Monday, February 19, 2007


Hola everyone!

Happy CNY to all the chinese out there..Hope that this Year of Boar will bring you prosperity and wealth!

2day is the 2nd day of CNY, and am working today. Kinda sleepy, yawning until i lost my countings..

Btw, there is this one song i'd like to share. like d melody!

here it goes....Berdua LEBIH baik....

*well, berdua lebih baik. but that doesnt mean being single is sucks tho!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What is love????

I was onced, crying over a guy, who never even botherED whether I was alived or not,
I was onced, giving out all my money for a guy who never even bothered whether i have eaten or not;
I was onced,having my endless night thinking about a guy,while he was sleeping soundly;
and i thought, "this is love; hurting and depressing.."
..but tasya said,"ko, kalau dah jatuh cinta lupe dunia".
Mak cakap," kalu time belajaq, tak payah la dok menggatai nak bercinta-cinta nie, nanti rosak pelajaran".
What is love????
Spingermorks said, "Love could be a summer, a damn hot summer that would make me in flame. Love could be winter, a damn cold winter which killing me silently inside and put me to sleep without me knowing it. Last year I found out that life was never a life without love, and I was so stupid to define love of two persons, shared by two, only by two. but, last year, to contradict I later figured out that love was no larger than life if one didnt know how to love oneself. How could one love others when one didn't even know where to draw the line of respect and love himself?" (matila i pon conpius)
Froggy said, "Love to me is very shouldn't be abused or confused with sex."
For me, love is everything.
love is like chocolate; the sweet taste melts in your mouth (this is where we get sweet words from), deliciously irresistable yet fattening and to d worst case scenario, u'll get diabetic. (*matila ko britney spears yg suke orgasm mkn coklat)
yes, love is devine..but we human tends to misused it and call having sex (1 to 1 , 3sum and orgy) as making love too; thus deriving the real meaning of the 'devine ' itself to love. yes, love can appear before us without being notice unti one we love has gone. Love can come in different shapes, heights, weights, ages....but people tend to misused it for their preferences. (*matile bebudak chat yg dok sibuk nk tengok stats orang!!)
Love is when u sacrifice everything without making urself a stupid guy. People tend to sacrifice everything for one they all they have, yet at the end when love is not in the air.....he lost everything including himself!-believe me, if one u love, loves u as much s u love him, the last thing he would want, is for you to sacrifice urself..if he asks that,darn him; for love is to give, not to be asked for!

'for he who asks should be thrown into the dungeon'
-matila mane2 kitab aku pakai!

Anyway, s much s we (froggy n i) dun celebrate valentine's day, i hope that everybody , especially to all of my frens; may you guys meet the guy who will love u; and may the love will be cherished to the max!

p/s: if u guys could recall (*matila ade ke orang baca blog aku), it is on this date, i wrote a post in a distressful manner showing how lonely i was. Alhamdulillah, the rain has gone; although it's not for forever but the silver lining that appears is enough to make me feel livelier!

-to masyam aka mr froggy, happy valentine's day( yeah2 i know x elok sambut..dose..i x sambut; sebut jer.. :-P)
-to egha, Ted,faz, ben, isis, andy, sheera, aiman, muja, paranoi8, izuan, ben, musang, muja and others; may love sets u free !!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

TPM sucks?

I'm so tensed now!

Did u guys remember the part where i applied for TPM?..and later i was not qualified for the interview? (That's wut that ol'd guy in the phone told me)

I have bad news. I sent msg in friendster to an ex-coursemate asking how's she doin now, how's the master programme she's taking now...and then i got this reply from her:

"salam,hahhaha..rindu gak ko kat aku ek...aku sihat jer kat u*m nie..hehehehe..wei apsal ko tak dtg interview tpm uitm itu hari..nama ko ade jer aku tgk dlm list..hampeh jer..ingat kan ade la geng rupe nyer aku sorang jer time tu..tak pasal nak kena berkenalan ngan org lain hahhaha...wei ape cite kl? ko senyap sunyi jer..aku tau la aku jauh dlm hutan nie..huhu"

how's that?

*depressed! (malas nk komen lebih!)