Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

~Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to Kast,
Happy Birthday to me~

Last November 3rd was my birthday. Yeah, i know i didn't update this earlier. Didn't celebrate much, just had dinner at Secret Recipe with Froggy. He was such a sweetheart to treat me dinner. I had Grilled Black pepper chiken and iced lemon tea and Froggy had Chiken Kebab and Later, he ordered a slice of an absolutely a luscious, luxurious, sinfully rich chocolate lover's dreamcakes for dessert-Chocolate Indulgence and White Choc Macadamia; a slice for each cake as both of us know for the fact that we cant finish a whole 1KG cake .

Later he made a surprise by givin me my birthday breathtaking gift-a ring.The ring am wearing now while updating this post. Hehehehe...was quite shocked when he handed me my birthday gift.

I unwrapped it. It was a cardholder case; with leather finishing and stiches..and then I saw a piece of cloth stucked in it( It was actually panty hose which he used in making architectural models).

I pulled out the cloth ; and the ring suddenly popped out! He smiled.

I was speechless. My hands were shuddering while putting it to my finger...

After mouthwatering dinner, we ran for to TGV. Watched The Convenant-predicted plots, eye candy hot actors..I mean hot, hot and hot actors! That's all what I could say about that movie.

Later, We headed back to my house and ended the day with a smile.

Thanks dear for another wonderful evening, and also for my birthday gifts.

p/s: pls ignore my unshaved face :-)