Wednesday, August 30, 2006

to independence!!!

1stly, Am so sorry that i have not updated my bog for sumtimes. Huhuhuhu..Well, so many things had happened-good and bad. Good in sense where im still attached to my other half, breathing in this almost-liberal world and survived; Bad in situations where i'm still working in this bloody TMNEt, had a argument with Froggy (thank god it lasted for only less than a week) and still in blur with my future direction..Well, not bad aint it?

2ndly, as liberal as i would potray myself, i'll never ever second IFC resolution. What is IFC? Dude, u seriously need to work with your readings if u dunno wut IFC stands for. This case has been widely disscussed and there are certain yes n nos bout it. Yes that malaysia is going liberal, Yes that the goverment is not working hard to control this, Yes that the federal constituition is more powerful that the syariah Law, No that Lina Joy case has been verdicted, no that i have the urge to kick her butt if i were to meet her, No that those Jabatan Agama Islam is really worried bout it. Yikes!

3rdly, in conjunction of Merdeka, an actress shocked everybody when she blurted out the most what i can say quote od the year. Congrats to Sharifah Amani for being truthful yet synical. C'mon, u know what u said is wrong. If u wana go to waste, go by urself! And as for Yasmin, well, i kinda agree when u said that Rais had been kinda harshed to Nani when he touched bout her parents not raising her well. Else, eventhough i kinda admire her works, i dun really like the idea of liberalism that she's trying to inject to her films. Others are superb. Watching her Gubra reminded me of 'Dejavu seorang perempuan'. A conflict between religion n moral...(malas nak cite the whole sory)...and morality undermined religion.

4thly, tonite is Merdeka Eve, and i dun think i have any intention to celebrate it-not because the fact that Malaysia is not entirely independent due to vigorous social ilnesses which injected by those punks, skinheads, kelly osbourne wannabes and others-including we all..hehehe, but becoz i dun have any plan, anywhere to go. Froggy's mom is warded due to high blood pressure. Therefore he might be looking after her at Ampang Puteri. And i'll be lepaking with my sis n my lil' bro at our house..i guess.

5thly, I just wana wish u guys Happy Independence Day. Doesnt matter what ur doin in your life, just dont forget what and where your root is. A Malay will always be malay doesnt matter how hard he tried to deep himself in bleaching liquid to get a fairer complexion. And by drinking JD doesnt make u more Carlifornian. Hahhahaaa...carut diri sendiri ke aku ni??????

Wutever it is, just remember u'll not be less stupid if u use English or Bahasa. Hahaha...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Starlight Movie, A Bowl

Sunday was great!

Well at 1st it wasn't so..It was not that organised..hehehe. Plans kept changing and i was thinking of 'lepakin' at home since Froggy needed to complete some works for his submission today. Somewhat, his friend's pc crashed, n those 3-D works has gone n to be redone. So at last he decided to go out with me.

We met at Midvalley, and str8away* headed for Cosmic Bowl.To tell yer ther truth, I dont really do bowling..Normally i just played half or the game and later asked my friends to finish it for me. But yesterday was so sexual!!!..We had a great time though it was just for 1 game. Have not play bowling for years..Thinking of doin it again when we got chances later.

After that, we went to KLPAC. That was my second time there n first time for froggy. We arrived quite late, was showing CARS. I really enjoyed that movie since i havent watched it b4. So did froggy.

......And the nite ended with a happy ending, today is a new beginning..cant wait for another excitement!

*str8away means continuously stopped at shops pasted 'SALE' stickers on their window. hehehehe!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

One In A Million

Paranoi8 got sponsor tickets for One In A Million. So last nite we ( Paranoi8, Abby, me n sum friends) hurried to Plaza Alam Sentral to watch it.

Honestly, i never really watched it on tv, so i didnt really recognised those contestants. However, it turned up to be quite a great show. Faizal sang his lungs out greatly, Dayang was herself (she did nicely, but i didnt see anything special about it)..and so as other contestants...they were ok, they could sing nicely, though sum of them did missed their pitching.

The contestants have to choose an opening song which they gona sing if they were to have their own concert. Errr..i dun think that i need to make reviews of the show. (Malas)

Just wana say that Marianne..or Mary Anne (really dunno how to spell her name) was gorgeous last nite wif her red gown. She was so poised n articulate whereby our Mr Awal who memorized his scripts so many times did twisted his tounge over sum lines.

"....Mari kita lihat siapa yang bakar tersingkir....." suddenly sumone need to get burnt there?