Monday, December 11, 2006

News and Updates-Honeymoon and etc.

Dear gals,

1ST of all, pls pardon me for i have not been updating my blog for quite a long time. I mean, LONG TIME! Well, I could be defensive by saying that i was so bloody busy, kinda hectic life am having here in KL, consistently seeking for new job, mentally depressed with my employer..but hey, isnt everybody the same?

Well, not 100% similar situations..but we all have our own problems, and whining bout it will bring us no where..

I was offered to take my master degree in UiTM, and the enrolment is on Jan 7th. What is bothering me is that Im still with no funder, be it from MARA, PTPTN or any grant funder institution. I've applied for Uitm Young Lecturer Scheme(YLS-actually, i dunno wut the full name of the scheme, i just created the name) that will (if i get selected) support my study fees and allowances

.. yet never get any reply from them.

MY initial plan is that I will firstly apply for master course and then apply for that bloody Young Lecturer Scheme (YLS @ TPM) as my funder so that i'll be hired as one of the lecturer there right afta i finish my studies and funded by them.

But, guess everything is lil bit out of ma hand now.

Dear god, i know i've been a naughty boy..VERY VERY NAUGHTY...but please spare me YOUR kindness, bless me with YOUR superb power, please let me be chosen by UiTM for that YLS..please GOD...and i will not seduce any of the lecturer there in order to get better marks(not that i've done it before) and i wont seduce or ask my future students to do any naughty thing just to get good marks from me.

and yes, i guess i'll have to postphone the intention to further my study so that i'll have enough time to get enough money to pay all those expensive fees.*

updates: I didnt manage to get the TPM, so asta la vista my master~guess i need to get loans from MARA later..if i still wanna get in this coming Jan.
*those are things happening in present and below are the things that happened during my silent period.

THERE are 2 major things that I want to update here-my honeymoon and my cousin's weddin'. Unfortunately, i didnt have all the pictures wif me and so i will upload them later y'all.

From 18-20th Nov, froggy and i headed for Fraser's hill. It was our first honeymoon out of KL. I know when i said Fraser's hill, people will raise their messy unplucked eyebrows and say, "wut on earth will you do there? there are only hills and fog and thick jungles!"

Yes, those are the reason why we got there! We need to have cold and shady place to make babies, dont we? Hahhahaa, i was just kidding..Fraser was our last choice actually.

It was all started when i found out that Telekom has several resthouse units scattered all arround Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. And It was so happened that I still have a couple of days of Annual Leaves left and they will be wasted if i didnt use them as they will not be fowarded to next year(darn it).

The prices arent that bad, range from as low as rm15 to rm200.

Yes, as LOW as rm15. A 3 rooms bungalow in PD for only RM15 per day. ISNT THAT A PRICE FROM HEAVEN Or WUT???? I quickly informed froggy bout this news from paradise. unfortunately, that place was fully booked from the minute i called till the very end of this darn year.

At last i managed to book a 3d2N at Fraser's Hill (FH). And the journey to get there started. We always say that, bad things are easier to be done by good things-NOT! It took me a lot of a journey just to get there.

It was very hard to confirm of the way of getting to FH. We googled all the websites..and each has different infos from another. Some say we can get there by bus from Puduraya to Kuala Kubu Baru(KKB), some say we can go by leng Seng Bus, some say we can go by Rapid, Megah Kota(or Setia I cant remember) and some say we can get there by bloody Naeila-And u now wut..none of the buses offer service to KKB anymore. And that Naeila bus has already bankrupted like years ago. Stupid Malaysian websites!

That day, Afta wasting time walking here and there around that area like a mad couple lost who their child, we decided to take the Komuter (KTM rules!) from kl to Rawang, take a bus to KKB.

From KKB, we were told that there will be only 2 buses going to FH everyday-1 at 10am and the last one is at 2pm. We arrived at 9.50am, and found out that the bus has left for FH 5mins b4 we arrived. To make it worse, 2pm bus is never existed! Local said that, that infos we found in the websites was invalid for almost 3 years already. And I wonder what's the tourism department doing in their fucking office.

A taxi driver offered to bring us to FH for RM60! I almost wanted to go back to Kl, but Froggy insisted to take the offer since we've come that far. I didnt say a word in the taxi, Froggy did all the chit-chatting with the taxi driver. Not that I was being arrogant or wut, but i was feeling so bad.

It supposed to be one kind of a trip; A sweet memories that will be etched in our heart. But these crappy things that kept on happening making it almost unattainable.

We reached the apartment an hour later. Sri Peninjau Apartment is amongst of the hotels located far from the town.

"Right, how are we gona get to the town then." first thing came in my mind.

The apartment was nice..and so the ambiance..It was foggy when we reached there and that thrilled Froggy. Mmm...let see..Froggy and foggy environment!-A good combination. kekkeekkeke....

Being stucked too long in Kl, I tried to give FH a second chance for my honeymoon..try to look at a different perspective of how this vacation will bring us closer..

That day, we didnt go anywhere; spent our time in the apartment, taking lotsa pics and watching tv. For dinner, we ordered 3 plates of different fried rice-nasi goreng kampung,nasi goreng cina and nasi goreng cendawan. Muhahahahhaa. BIG EATER, we are!

Luckily on the second day, the nice manager invited us to go with him to the town since he is running a cafe there. Goodness, daddy didnt need to walk to the town. Hehehe..

We had our bfast at the manager's cafe and went for A walk. We took a lotsa pics and u know what..i started to think that being there was really not a bad idea.

We walked back to the hotel. It took us for almost 45mins to get there but we were enjoying it.

Again we had dinner in our apartment. This time, we had 2 plates of meals only. We were on diet that day...NOT. That was actually because we already had goreng pisang..lotsa them, burgers and bread..muahhahaha! (Mm..and i still wonder why did i gain weight so fast)

On the last day in FH, we bought some sourvenirs (macamle pegi oversea..muhahha) and i bougt a birthday present for Egha(and when this post is updated, it's still wif me..asik lupo je nak kasi).

We took the one and only bus and went down to KKB. The bus driver must be familiar with the road. He drove down the hill, through the winding road like a pro. Schumacher brothers(i didnt know how to spell his wut?) will resigned if they see him driving!

From KKB we took bus to Rawang and then took Komuter to kl.

-the end-

Overall, I would say that:

  • It was not a bad honeymoon. Yeaah, it may seem like so in the beginning but it went better to the end of our vacation...
  • I learned that even the lamest thing will be wonderful if you do it with yer loved one.
  • Froggy has been very very...very patient with me..with my tantrums..and i thank you so much for making our vacation happened and guys must be wondering, why in the world did we go there by public transport?..the answer is very simple..both of us cant afford to get a car yet..but will that going to stop us for another vacation next time or anytime???...I beg to differ!
  • ich liebe dich mr frosch!


2nd thing, I made pelamin for my cousin on her wedding. Nothing much can i say. Just take a look at the pics below..

******* blimey, i still didnt have the pics wif me. so gurls, i will upload it later ok?