Sunday, January 29, 2006

Those are not simply undies, Those are UNDIES!!!

Men's underwear
When your woman dresses up in something racy and lacy and taunts you by strutting around the room and bending over to get a reaction, she has your undivided attention, right? Well, believe it or not, women are paying attention to what's under your wear as well.

So in case you're wondering; yes, you can turn women on with your lingerie , for lack of a better word. But buyer beware, there are some serious dos and don'ts when it comes to what kind of under things you're donning.

this lackey's tacky
Sometimes I wonder why fine department stores sell certain kinds of men's underwear. And if you've ever been in a men's locker room, you know that some guys are truly clueless when it comes to undies.
Appearance matters in today's society and what you're wearing under your Armani suit matters just as much. Even if that hot accounting executive won't be getting the goods that day, a great pair of boxers will keep you confident and ready if she decides otherwise.

Although strippers wear thongs, what do you say we leave them for the stage performers and those hot Brazilian babes? I personally believe that thongs have no place on men (unless your woman is doing a striptease and throws them at you -- but that's another story). Bikini underwear also doesn't fare well with the opposite sex. It takes away from the mystique of the "package." Granted, although there are some women who salivate when they see guys in Speedos on the beach, for the most part, that's a big no-no.

And of course, briefs. It's not that they're horrible underwear, but they do have a sort of sophomoric appeal. If you're playing "seductive older neighbor and the innocent young lad," then by all means. Otherwise, do your best not to wear briefs -- they're not good for your jewels anyway.
And up top, lest we forget those disgusting spaghetti strap tank tops that resemble a ragged piece of cloth. You know, those tops that show the nipples -- usually seen on bodybuilders. Those are unacceptable even if you're Mr. Olympia.

great underwear
Of course, you'll never hear a woman complain about a man in boxers (unless they have holes, tears or those unsightly tracks -- you know what I'm talking about). But the thing is, boxers don't usually provide the support men need, so opt to wear them to bed at night instead. Of course, I go commando or sometimes sarong( kain pelikat) at home-which is good for air circulation..muahahhaha!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

walkin' back into the life

it's been a long and winding journey,
and im finally here tonite,
picking up the pisces,
and walkin' back into the life....

And that's what actually happened to me now..hmm..its been a long time since i posted the last notes. Well..I am now working in TMNet as a customer service officer. Th ejob content is not that much, but one thing that we have to bear on is The Lousy Customer!!!...I do admit that sometimes TMNet itself does have problem with their system, but these people are scolding us as if we are the people who is responsible for all the problems occur...

There was this guy calling to ask 'bout his accout (acct) status. His name is Ayub(generic called). When i checked his acct, i found that his act is suspended since his prepaid acct is =0, so what he can do is simply buy a reload card at TMPoint or 7-e or at e-pay, or even in certain ATM machines..

but what happened is that this bloody is such a lazy bump that he didnt even want to move his lousy but outta house and asked me(who was workin at the office) to go and buy him reload card-his would pay later on!!!..I told him that I cant do that for obvious reasons. And this despised creature get mad and started to use faul language. Well, if he is like calling to my house, i know what exactly i havo to say to him(which is definately fauly language also!!)..but since i was at the office and all our calls are recorded, i juz kept silent and apologised....Arrgghhh..god knows what it was looked like to keep everything in your heart--cam nak berdarah jerr hati aku nih!!!!!

There were other cases similar to that, but as time passed by, i realised, that thoses cases are juz part and parcel of my work tasks...and i do admit that those irate cases are juz minor, there are actually more nice customers...and even if they are angry, it's not at me-its the TMNET they are actually angry at..hecks!