doing my routines-pick up calls.

These bloody customers, don't they know that it's public holiday????..Gosh, leave ur computer, internet n offices, go lepaking somewhere or cuti2 Malaysia!!!..dont bother to call us, we never missed you guys!!! HUH!

Enough with that, let us talk about the nearest Dim Sum Cafe which my two other friends and I went later this lunch time.

The place is CHI DIM SUM CAFE, located on the 1st floor of Giant Kelana Jaya offers range of dim sums which are yummy to some people but yucky to others. hehehhehee..

We ordered :
-3 plates or glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom
-1 plate of BBQ chicken bun
-1 plate of Teachew Mai
-1 plate of Teachew Ko
-1 plate of Yam Kak
-1 plate of Cheesy Seafood Snack
-and 1 pot of Kuk Pah (chrysanthemum)

Well, personally, those serving sizes didnt really meet our big-expandable-hungry-stomach, but since that was the 1st time we've been there, we were not really aware of that and we were running out of time-the lunch time was almost up, no time to order more plates. Anyway, the food was OK.
But later we went to KIng Confectionary and bought some buns and bread..(perut tong mana cukup mkn sket :P~)

I give 4 out of 5..errr..can i give 3 and half???

Balik Kampung

I went back to my hometown last week(from Tues to Friday). It has been 6 months since last Hari Raya Puasa..

Nothing much has changed in Kedah except the only happening place in AlorSetar,City Plaza now has Secret Recipe...hahahha..

Hmm, I had this strange feeling during the 1st day in Kedah-The weather was hot, but i didnt even slightly have my migraine. Quite weird isnt it??...I had migraine almost everyday in kkkkkkkkkkklhehhee..

The best thing of goin' back to hometown is, i could eat my mom's cooking..oh, how i missed her gulai ayam. All those avant-garde curry house in Kl could never be matched with her gulai!!

But then, at times, when i was alone in my house, watching the Venuzuela's Series-Ruby the bitch, my mind was not even on the TV screen...i realised....I miss Froggy..

Thank goodness, we could still contact each other thru sms and calls..
But now, since I am already here in Kl, I cant wait to meet Froggy..(rindunya bucuk!!..tak sabar nak jupe..)

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Sejak dua menjak ni, dah lama aku tak melepak ngan kawan2 aku...itu bukan bermaksud aku lupe langsung dengan korang sume, cume kebelakangan ni..banyak sangat masalah yang melanda kehidupan aku..banyak yang harus difikirkan...banyak yang harus diuruskan..banyak yang harus diselesaikan...

Dan orang yang sangat-sangat memahami keadaan ini adalah froggy. Thanks so much dear for being so supportive. Its not that all of yer guys (my friends) are not helping me..but at this moment, he knows more since we kinda experiencing similar situation here..

Yet, problems are problems. They will not fade away, if you just stare.
You have to solve them, yet problem solving is not that easy...
So, besides solving them, at times, you juz need to go and lepak with yer friends!!!

hahahaa..itu sebenarnya yang aku nak dah dua hari aku dok pegi melepak ngan Ted, Faz and Akak Anim (*lariiiiii). It's good to meet and lepak with yer all after a while i've been strugling with ma family matters and probs. S0, semalam kitorang (Faz, Ted and me) pegi window shop kejap kat KLCC..Then NAim picked us up, and we went for dinner...

we borak2 sampai dlm pkol 10mlm...mencarut sesama sendiri...It was fun though, doin' all that..hehehee..

So guys, thanks for the wonderful nite u guy
have spent wif me..


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend on weekdays

This weekend was an exquisite weekend, and u know why?-mine started early than other workin' people! This weekend, my off days were on Thursday and Friday-two days before the real weekend :P

Well, call me bangla or wutever (for workin on weekend) still glad that eventhough froggy worked on that Friday, despite all of the hectic day he faced, froggy cycled all the way from his house to SJ Carrefour to meet me.

I bunked in froggy's place that nite... (drum rolls...)

The next day, when all creatures were having their sleep~as it was Saturday morning, i woke up early just because i need to GO TO WORK!!!

During that Saturday evening, i went online (my part-time job in office) with froggy who was in his house of course. Later we agreed to watch Over The Hedge.

Over The Hedge is an animation adapted from a comic; Over the Hedge, created by Michael Fry and T Lewis. It takes a freshly skewed look at suburban living from the perspective of the animals who lived there first. The story began when RJ, a mischevious raccoon stole a bear's food and due to its greediness, all the food fell down the steep hill and off to the road and BAM!!!!!...crashed by a lorry yang melalu jalan tuh.

The bottomline is, RJ must seek for the same food he stole from Vincent the bear before fullmoon or he'll be eaten alive!...That was when he started his journey in searchin for the same food he stole, and how he met Verne, a wise tortoise and his family of possum mouse, hedgehog and squirrel and together; they formed a trap-proof- food -searchin' team! Did they manage to steal food from the human?Did Verne and his family knows 'bout RJ's dark secret? That, one needs to watch it by oneself :P~

Then, the nite was gettin' older..and older..
Froogy and me lepak2 kejap and balik to our own place...
Thanks so much Bucuk for spending yer time with me..I had a great time with you...
(***matilaa kena carots jiwang katanya!!!)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What is love????

I was onced, crying over a guy, who never even botherED whether I was alived or not,
I was onced, giving out all my money for a guy who never even bothered whether i have eaten or not;
I was onced,having my endless night thinking about a guy,while he was sleeping soundly;
and i thought, "this is love; hurting and depressing.."


..but tasya said,"ko, kalau dah jatuh cinta lupe dunia".

mak cakap," kalu time belajaq, tak payah la dok menggatai nak bercinta-cinta nie, nanti rosak pelajaran".

What is love????

spingermorks said, "Love could be a summer, a damn hot summer that would make me in flame. Love could be winter, a damn cold winter which killing me silently inside and put me to sleep without me knowing it. Last year I found out that life was never a life without love, and I was so stupid to define love of two persons, shared by two, only by two. but, last year, to contradict I later figured out that love was no larger than life if one didnt know how to love oneself. How could one love others when one didn't even know where to draw the line of respect and love himself?"
(matila i pon conpius)

Froggy said, "Love to me is very shouldn't be abused or confused with sex."

for me, love is everything. love is like chocolate; the sweet taste melts in your mouth (this is where we get sweet words come from), deliciously irresistable yet fattening and to d worst case scenario, u'll get diabetic. (*matila ko britney spears yg suke orgasm mkn coklat)

yes, love is devine..but we human tends to misused it and call having sex (1 to 1 , 3sum and orgy) as making love too; thus deriving the real meaning of the 'devine ' itself to love.

yes, love can appear before us without being notice unti one we love has gone.

Love can come in different shapes, heights, weights, ages....but people tend to misused it for their preferences.
(*matile bebudak chat yg dok sibuk nk tengok stats orang!!)

Love is when u sacrifice urself without making urself a stupid guy. People tend to sacrifice everything for one they all they have, yet at the end when love is not in the air.....he lost everything including himself!-believe me, if one u love, loves u as much s u love him, the last thing he would one is for you to sacrifice urself..if he asks that,darn him; for love is to give, not to be asked for!

'for he who asks should be thrown into the dungeon'
-matila mane2 kitab aku pakai!
Anyway, s much s we (froggy n i) dun celebrate valentine's day, i hope that everybody , especially to all of my frens; may you guys meet the guy who will love u; and may the love will be cherished to the max!
p/s: if u guys could recall, it is on this date, i wrote a post in a distressful manner showing how lonely i was. Alhamdulillah, the rain has gone; although it's not for forever but the silver lining that appears is enough to make me feel livelier!
-to abg masyam, happy valentine's day( yeah2 i know x elok sambut..dose..i x sambut;sebut jer.. :-P)
-to egha, Ted,faz, isis,andy, sheera,aiman, muja, paranoi8,izuan,ben, musang,muja and others; may love sets u free !!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

He is the one

He is the one
He's the 1st child,
He knows how to make me smile,
He holds me in his muscled arms
He always keeps me warm
He is now the man of the house.
He Cleanses.
He cooks.
He draws.
He cycles.
He has this sweet goofy face
He oftens called garfield
He oftens called JLo
He has all the features of both names
He is the one I admire
He makes my heart skips a beat
He is my love
It is him; the one I desire...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

saya rindu awak

saya rindu awak
rindu senyuman awak
penawar kesedihan saya

saya rindu awak
rindu gelak tawa awak
yg menggegarkan hati saya
yg sememangkan dambakan kegembiraan

saya rindu awak
rindu muka goofy awak
buat saya leka akan segalanya
peghibur di kala lara...

saya rindu awak
rindu suara besar awak
yg sesekali menyanyikan lagu
pendodoi waktu tidur saya...

saya rindu awak
rindu masakan awak
terasa di bibir ini
self saucing choc pudding;

saya rindu awak...
rindu pelukan awak..
hangat suam badan awak
penenang hati ini

saya rindu awak
rindu bau awak..
yg menusuk terus ke hati saya...
membuat kan saya angau
walaupun awak tiada di sisi

saya rindu awak
rindu yg masih ditahan...
takut tertumpah ke tanah
bersia ke lantai..

saya rindu awak
rindu awak...
sebab awak adalah awak

cinta hati saya..
penawar racun saya
mr froggy saya
bucuk saya
cayang saya..
hubby saya..

awak rindu saya?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the weekend

this weekend, i didnt do much. woke up abit late (missed my subuh :P), and did some house chores (if washing my own dishes after breakfast can be considered as one); and watched cartoons with the lil' devils of the house (my niece n nephew).

Later after that, i called up Froggy and set our date of the day. Since froggy has to settle certain stuff, will be coming quite late, I called up hantuAlex to join me at KlCC, and also Ted to lepak2 with me. I was planning to watch movie, but yikes, the queues were heaven long that we than decided to look for Faz's birthday present. By the way, Faz is celebrating his 23th birthday today (7th May 2006).

Hantu left after a while when his 'petBrother' came~~petbro ke scandal???..hahhahaaa!!!

Ted and me were climbing up and down KlCC to find B' day gift for Faz, and at last we decided to get him a fuzzy huggable teddy bear from Asiana~(sesuai la ngn kakak faz)

Later, Ted headed for the gym, and i continue waiting for froggy at Kinokuniya while reading Shopaholic and Sis written by Sophie Kinsella.

Then after an hour, Froggy came-how i missed froggy so much..even more rite now~~

Then Ted called, saying that ben wana meet us (or meet only him??-matila ted). Along with Ben, was his mom, Ron and Ikhsan. After saying hye and bye, Ted And HantuAlex headed back to each others' place while Mr Froggy and I went to Jusco to look for something, some important thing (at least to us).

We then decided to give it sometimes before we buy that something, and headed for supermarket since froggy wanna make dinner~(well, i dunno how to cook, malanglah awak dapat saya; suami yg xreti masak :P)

Bunkin' in my place, Froggy made this fusion yee mee with blackpaper sausages, Tom Yum Flavoured fish cakes, Bak Choy and fish balls. Perrgghhhh, mertua lalu confirm tak perasan!!!

A couple of friends were asking me to join 'em in MTQ, but i've decided not to since I wana spend more time with Froggy, becaused the next day, Froggy has to leave early since there are things to be done. Furthermore, we dont really have time for each other that much besides weekend. So iwould love to spend the precious time with Froggy...

Yer All would say my weekend is kinda cheesy, but insyaallah..wutever for you dear...

***Over la pulak..matila...mati!!!

p/s: Happy birthday to Fazliana Puqueimawaty Jubouriya~~kekekkee

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Its been for quite sumtimes i didnt update my blog aite???..ish..teruk btol aku nih!!!

Well for a start let me juz tell that i didnt get the job at KRU since they didnt want to fork up more money to hire an admin, and so they are putting all those abundance jobs at Ted.

2ndly, there were certain occasions happened which i havent got time to jot it down here..(sigh~)

3rdly, hmm...let me juz list down wut i've been doin so far chronologically:

Tell you wut, why cant we juz let bygones be bygones..and start a new life????..

But tonite, there's gona be a launching at MTQ due to its grand opening, access fee is rm20, and the theme is pink n' black!!..but i dun think am goin' since Froggy has some stuff to do..but froggy's workin on it so that all the stuff will be settled and we can go and hav fun there..

Still, no biggie bout it in case we didnt have chance to go there tonite..there will always be some other time ;)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the interview

the interview

Yesterday(25.4.06) i went for an interview at KRUComm. The interview went good..i guess. Interviewed by Bard Indigo, he offered me rm1.5K, well..i didnt wana sound demanding, but im sorta in financial crises now. So i'd love to hav at least a basic of rm1.7K..Still, it's not confirm yet that am gona get that job or, let it be in God's hands.

Today, I hav this QA(Quality Assurance) assesment in TMNet, it's sum kinda exam that i have to sit to get promoted to QA..As much as i hate to work in TMNet, I need this post as a backup.

Well, I do need to grab every opportunity dont I?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

the talk

the talk

At last, we have succesfully managed to get through the obstacle together...and tell you the truth, it was not that easy.

At 1st, my heart sunk; i got so hurt that i just couldnt feel anythin' nemore. I couldnt feel anythin'-dissapointed, feelin' of missin sumone, sad and so forth. I felt so restless that i almost lost my passion over the relationship

I dont want to lose it, god forbid. but i was so blue at that time. Froggy and i had sum discussion via YM; the atmosphere was hot with the idea of pullin back the relationship to its early stage when froggy brought up the idea of goin' slow.

then, we met and discussed about it face to face. While havin' meals, Froggy told me that some of the friends know that we are an item. Feelinglessly, i keep on eating after hearing him saying that. that's bcoz i just dunno whut to feel, how to show it anymore after whut has happened. froggy felt so disappointed when i didnt give a damn bout it at all-not shocked, happy sad or excited.Deep in my heart, i wish hard i know how i wana show my feeling, it sanked deep in my heart.Then i proposed that we go to a place where we could talk privately.

After couples of arguments, we agreed on certain things:
1. we still gona be an item
2. we still in love with each other
3. we gona take it slowly-cherish the time we'r havin' and not thinkin big
4. less sex
5. less bunkin in at each other's place
6. more time spending together outside d house
7. froggy's gona gimme some time to get my passion back
8. froggy's gona push his fear a side and embrace love
9. i'll treat froggy as how i treat froggy b4
10.we agreed that we gona go for our honeymoon one day

Well, it seems that now, everythin' falls on its place back and am startin' to feel the passion one again..

Will love conquer it all???

..that depends...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

biarla rahsia?

biarlah rahsia-siti nurhaliza

Pernahkah kau bermimpi seketika
berada di tempat ku
membayangkan pahit manis berlaku
tiada siapa yang tahu
mungkin nanti kau jua merasakan

berdepan dengan kata menyesatkan
tak kan kutiada pertimbangan

**keheningan malam membalutkan

kepayahan jiwa meluahk
anandai kau jujur memahami
tiadaku menjauhi

***dan kisahku yang masih panjang

menambahkan berat yang memandang
lantasku pendam ku putuskan
biarlah rahsia
semakin aku hitung dalam cinta

tiada kuasa mampu menghalangnya
hentikan kata-kata bertulangkan dusta

**keheningan malam membalutkan

kepayahan jiwa meluahkan
andai kau jujur memahami
tiada ku menjauhi

***dan kisahku yang masih panjang

menambahkan berat yang memandang
lantas ku pendam ku putuskan
biarlah rahsiaoooooo

***dan kisahku yang masih panjang

menambahkan berat yang memandang
lantas ku pendam ku putuskanbiarlah rahsia
pernahkah kau bermimpi seketika

berada di tempat ku....

istana pasir impian????

Pedihnya tuhan yang tahu, tatkala membina istana pasir yang disangkakan kukuh,???? memerlukan hanya sekali pukulan ombak yang memghempas dan semuanya hancur berkecai di kala kita menyangkakan istana pasir hampir siap dibina...pembinaan harus dimulakan sekali lagi...pengumpulan pasir di pantai, mengayak pasir dari batu2 kasar, pembentukan istana yang lebih kukuh..semuanya boleh dijalankan semula..
Persoalannya, terdetik dalam hati sang pembina yang seperti mana usibah yang berlaku sekarang..istana pasir yang baru ada potensinya untuk dihempas ombak yang menggila semula..lagi....lagi..lagi..dan lagi...
Dan di manakah keyakinannya sang pembina hendak dipahatkan??..pada kontraktor yang penuh was-was atau dirinya..hati yang penuh luka dek kemusnahan istana pasir...kekhuatirannya terhadap istana pasir yang bakal dibina...
Terdetik pada hati sang pembina, mungkin sudah nasibnya...mungkin sudah takdirnya..risiko membina sebuah istana pasir yang penuh dengan igauan..yg sebelumnya menjadi idaman...
Adakah dia patut menyerah kalah...berhenti untuk membina, dan mengusahakan sesuatu yang lain pula..atau dia patut terus membina dengan harapan istana yang kedua lebih kukuh dari sebelumnya..ataupun....berhenti..dan terus mati???

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Migraine attacks

Today starts with a good day..i woke up early, did my subuh prayers and then went for my morning jog....An hour later, i headed for the nearest kedai mamak and had my breakfast tea there while reading ''Faghag'', a novel borrowed from androi8. am still struggling to finish reading it..kekekkeee...

After havin my quiet time sittin alone there in kedai mamak, i headed home( my fren's house, since im staying in his house this whole week as am havin my afternoon shift which finishes at 12pm) and watch Oprah. Then i decided to take a short nap; i normally do that after doing some exercises.

When i woke up, i had this major headache...have not had it for quite sometimes. I tought it was just for a short while and so i headed for shower, lunch and went to work..

After 2 hours bustling with the customers, i decided to take MC since i just couldnt bear it anymore..this migraine is killing me!

Monday, April 03, 2006

What ur name means......... check it out !!

What ur name means......... check it out !!

Instructions : What you do is find out what each letter of your name means.

Then connect all the meanings and it describes YOU. (Its TRUE) &(Is'ntit GREAT !!)

If you have double or triple letters, just count the meaning once.For Example : MARK

M - Success comes easily to you.
A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
R - You are a social butterfly.
K - You like to try new things.

A = You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
B = You are always cautious when it comes to meeting newpeople.
C = You definitely have a partier side in you, don't be shy to show it.
D = You have trouble trusting people.
E =You are a very exciting person.
F = Everyone loves you.
G = You have excellent ways of viewing people.
H =You are not judgmental.
I =You are always smiling and making others smile.
J =Jealously
K =You like to try new things.
L = Love is something you deeply believe in.
M = Success comes easily to you.
N = You like to work, but you always want a break.
O = You are very open-minded.
P =You are very friendly and understanding.
Q = You are a hypocrite.
R =You are a social butterfly.
S = You are very broad-minded.
T = You have an attitude, a big one
.U = You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards.
V = You have a very good physique and looks.
W = You like your privacy.
X = You never let people tell you what to do.
Y = You cause a lot of trouble.
Z = You're always fighting with someone.


Love or hate???

i love it but i hate it.

i love it when u make me smile but i hate it when u make me cry.i love it when u tell me how much u love me but i hate it when u act like u dont care.i love it when u say sorry but i hate it when u do the same mistake again.i love it when thinking about u eases the pain but i hate it not knowing whether u do feel the same..i love it when i just love everything about u but i hate it when i cant hate u...

not even a bit.not even close.not even a little.not even at all..."

_________________________________________courtesy from shamir

Yeah..yeah a copycat..Say wutever u wana say, call me wutever u may but as i read his writing...there was only one thing that i wanna say; " been there, done that" .

One thing that i know, those words remind me of wut am feeling rite now...rather deeper...and hating the person whom we admire most is impossible...not even in our dictionary of mind~believe me..its true!!!

p/s: dear to sumone, glad that we've been talkin things out..glad that i've met u...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Froggy days out!!!

Well, there was nothing much i did during last weekend...but again, it's not how many things you have done, it's how much for each stuff you've treasured and cherished!!

saturday(25 march '06)

  • juz 'lepak'ing at my house, my parents came from kg, spent some time with them
  • later on when they went out to Bentong, Pahang meeting the 'in-laws'
  • my ex-coursemates, arep panjang and amer kapitan came and we went for drinks at Starbucks-its been for quite sometimes we didnt meet, reminisced the ol' time when we used to 'lepak' ramai in the club room and mengumpat!!!
  • Arep took us for dinner at William's-a nice stall in near ol' LimKokWeng college; the baked pasta and Thripple H were heaven!!!-it was arep's treat, god bless u!
  • Went to Abu's house, took my 'wallet' which i left in his house the other day
  • Froggy was not feelin' so well, and so i went to froggy's house-no outings for this weekend, but meeting froggy was more interesting than shopping in Harrod's (well, never been to Harrod's before)
  • surprisingly, froggy has made a butter scotch especially for me...the taste was yummy !!!

thanx to you~~ (",)

  • that very nite, we talked a lot bout our goals..what we gona do in future...and last but not least about us specifically

Sunday (26 march '06)

  • Woke up so late! It was almost 11am..kekekekkee...dun ask why!!!
  • had my lunch at Froggy's place
  • since froggy was not feeling so well, we decided not to go out. Instead, watched naruto which froggy dowloaded until evening
  • Evening, we had our tea (well, we went for Mc D and had sodas-it was during tea time) at Sbg Parade..kekekkekee
  • Froggy walked me to the Komuter..and i rushed back to kl

Ops..before i forget, there was something that froggy gave me-A BUG. Not an ordinary bug...a special one..kekekekkeke!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

To worry or not TOO worry???

Starting my shift at 3pm, i got sumfree time to chat in YM and checked my emails and all that. Suddenly, i got this msg from an important person saying that this person's health was not at the best state..n i felt so worried...

And again, after a few conversation with this person, i realised that; by worrying too much, i was not only creating a destructive condition, rather putting much pressure to the person...You see, when u feel worry for someone, it shows that that perticular person is important for you..and telling that person how inportant that person is to you indirectly indicates to that person that that person has to bear such a big responsibility as an important person for you...

In a nutshell, being an important person is not only a privillage but rather a responsibility-one new lesson that i'll never forget!!!


[15:43] s***: : syg
[15:43] s***: i dah balik umah
[15:43] s***: not feeling well
[15:43] s***: i xnak buat u risau
[15:43] s***: pls jgn risau
[15:43] s***: i nak mkn ubat ni
[15:43] s***: sok g jupe my specialist...ive md n appointment
[15:44] kasthata: syg???
.[15:47] s***: syg
[15:47] s***: pls jgn risau
[15:47] s***: i kat toilet td masa u call..i mandi n rfreshen up
[15:47] kasthata: syg.....
[15:48] kasthata: i x sedap ati...
[15:48] kasthata: :(
[15:48] kasthata: sian u...
[15:48] s***: dun worry
[15:48] s***: please?
[15:48] s***: jgnla risau
[15:48] s***: i tau apa i perlu buat
[15:48] kasthata: i terkejut sgt2 tetiba u anta msg td
[15:48]s***: sbb tu i mintak kebenaran bos i 2 balik awal sbb nak g klinik
[15:49] s***: jgnle camtu
[15:49] s***: u ni..
i[15:49] kasthata: am worry for u...
[15:49] s***: thx 4 the concern
[15:49] s***: i really appreciate it
[15:49]s***: sian u..sampai abis kredit call i td
[15:49] s***: u tau tak u amat penting 4 me..
[15:49] s***: sori sgt
[15:50] kasthata: i cant help myself..thinkin bout u..
[15:50] s***: jgnla ckp camtu
[15:50] kasthata: its ok..
[15:50] s***: u buat i rs bersalah
[15:50] kasthata: u tak wat salah pun..
[15:50] s***: im not all tht
[15:50] kasthata: nape u nak rasa bersalah plak
[15:51] kasthata: ur not all wut??
[15:51] s***: yela..sbb i tlh buat sesuatu yg membuatkan u anggap i important
[15:51] kasthata: ??
[15:51] s***: maksudnya...i bukanlah baik or terbagus
[15:51] kasthata: it doesnt matter syg
[15:51] s***: mungkin ada yg lebih baik buat u kat luar tu
[15:52] kasthata: syg..nape u ckp macam ni?
[15:52] kasthata:
[15:52] s***: pls jgn salah fhm
[15:52] kasthata: smlm u x suke i ckp mcm ni..skg u plak yg ckp
[15:52] kasthata:
[15:52] s***: i hargai the way u treat in im important to u
[15:53] s***: tp pls dont put me as the most important thing in ur life
[15:53] kasthata: bcoz u r sayang..
[15:53] s***: if u do...besar tanggungjawab
[15:53] kasthata: u x suke takpela
[15:53] kasthata: its k
[15:53] s***: bukan i xsuka
[15:53] s***: im really flattered.
[15:53] kasthata: no..its k...
[15:53] s***: cuma i belum buktikan n belum layak utk jd the most important thing 2u just yet
[15:53] s***: pls undestand
[15:53] kasthata: ok...
.[15:54] s***: syg...i tau ur mind is clouded rite now
[15:54] s***: confused
[15:54]s***: lagi2 selepas dgr i ckp camni
[15:55] s***: i teringin nak jadi important buat masa skang i rs i kene usaha lebih utk dptkan title tu
[15:55] s***: syg
[15:55] s***: u ok ?
[15:55] s***: syg
[15:55] kasthata: syg...
[15:55] s***: ye
[15:56] kasthata: sorry..
[15:56] s***: napa sorry?
[15:57] kasthata: i buat u rasa tertekan..sbb like u...i pon berusaha keras nak jd org yg important dlm hidup u...
[15:57] s***: its ok
[15:57] s***: i betul2 appreciate wht u r doin
[15:57] s***: segala usaha u i appreciate
[15:58] kasthata: thnx..
[15:58] kasthata: i pon sama....


Those were some part of our conversation...when i went through back all of our conversation..i noticed that perhaps, i did put some pressure to the air..and for that, my dear am sorry!!!