Wednesday, January 31, 2007


diampu mendung yg mendatang
kelabu awan yg menjelang
segundah hati tersarang

turun tercurah ke bumi
menangis langit ke kali..
demikian diri ini
meratap sendiri
bezanya tersemat di dalam hati

datangnya renyai membawa nikmat
datangnya lebat membawa mudarat
perginya membawa rahmat
perginya diharap cepat..

hujan hatiku
setitis cukup membawa pilu
sekendi cukup membunuh nafsu
sekali mampu merosak kalbu

hujan bumi
hujan hati
sekali pergi pasti kembali
bumi tetap tabah berpaksi
diri tetap utuh berdiri
goyah mungkin;
rebah mustahil terjadi!

-frog that never hoped for rain to come

Monday, January 29, 2007

MY vision?


sorry that i've been neglecting this blog for quite sometimes. Not that i was too busy or what, i was kinda blur lately.

I've been reviving my life...It's 29th day since new year, yet i didnt do anything that i can be proud of yet.

I'm pretty sure that if my school teachers see me now, they all gona be mad at me...or worst, dissapointed.

Living my life now, I'd say that academic achievement is not all that in this life..It's how you find the chances..or how u create the chances that is important..too bad they didnt teach me that in school tho.

I always love to design things..i used to skectch and design tshirts, cloths, decorate my classroom and such...I always wanted to be a designer..but being me..following the flow of my didnt go as smooth as i perdicted, and i'm stucked being in such a condition that 's not me at all..

I can still recall, I always wanted to be an arts' student. Unfortunately when open certificates are introduced for SPM candidates, my school has abolished all the not-science-streams sucject to maintan the credibility of SBP.

I took physics and add maths half-heartedly..yet i managed to get great results.

After that that i managed to further my studies in KPM matriculation focussing on Biology. Pghysic once again interupted my life; as much as i was playing around and was not focussing on my other subject.

Didnt do much in matric, i was sent to a local varsity to persue my degree there. Trying to be a new me, i tried to focus on my studies..After couple of years facing lotsa ordeals and all that, i managed to get 2nd class upper degree with honours...the prob now isthat i dunno wut should i do with it?...and yeah, i then got a job as a customer service officer in TMNet as a way to run from my study field.

Being a customer service doesnt gimme much choice. We seldom treated inhumanely-by customers and the management itself.

C'mon customer is always right, but that doesnt make them they? But hey, wut the heck..this is my choice..still this management thinks that we sum kind of robots..Everything has to be as in the book..d RULES!!

I mean, c'mon gimme a break! perhaps I was born as a rule-break..That's y every rule makes me feel resentful..well not all..only the fucking stupid things..

To those who's also customer service officer, u guys must be aware of this QA specialist who value whether ur calls are good or not..OUR QAs ARE like SH*T!..pardon me for using vulgar words but they worth it!

BTW, now that i know that i need to make my own move now..that i cannot rely with this F**king bloody flow anymore, im trying to be back on my track of life helping one of my fren who's a wedding planner with his works..well im just doin a small parts 1st..

Yes, I want to learn on how to be a wedding planner! I really enjoy to design pelamin and all needed for a wedding..well it'll takes sometimes but hey, ROME is'nt build by one day!

So U guys, pls pray that my vision will come true. Hopefully
*cross fingers

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Knew

It's saturday and I am working till evening.

So bored..havent take mybreakfast..and it's already 1.12pm..
perhaps i'll take lunch instead later on.

Oh, i came accross this VC at youtube..It's an old fav song of mine.
So here it goes..and i dedicate this song to all of u..especially to my froggy-in case if ur reading this..i'm missing u a lot!

(dulu suke feeling jupe prince charming cam dlm video clip ni..hehhee *berangans~)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's eve

Heya huys!

I celebrated my new year's eve at a Float Party in National Aquatic Centre at Bukit Jalil. Went there with there of ma frens..It was a mixed of str8 guys n gay people party..yeah we get to see guys in swimming trunks...was quite a 'cuci-mata' time...2 of my frens hated the water..they didnt even hit the pool..was quite cold..but afta u've get used wif the temperature..was no biggie to even dive in into the it left me n my other fren..Egha. We swam, slided like no one's business!

They had this foam party sumwhere beside the main stage..egha and me went in..was freaking hot..yet again..imagine ur self in the sea of foams..with not only guys in trunk...but gurls in their bikinis...ewwww!

..nevertheless..was quite fun though...

we tried these floating games..u had to hike the floating castle thingy and slide to the water.wasnt that easy yet fun..gosh i wish i had my camera wif me..

Later we went to La Queen..hell of a crowd there..It was packed with gay guys n str8 people..That was the 1st time i danced with guys(my frens) surrounded by straight couple at the same time..felt awkward..but adrenalines boosted up to my head...nothing can stop me to dance like a mad cow..hahahhaa...

wish Froggy was there wif me..but that's ok..He was having as much fun in JB wif his pals neway..miss yer dear!

O yeah, I already set my resolution for this year:
-I want to get better job
-I want to save money for my masters
-I want to lose another 5 or 10 more kgs
-I want to Have a stable life..get to know more nice friends..
-I want to love and be loved more and more by myu Froggy..

*cross fingers

Happy new year guys and selamat hari raya eidiladha.