Monday, March 30, 2009

Opposite Attract??

Today is adding up to the 3rd day of me coaching the 30 kids on choral speaking.

Oh, you must be confused by now.

Well, last Thursday me n my SBE mate, K has been approached by one of the school teacher to help her with the school's choral speaking members. At first we thought we would just be giving simple observations and then throw some ideas to make it more exciting.

HOWEVER, when we got there, she handed all the tasks including the pronunciation, enunciation, gestures and intonation to moi and K. I mean, the reason of why ME and K there was to help her and not being taken advantage for! But since we didn't want to take it to the bone, we took that as a challenge for us to learn more about the children through the 30 kids.

As today ended, we could see that these children come from various different backgrounds. Some of them are the school teachers' kids, some are government servants' kids but most of them are the village fishermen's kids. As far as I concern, they have no problem to communicate with each other but many of them are the disruptive type whom i know a responsibility of the teachers to shape them to become the disciplined ones.

I tried to become their friends; make jokes and laugh with them. And there were time when they stepped out of the rules i automatically became the "sir" of their life. These kids has the potential to make jokes on their friends, but they manage to control it since my first rule is 1. NO NAME CALLINGS (some of the pupils were calling their friends pondan, etc..)

I'll finish my SBE this Friday, but I hope my present brings them an inspiration to become a better person and a better human being. Oh, not to forget, a stylish person (Some of the Makcik Canteen has proposed me to marry their daughther, BLEY???????).

LOL~ pening kepala ngajar bebudak nih!~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i rarely blog these days.

Shame on me.

Havin' my two weeks "School Based Experience" program starting from last Monday.

Became an underdog replacement teacher today since the real class teacher bailed out of the class crying since she couldn't take it anymore from the disruptive kids.

I hope i did a good job takin over the class tho.

It was a good experience.

Lookin forward for another class, if there is.