Thursday, November 22, 2007

Work out?

Was surfing around Metacafe, looking for cool clips when i stumbled into this workout clip. (NO! i wasnt looking for porns..sheesh!!) .. It's been months since i pay a visit to the gym...Hurmm.
Anyways, enjoy the clip ok..especially for those who want to tone their body up..or those who want to watch eye-candy guy doeshis workouts..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You and ??

You and I
Here we are
On earth together
It's you and I
God has made us fall in love
It's true
I've really found
Someone like you
Will it stay
The love you feel for me
Will you say
That you will be by my side
To see me through
Until my life is through
Well in my mind
We can conquer the world
In love you and I
You and I,
you and I...
I am glad
At least in my life
I've found someone
That may not be here forever
To see me through
But I found strength in you
Cause in my mind
You will stay here always
In love
You and I
You and I,
you and I..
You and I.....
In my mind
We can conquer the world
In love you and I
You and I,
you and I
You and I...
-micheal buble

I was onl9 with Froggy; discussing about Froggy's fear
of the thesis and how he got tensed up by it, plus the family matters and
all that came tumbling after in a bulk...and then, he said the sweetest
Froggy: i didnt want to tell u this but masa sy ikut my family pegi beraya Deepavali tu, i was listening to Michael Bubble's song
Me: ok..
Me: wic one?
Froggy: You & I
Froggy: n i cried
Me: nape syg? (matila lambat pickup sbb xtau lagu tu yg mana satu..hehhe)
Froggy:because it explains my situation & us
Froggy: tapi dipenuhi pelbagai rintangan
Froggy: back then when i was on my own without all these responsibilities , i go the extra mile for the one tht i care
Froggy: but know, sumtimes it nearly impossible
Froggy: im saddened by this by i have to submit to the reality that wasnt like the 1 i had b4
Me: sayang..jgn la camtu....
Froggy:theres a part of the song that goes, "in my mind, u & i, we can conquer the world".
Me: ive found the's lovely...
Froggy: how ture
Froggy: true
Me:i know sumtimes..i just wish d same too..
Me: i want u to be all mine...
Me:all mine..
Froggy: if only the situation was different
Me:but i have to succumb to the fact that it's almost impossible to do so..
Froggy: but i betul2 kesiankan u sbb u have to give in alot
Me:at 1st when we were was very hard for me to face it..but by time i grew strong...admitting that we can still be happy working with wut we hav now..
Froggy: yeah
Froggy: like syuk always say, things cld've gone worse
Me: it could..
Me:but so far it didn n im thankfull for that
Froggy: me too
Me:listening to that youtube..
Froggy: hehe
Froggy: sedih lagu tu
Froggy: cuca ni pun very condusive nak sedih2 ni
Me: no lah..
Me:xsedih sbb..dalam kelam kabut..kekusutan hidup sy ni...i still have u...n this song reminds me how we r still here..together.. (matilaaa..pandai tak ngayat??)
Froggy: i feel the same way to syg (me too awk..)
****matila korang sume muntah darah bace post kalini kan!!!!..suketi ah aku nak mushy2 kat sini..hehhe..

Monday, November 05, 2007

My day?

The date was 3rd Nov 19**, at 3.30 p.m., a cute lil' boy was born..adding spices to that lil' family..

Now, that cute lil' boy has grown to be such a fine young man *perhaps he's not that..that young, but as long as he's below 40 he's still young what!! least at heart..hehe...

and, of course that young man is me!!..

"Happy birthday to me..
happy birthdayto me..
happy birthday to Kast
happy birthday to ME!!!!"

And for the 2nd time, i celebrated birthday with Froggy..Met him at Subang and had our brunch at McD.

Then he drove to KL without telling me where we were heading. An hour later he parked at in front of Istana Budaya and gave me my birthday gifts-Two books abt Lightings and Interiors!! which i need the most now since i in a way am into this deco field now..............

and then, he showed me my 2nd surprise birthday gift, tadaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I was shouting histerically (of joy of course, bley???). OMG..OMG..OMG!!!! It was the ticket for the last show of P.Ramlee The Mucical....THE P.Ramlee The Musical!!! I've been wanting to watch it since God knows When...and It came true..!!!!!!!
Had a really superb time with Froggy watching it...(surf the website for he review..malas nk cite..huhu)
Then he brought me to a cool place for dinner...Had quite a hard time to find the place bcoz he never really got the time to check where the place some confuse dicrection given by the waiter when i called...luckily Froggy managed to find it by is own. *Bravo dear!!

Palet Pallete is really a nice place for having dinner..The ambience was cool..the service was great..It serves fusion meals...mixed of local recipes with international style of cooking...Apart from that uneasy stomach ache i was having, it was a great dinner.

The next day, Froggy and Art, Jas and Syuke and of course me headed to PD. (*this picnic trip was supposed to be another surprised, but Froggy's mom has blown their secret in front of me when i as at Froggy's house..hehehe!!) Nevertheless, we had a good time there in Blue Lagoon since i've been meaning to go to the beach since forever..hehehhe!!! The breeze..the beach..the sky..everything was so perfect. I really owe Froggy for all the things he has done.
And thanks to Art for taking us there, for being the coolest driver tho u were only had ur sleep for one and half hours....,to Jas for being there; u never bore us with ur stories and and to Syuke for being such an angel to take our photo together. You really a Pro photograher!!

Last but not least, Thanks so much my Froggy darling...Thanks for the lovely surprises and presents...and for all the things you've done for my birthday...
*tak dilupakan pada all my frens (Ted, Taj, Isis, Mary,Tasya, Egha, Wan, Erhan, Paranoid, Sheera, Izuan a.k.a Samuel) and others yg wish me happy birthday...thanks for remembering me....