Sunday, April 17, 2005

where art thou?? PERKESO

hello guys, wassup?'s the holidays' goin???..
Well basically, i'm a bit busy with ma practicum thingy, actuall i only do sum filing but it is really exhausting!! (dunno y). nothing much happened actually, everyday i will at least snd sms to anybody asking what r they doin', juz makin sure thatthey r not forgetting me!!..hahaha!!
lets talk 'bout am i doin there in PERKESO. I was placed in there to do my practicum in completing my degree here i am, wake at 7 a.m. and had to walk from Jelatek LRT station to PERKESO Jln Ampang..and i always reach there soakin' wet!!..well..a job is a job!
During the 1stday, i have already gotten my 1st punchcard merah!!..but as for the next day more larrr!!!..(hope so) every day five of us (i and awie(hasbullah nawawi, bob(azmanan-comm stud) and zu(zufadzhilatul huzni-comm stud cum ms knows everythin') will sit around a table and start the filing process-starting from folding it to the end..what i know is that we do it better and faster than kerani fail kat situ..
Hehhee..see im starting t mengumpat 'em..but thats the truth!!-it's maybe they have been doin it since forever..that's y they r having degredation of motivation(i think-takin it from a personwho always ponteng OB class)
Only after a week i met a person who really understand when i talk about forecasting, simulations, and OR-the quality manager..yang lain including the operation manager..hampeh!!!!
The prob is the quality department has just being created 3 years ago, so there is no watsoever data bout quality thingy-as so they said they r organizing a project to do MPK(manual prosedur kerja)..only the the asessment can be!!!!!..huhh...that is when i remembered about the final proprositin is a simulation of the counters in perkeso!!
BTW, Awie's gona do kajian kepuasan pelanggan in perkeso... using the money that my bro's in law gave to type his work, so better get off now..