Monday, November 23, 2009


There are two thing that worry me at this moment. First, im actually quite scared to be posted far far away to the Borneo or in the rural area. Everyday, i have this habit of checking it online at the stupid MOE website. It's almost the end of November and they haven't told us yet on where are we getting posted to.

Secondly, in my wallet right now, i have less than rm50 and another rm80 in my bank account and this amounted to a total of frikkin' rm130. Talk about 'miskin tegar'. And so, am now tryin to get any part time job available there in kl as long as it's legal and it pays good. Damn.

And as ya'all know, during the first 3 month of working, i may not be gettin' any penny and this worries me A LOT!

Wish i could just bend over and get $$ by swiping my bank card on my buttock !

Friday, November 13, 2009


right now while righting this post; heart is sinking with worries and anxiety. In a few days, i'll know the state where i will be posted to.

i opted for Sarawak back then when they asked me to fill up the posting form.

Now, i changed my mind, but unfortunately that wont change the form tho.

My heart skipped a beat when friends told me that i could check posting place via onli9 today. After 2 hours and browsing the MOE website and calling them, i found that the news were fake. Damn it!

So, right now friends, if i was to be posted to borneo, than i guess this end of Nov is my last day being here in peninsular of Malaysia. sigh.

P/s: God, place me to the place where my chances of being a better person is at.
p/s (ii): pls ignore my grammatical errors, no mood to check on them.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

exam vs me day?

I just had 3 longest hardest exams in my life which fell on my birthday, 3rd nov. I had littlest sleep ever and i had to push my old self to study things that i hardly remember.

but now as the exams ended (phew), i have to atttend to 3 weeks of induction course and on top pf that, i have to execute all the assignments and pass the exam. i dun mind to put up with the course, but more exams!


oh, btw i would like to extend my warmth appreciation my friends and froggy for the birthday wishes! i love u guys so so much!