Saturday, May 27, 2006


Sejak dua menjak ni, dah lama aku tak melepak ngan kawan2 aku...itu bukan bermaksud aku lupe langsung dengan korang sume, cume kebelakangan ni..banyak sangat masalah yang melanda kehidupan aku..banyak yang harus difikirkan...banyak yang harus diuruskan..banyak yang harus diselesaikan...

Dan orang yang sangat-sangat memahami keadaan ini adalah froggy. Thanks so much dear for being so supportive. Its not that all of yer guys (my friends) are not helping me..but at this moment, he knows more since we kinda experiencing similar situation here..

Yet, problems are problems. They will not fade away, if you just stare.
You have to solve them, yet problem solving is not that easy...
So, besides solving them, at times, you juz need to go and lepak with yer friends!!!

hahahaa..itu sebenarnya yang aku nak dah dua hari aku dok pegi melepak ngan Ted, Faz and Akak Anim (*lariiiiii). It's good to meet and lepak with yer all after a while i've been strugling with ma family matters and probs. S0, semalam kitorang (Faz, Ted and me) pegi window shop kejap kat KLCC..Then NAim picked us up, and we went for dinner...

we borak2 sampai dlm pkol 10mlm...mencarut sesama sendiri...It was fun though, doin' all that..hehehee..

So guys, thanks for the wonderful nite u guy
have spent wif me..


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend on weekdays

This weekend was an exquisite weekend, and u know why?-mine started early than other workin' people! This weekend, my off days were on Thursday and Friday-two days before the real weekend :P

Well, call me bangla or wutever (for workin on weekend) still glad that eventhough froggy worked on that Friday, despite all of the hectic day he faced, froggy cycled all the way from his house to SJ Carrefour to meet me.

I bunked in froggy's place that nite... (drum rolls...)

The next day, when all creatures were having their sleep~as it was Saturday morning, i woke up early just because i need to GO TO WORK!!!

During that Saturday evening, i went online (my part-time job in office) with froggy who was in his house of course. Later we agreed to watch Over The Hedge.

Over The Hedge is an animation adapted from a comic; Over the Hedge, created by Michael Fry and T Lewis. It takes a freshly skewed look at suburban living from the perspective of the animals who lived there first. The story began when RJ, a mischevious raccoon stole a bear's food and due to its greediness, all the food fell down the steep hill and off to the road and BAM!!!!!...crashed by a lorry yang melalu jalan tuh.

The bottomline is, RJ must seek for the same food he stole from Vincent the bear before fullmoon or he'll be eaten alive!...That was when he started his journey in searchin for the same food he stole, and how he met Verne, a wise tortoise and his family of possum mouse, hedgehog and squirrel and together; they formed a trap-proof- food -searchin' team! Did they manage to steal food from the human?Did Verne and his family knows 'bout RJ's dark secret? That, one needs to watch it by oneself :P~

Then, the nite was gettin' older..and older..
Froogy and me lepak2 kejap and balik to our own place...
Thanks so much Bucuk for spending yer time with me..I had a great time with you...
(***matilaa kena carots jiwang katanya!!!)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What is love????

I was onced, crying over a guy, who never even botherED whether I was alived or not,
I was onced, giving out all my money for a guy who never even bothered whether i have eaten or not;
I was onced,having my endless night thinking about a guy,while he was sleeping soundly;
and i thought, "this is love; hurting and depressing.."


..but tasya said,"ko, kalau dah jatuh cinta lupe dunia".

mak cakap," kalu time belajaq, tak payah la dok menggatai nak bercinta-cinta nie, nanti rosak pelajaran".

What is love????

spingermorks said, "Love could be a summer, a damn hot summer that would make me in flame. Love could be winter, a damn cold winter which killing me silently inside and put me to sleep without me knowing it. Last year I found out that life was never a life without love, and I was so stupid to define love of two persons, shared by two, only by two. but, last year, to contradict I later figured out that love was no larger than life if one didnt know how to love oneself. How could one love others when one didn't even know where to draw the line of respect and love himself?"
(matila i pon conpius)

Froggy said, "Love to me is very shouldn't be abused or confused with sex."

for me, love is everything. love is like chocolate; the sweet taste melts in your mouth (this is where we get sweet words come from), deliciously irresistable yet fattening and to d worst case scenario, u'll get diabetic. (*matila ko britney spears yg suke orgasm mkn coklat)

yes, love is devine..but we human tends to misused it and call having sex (1 to 1 , 3sum and orgy) as making love too; thus deriving the real meaning of the 'devine ' itself to love.

yes, love can appear before us without being notice unti one we love has gone.

Love can come in different shapes, heights, weights, ages....but people tend to misused it for their preferences.
(*matile bebudak chat yg dok sibuk nk tengok stats orang!!)

Love is when u sacrifice urself without making urself a stupid guy. People tend to sacrifice everything for one they all they have, yet at the end when love is not in the air.....he lost everything including himself!-believe me, if one u love, loves u as much s u love him, the last thing he would one is for you to sacrifice urself..if he asks that,darn him; for love is to give, not to be asked for!

'for he who asks should be thrown into the dungeon'
-matila mane2 kitab aku pakai!
Anyway, s much s we (froggy n i) dun celebrate valentine's day, i hope that everybody , especially to all of my frens; may you guys meet the guy who will love u; and may the love will be cherished to the max!
p/s: if u guys could recall, it is on this date, i wrote a post in a distressful manner showing how lonely i was. Alhamdulillah, the rain has gone; although it's not for forever but the silver lining that appears is enough to make me feel livelier!
-to abg masyam, happy valentine's day( yeah2 i know x elok sambut..dose..i x sambut;sebut jer.. :-P)
-to egha, Ted,faz, isis,andy, sheera,aiman, muja, paranoi8,izuan,ben, musang,muja and others; may love sets u free !!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

He is the one

He is the one
He's the 1st child,
He knows how to make me smile,
He holds me in his muscled arms
He always keeps me warm
He is now the man of the house.
He Cleanses.
He cooks.
He draws.
He cycles.
He has this sweet goofy face
He oftens called garfield
He oftens called JLo
He has all the features of both names
He is the one I admire
He makes my heart skips a beat
He is my love
It is him; the one I desire...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

saya rindu awak

saya rindu awak
rindu senyuman awak
penawar kesedihan saya

saya rindu awak
rindu gelak tawa awak
yg menggegarkan hati saya
yg sememangkan dambakan kegembiraan

saya rindu awak
rindu muka goofy awak
buat saya leka akan segalanya
peghibur di kala lara...

saya rindu awak
rindu suara besar awak
yg sesekali menyanyikan lagu
pendodoi waktu tidur saya...

saya rindu awak
rindu masakan awak
terasa di bibir ini
self saucing choc pudding;

saya rindu awak...
rindu pelukan awak..
hangat suam badan awak
penenang hati ini

saya rindu awak
rindu bau awak..
yg menusuk terus ke hati saya...
membuat kan saya angau
walaupun awak tiada di sisi

saya rindu awak
rindu yg masih ditahan...
takut tertumpah ke tanah
bersia ke lantai..

saya rindu awak
rindu awak...
sebab awak adalah awak

cinta hati saya..
penawar racun saya
mr froggy saya
bucuk saya
cayang saya..
hubby saya..

awak rindu saya?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the weekend

this weekend, i didnt do much. woke up abit late (missed my subuh :P), and did some house chores (if washing my own dishes after breakfast can be considered as one); and watched cartoons with the lil' devils of the house (my niece n nephew).

Later after that, i called up Froggy and set our date of the day. Since froggy has to settle certain stuff, will be coming quite late, I called up hantuAlex to join me at KlCC, and also Ted to lepak2 with me. I was planning to watch movie, but yikes, the queues were heaven long that we than decided to look for Faz's birthday present. By the way, Faz is celebrating his 23th birthday today (7th May 2006).

Hantu left after a while when his 'petBrother' came~~petbro ke scandal???..hahhahaaa!!!

Ted and me were climbing up and down KlCC to find B' day gift for Faz, and at last we decided to get him a fuzzy huggable teddy bear from Asiana~(sesuai la ngn kakak faz)

Later, Ted headed for the gym, and i continue waiting for froggy at Kinokuniya while reading Shopaholic and Sis written by Sophie Kinsella.

Then after an hour, Froggy came-how i missed froggy so much..even more rite now~~

Then Ted called, saying that ben wana meet us (or meet only him??-matila ted). Along with Ben, was his mom, Ron and Ikhsan. After saying hye and bye, Ted And HantuAlex headed back to each others' place while Mr Froggy and I went to Jusco to look for something, some important thing (at least to us).

We then decided to give it sometimes before we buy that something, and headed for supermarket since froggy wanna make dinner~(well, i dunno how to cook, malanglah awak dapat saya; suami yg xreti masak :P)

Bunkin' in my place, Froggy made this fusion yee mee with blackpaper sausages, Tom Yum Flavoured fish cakes, Bak Choy and fish balls. Perrgghhhh, mertua lalu confirm tak perasan!!!

A couple of friends were asking me to join 'em in MTQ, but i've decided not to since I wana spend more time with Froggy, becaused the next day, Froggy has to leave early since there are things to be done. Furthermore, we dont really have time for each other that much besides weekend. So iwould love to spend the precious time with Froggy...

Yer All would say my weekend is kinda cheesy, but insyaallah..wutever for you dear...

***Over la pulak..matila...mati!!!

p/s: Happy birthday to Fazliana Puqueimawaty Jubouriya~~kekekkee