Sunday, August 14, 2011

Of Ramadhan and Eid & my busy-ness

I almost forgot abt this blog *tell somethin' new eh till i got a comment from GC. *thanks babe

I'm like super busy now with more than 5 ongoing projects that i'm running simultaneously now at school! I wish I have the audacity to do all of them ala kadar but my heart says no. And now i'm burdening myself with those stuff everyday.

Being a self taught designer, i showed the school how talented i'm in designing costumes and it ended me up with a dancing team that i'm currently in charged of since the former coach whom i assisted before got transfer early of this year.

And since the headmistress herself liked the costume and the dance she's been asking me to lead this group and yada yada yada..i'm stuck with our practice everyday after school now.

And i also indirectly involve in the English action song team; designing costume for them and helping the teachers with the lyrics and songs n etc2.

Since i'm like the only Malay guy there, she's also got me to set up the school's boria team when i know nothing *ok, just a lil' abt it. I have to choose the songs, lyrics, costumes bla bla yada3x~

Since i'm the warden, i have to oversee the children plus the hostel that they live in now is kinda like a broken home, I volunteered myself to head the hostel's revamp programme that needs me to paint the hostel...err can i just not finish this? Writing abt it alone gives me a headache.

Btw, this is my second ramadhan in swk. nothing new. nothing much. but reading statuses from friends who're having pot lucks here n there in kl makes me wanna scream, "NAK JOIN JUGAK!" but what to do eh?

I've got the tix for my balik kg and i just can't wait to go back home. I even asked froggy to buy some pearls bracelets for my mum n aunts and got them woven basket made from err..i dunno's that plastic straps that they use to tie boxes but these peeps use them to replace the 'mengkuang' leaves. I ask the hostel cook to make them for me. They look so nice. I even asked her to make an oversize envelope clutch for me which i'm gonna revamp later with a few hardwares that i found in our local hardware store.

And you know what, i wrote so much here that i just remembered that i havent done my lesson plan for LAST WEEK!

So, signing off for now

Alles liebe,

*plz ignore my sentence structure and my grammar coz i dont bother to check them.* androi8 n froggy