Thursday, April 10, 2008

Porky porky?

YI QI steamboat, Federal Hotel ; the name that gives me such headache justnow. For a while I thought that that i've consumed loads of pork when i went there!

I've been there for more than 4 times there and suddenly a friend told me that it's a Non-Halal Restaurant. I mean, just imagine how many kilos of pork has already been in me? Gosh..She (my friend) said that she called up the hotel to make reservatio
n and the receptionist informed her that it's not Halal and that it's not suitable for Muslim. And she also found a web that said that they serve pork there!

I remembered the last time i went there with Ted, Isis, Taj and Faril, after we burped like for bazillion times, i asked them, "Eh, rest ni halal ke tak ek?"

and Isis look at me with that look that says, "Duhh..ko telan berbakul baru nk tanya???? Kalu x halal xkan le kitorg mkn kat sini~"

And i took her words (well..the look actually) and ate the dessert (The yummy Durian pie) like a hungry horse.

I sat on my chair, thinking what should i do, Do i have to 'samak' my tounge? or gargle my mouth? I see pigs flying all around me!

I felt so disappointed abt the place..I felt like writing to The Star.

Then i decided that Yi Qi owes me an explanation!

I browsed on the net, finding for Yi Qi's contact number. After
calling Federal Hotel a couple of times, I finally manage to get through the line. This time i demand for the Restaurant's floor manager.

Me: Hello, is this Yi Qi Restaurant?
The Manager (TM): Yes, How may i help you?
Me: I have an inquiry (well..actually a LOT!), is your restaurant a halal one?
TM: I'm sorry, we are not a Halal restaurant.
Me: So, your serve pork and everything there is it?
TM: No, This restaurant is pork free, but we do serve wine and beer.
Me: Oh, ic. What about your food? Are they pork free? I mean, really really pork free-Nothing is made of pork or lard or any part that's made of pig?

TM: Yes.
Me: Your chicken and duck and beef, are they like..slaughtered by Muslim (Itik gantung sume i tamau!)?
TM: Yes, they are slaughtered by Muslim and we own certificate to prove it
Me: Alright then, TQ

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ I am pork free afta all. Miscommunication isn't just bad thing, it's one of
the biggest thing that could ruin your life. Let say if i didn't even bother to make that call, I think i'll be swimming in mud and gargle them in my mouth to 'samak' myself.. And so Yi Qi, wait for me this weekend~

How could they slaughter this cute of an animal? *winks*

Monday, April 07, 2008

intepretation of my birth date

3 November

Lucky Color: Fuchsia
Personality Strengths: Knowledge, Fashion Sense
Personality Weakness(es): Weak-heartedness
Successful Career Path: Information Technology
Sense of Humor Style: Friendly
Adjectives to Describe You: courageous, strong

You are a complete paradox as a person - innocent, yet experienced; fragile, yet strong on the inside; normal, yet unique; creative, yet organized; optimistic, yet realistic! Certainly a very interesting person - you possess several qualities that people often thought were mutually exclusive.