Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday My Big Bro

It has been 3 days since Andy's birthday.hehe. We had a surprised bukak pose cum birthday party for him. WHaat? I din hear you....Oh, yea, how old's Andy now issit??..He's now 32 years old. What, why do u guys look sso surprised?..hehhee...yeah i know, he's actually 5 years older..or can i say mature than whut he always tell me....hehhehe...(ciss, tipah tertipoo!)

Neways, I just wana wish you, "Happy birthday my big Bro! I pray that u'll always be in great health,..and also wealth, so that i could pau you more..huhuhuhu~and also I wish you'll always find peace in yourself and one last thing, YOU ROCK!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan~

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan~

In conjunction with coming Ramadhan, I would like to appologised to all of u guys out there, halalkan makan minum..especially to my friends n brothers and sister Andy, Aiman, Sheera, Ted, Lilbro Naim, Lil bro Afee, Faz, Ben, Ron and others who has always been there for me.

And also, not to forget to my Bucuk, am so sorry if i've ever made u feel bad, halalkan makan minum and semoga kita dapat menjalani ibadah puasa dengan khusyu' and tawaddhu'!


Monday, September 11, 2006

Confronting with the issue

I have confronted the issue with froggy.

We disscussed.

He appologised for mistreating me.

I appologised for which i didnt put myself in his shoes and try to understand that he was only trying to entertain his fren.

We hug.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Being Venusian???

Went to ma niece's school's Bacathon Day. She took part in dikir barat . It was quite fun though to see all these small kids singing n dancing. She put all her heart on it as if there were nothing else important but the show itself..

Waited for Muj for almost 3 hours, I then decided to ran through the rain heading to the barber shop. Had my beard n moustache trimmed so that i wouldnt look like Osama when i meet Froggy.

Muj picked me up later n we headed for Zarul's house. It was actually a "kenduri kesyukuran" because Zarul will be flying to London to further his studies next week.

Later after that, Muj,Fendah, Nafie n me headed to Darul Ehsan Medical Centre where Egh was warded due to complications on his left foot. I was glad that Egha's getting better even though he's still having bad cough.

Had Fenda to send me to froggy's house. Fenda n Naf were quite excited to meet Froggy, but ended up having glance of him.

Froggy needed to rush to the shop to get sum stuff.

Watched Anugerah Era which dominated by Mawi. Was thinking of spending sum times wif froggy, yet found out that his friends who was bunkin in also needed sumone to talk to. Might as well to give them some space..but i cant help to feel horrible that i didnt really accomplish* anything by coming to his house..

I am now in his supposed to be sleeping...BUT HOW AM I GOING TO SLEEP?????..sorry if i sounded selfish..or even lame...or too 'manja'.. but wut's d purposed of me coming n bunkin at his house..yet am sleeping alone, while he's downstairs with his pal playing PS2.......and now blogging here so tat i could get my horrible feeling off ma mind!..Yeah..too bad for me that i didnt know how to play games...infact i dun fancy it at all...perhaps am all-that-boring-type-of-guy...and perhaps..i shouldn't have come hear tonite...

Dear, sorry that i didnt tell u what's bugging me ealier...because i dun want u to get hurt...especially when ur fren is around.

Am i being too venusian?

accomplish*-accomplish here means to spend time with him talking and sharing things and stuff happened for the past one week..share our thoughts and opinionof how are we gona face his thesis dateline which is only arround the corner.You know that kinda stuff. Don get me wrong okies?

Friday, September 01, 2006

On independence

Nothing much happened on Merdeka Eve.

Met my real lil' bro on my way home and introduced me to Abe, Mujah and all the sisters. Lepak at Chinoz.
They (the sisters) didnt believed that my bro is my bro. They thought he was my 'anak ikan' or sumthing that we were forced to show each other's myKad.Hahaha..

Well, we obviously looked so distinguished that one would say that we are not related at all. Am fair whilst he's a bit darker; he's lean and toned whilst me...buff and makin berisi . huhuhuhhuu (nangis)

Kicked him off from there so that i could act bitchier, waited for the count-down to midnite time.
Froggy didnt come. He was accompanying his mom at Ampang Puteri. Her (froggy's mom) blood pressure is high that she warded there. SMS-ed Froggy. Missed him a lot.

Yesterday, (31.8.06) I worked (As usual...when all the earth creatures were cuti2 Mesia) until 6.30pm and headed to Froggy's house. That was d 1st time i met him after he went for a gathering at PD last week (macam lama je tak jupe :P). He looked tanned and gorgeous. :">

Muah muah!