Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Honeymoon Trip & Anniversary Dinner??

Hey y'all!
(sambil menyapu sawang-sawang kat blog yg lamer ditinggalkan)
Well, let put it this way, i blog when there's interesting stories in my life or to update wut i've been doing lately...and I dun treat this blog as my diary where i jot down every single thing in here...and I only blog when i hav free time.. i mean..real free dun expect me to blog every single day, every single thing in here coz i treasure my privacy as much as i treasure
my friends..
(err...OK, now i'm being too far-fedge)

Oh, before i forget, pls remind me to upload sum pix that ive taken at the restaurant where i had my annivesary dinner with Froggy.

Tell you, the place was so otai! I almost felt like i was brought back to the year when Kl was still a small town. Infact, i believe all the furnitures and even the plates that i had my sizzling spring chicken with, were also from the 30s. How cool is that?

Back to my honeymoon trip. As we agreed, on last Friday, we headed for JB with Farah(Froggy's fren)as d driver. We arrived later at 10.30pm and str8 for bed since both of us were so exhausted.

Well, nothing much that we did there; just strolling around JB rather than mengutuk those unfashionable or fashion-victimised teens, eating mee bandung( gosh it tasted so demm sedapppp!!), watching S'pore Channel and bitching about S' bowling for 4 games and had my right hand sore for 4 days...we did planned to meet some of his friends..but unfortunately they were kinda busy; so we just spent time together bcoz we knew for the fact that that was d point why we ended up there.

Well, the trip was not really the best that we had, but the feeling when ur guy kisses u goodnite and and knowing that he's beside you when u go to sleep; and he will still be there when u wake up the next morning is incomparable.
(tetiber jiwangs)

This pic is actually taken after we got out of Coliseum Cafe

Froggy's giving a pose at the entrance

a pose from Froggy while having dinner

is that me with my nu hairdo?..nahhh..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

1st Anniversary??

Today is our 1st Anniversary..Me n froggy..who knows that it has been a year since the day he proposed to me on that very evening...

1 year has gone..and we are still counting...

Btw, i cut my hair yesterday evening just for today's dinner..Yes, we are gona have dinner at the Oldest Cafe in Kl*carik sendiri. Never been there before, just hope that the food there is great and less people during the night..*xble mushy2 kalu ramai orang! hehehe..
And today, we( Froggy and i )are wearing the same outfit that we wore when we 1st met a year ago...Froggy called it reenactment..i call it reminiscing the great ol' time..*hiks
in regards with our anniversary, i would like to tell you a true story...

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a far far away land, alone without no one on his side. He was almost sure that hw would die alone and there is no happy ending in his love life..He longed for someone that was not even there..

Time passed by...and after 23 years of searching, he had then found him..After all that hustle and bustle, they finally found comfort at each other's arm..

~the end~

p/s: well, they dont really live happily ever after, they too have conflicts, probs like others do; but at least they are Happy with it..