Friday, June 27, 2008

He sings?

I was doin my work at my office and while i was browsing the net searching for the right photoshop brush for my company brochure i opened up google and browsed for songs that i like (what can i say, am a multitasker...more like procrastinator eh?). And i somewhat remembered that Afi has some videos that he has uploaded in youtube about two years ago. After looking through his id..i found the videos that he mae with his sis.

There were two videos that i found and he sang a song from Meg and Dia and a song fom Colbie Caillat. Surprisingly, he sang very well...and tell you lil' has a very nice voice and talent.

Here goes;

and this one too;

Check out more songs in youtube aite.

He was complaining,well..not really complaining..he was just telling me how he was disappointed that no one really go and browse his videos and how he wishes that he'll get more comment from others..And so, this post is for you lil' bro!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The death of the world?

It's like the doomsday is goin to be tomorrow..Yes, I really think that it's goin to be tomorrow..or least during my lifetime..

The earth is hurting like nobody cares and it's giving it back to us. Look wut happened in US..and it's comin nearer..and nearer to Malaysia..Everywhere u go, u can see riot on oil..on rice..on food...The sources of life i.e water, food and air are lessening, and people are fighting for these stuff that used to be found everywhere..

The apocalyspe is showing its face bit by bit and there's nothing we can do about it..

Wut will i do?

wut will u do?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Its been awhile eh since i update my blog..and ive been tagged twice by Isis..Since i dun wan to disappoint that lil girl, here below is one of the tag that i need to do..the otha time eh?

Question : 1 minit yang lalu, apa yang sedang anda lakukan?
Answer : I was surfing thru the web looking for boutique design. Oh yeah..My new freelance job is to deco a new boutique. But we haven’t decide on the colors and theme yet..Lotsa jobs to be done..

Question : 1 jam yang lalu, apa yang sedang anda lakukan?
Answer : same as above

Question : 1 hari yang lalu, apa yang sedang anda lakukan?
Answer : I had my last driving class. 25 and I dun have driving licence yet!

Question : 1 jam kemudian, apa yang akan anda lakukan?
Answer : same gak..still dok blaja drive..huhuhu!! but am getting better! Ohh and then I went to Wangsa Maju Carrefour n met a fren there.

Question : 1 hari kemudian, apa yang akan anda lakukan?
Answer : I was at froggy’s house. We discussed about our freelance projects and I helped him to upholstered the old lamp shade.

Question : 1 orang yang terakhir sms kamu?
Asnwer : Tassya

Question : 1 orang yang terakhir menelfon kamu?
Answer : my officemate

Question : 1 makanan yang baru dibeli?
Answer : Nothing. I just had low fat milk that I bought last week. Still have anotha 18 cartons to go. LOL

Question : 1 barang yang baru hilang?
Answer : my MP3 player. My lil bro lost it at his hostel

Question : 1 cerita yang baru ditontoni?
Asnwer : Kung Fu Panda!!!

Question : 1 hal yang terakhir digossipkan?
Answer : Bitched about this one guy in my fren’s place who tendered his 2 months resignation notice and do nothing in the office!

Question : 1 buku yang sudah dibaca?
Answer : Teknik Menjahit Manik…ehhehehe..Froggy bought me this book when he was in JB

Question : 1 penyakit yang sering datang melanda?
Answer : Migraines!!!..X suke!!!!

Question : 1 keinginan
Answer : Nak six packs and buff myself so that I’d feel like jerking of whenever I see me in the mirror!!! LOL!!! Kidding, I just wana lose sum weight and get rich!!!!!..Ehh That’s two eh? Who cares!

There you go. And now, its my turn to tag otha people: