Friday, January 09, 2009

L.I.F.E (part ii)


and then my sister called.
“Dad’s condition is stable now. He suddenly could move his body right after aunt finished reciting Yaseen and chit-chatting with our relatives now. Even the doctor couldn’t tell what had happened. But at least he’s ok now.”

I saw the silver lining of New Year.

I arrived at 2 a.m. at my hometown at was picked up by my lil’ bro. I thought he was gonna send he home, but we went straight to see my dad. Oh, i drove to the Hospital. My lil' bro made me to drive the car since he was so sleepy. Since it was over the visiting hour, we sneaked in thru the back stairs and quietly climbed up to my dad’s room. Quite adventurous, I’d say. Hehehe.

And then I saw him. He was sleeping soundly. He’s even thinner than I could remember. Mom was shocked to see us. To see me. She woke my dad up and I shook his bony hands and kissed them.

After a while, we secretly (again) sneaked out of the hospital.

The next day, my lil bro and i wnet back to the hospital since the doc said that dad is stable and he can discharge anytime. I paid RM300+ for the bills and that officially made me a poor person that i begged for my mom rm50 so that i could get me bus tix to kl.

Yup, i went for the 1st option.

Upon arriving in Kl, I took Komuter to Froggy's house and packed my staff. 

We took a bus to LCCt and headed to the planned vacation spot. Egha was already there, and since arrived around 11.50-ish and we didnt book a room that nite..we planned to stay at his room just for that nite.

But........(*to be continued)


i took a while to update my blog and a lot of things had happened.

2009 is here and a happy belated new year to all of you out there. I wish that this year will bring us happiness and joy and less tears to shed.

Today (9th January 2009), i'll be going back to my hometown and this monday, i'll register for the KPLI.

Yes, Froggy and i have talk about it and we came to conclusion that Malaysia is juat a small country and we can always see each other when we want to. 

I'm grateful to be blessed by lotsa friends who love me and seriously i do love guys too!

Thanx for Ted and Achap for the thoughtful Starbucks organiser.

Thanks for Paranoi8 for always being there to listen to my probs without judging me..

Thanks for Fizi for giving me the lovely Cupido-may it will mend two broken hearts as it says in its pamphlet.

Thanks for Andy for the lovely dinner. I always admire your positive thoughts.

Ahmad, thanks for being there Ahmad with your sassy "histories". They were so hillarious.

Art, Syuke, Jas, And Jeeb; thanks for the friendship u gave me. we've known for less than 3 years but u guys have treated me like we've known for a lifetime.

Taj, thanks for all the teachings and guides to make Pelamin. i will never throw that lessons in vain.

Froggy, we shared our moments for almost 3 years and i'm looking forward to share them as long as the stars shine in the sky, bley sayang?? *hiks