Tuesday, December 30, 2008

L.I.F.E? (part i)

Life works in a mysterious way that we hardly figure it out as it smoothly sways itself up and down throughout the journey of our vulnerably delicate life.

In the last post, i told u guys that my dad was sick and i really wanted to see him. But since i planned and paid for my vacation already, i was going to go there 1st and go home later, remember?

God has a better plan for me.

Right after i published that post, my sis who was on her way with her husband and kids to my hometown called and told me that my dad was very ill and the doc said that he was in coma. I called up my mom and she was crying. i called up my lil bro and he was on his way to see him. And i was still in KL.

It was not my intention not to follow my sis to go back home, its just that it was pay day and i had to be in the office so that all the staffs get their salary on time. But as soonest as i finished all the jobs, i rushed to my house, packed my staffs and headed to Puduraya.

Bought me a 7.30 tix to my hometown and met Froggy there. There was a slight changes in plan.

I brought with me 2 luggages.-1 to be brought to hometown, and 1 for my vacation with Froggy.

The plan was:

1. I go back to my hometown; see my dad and if he's ok i'll get the next day bus to kl and take flight together with Froggy to our vacation place.

2. I go back to my hometown; see my dad and if he's not ok i'll stay for a couple days till he's ok and go separately to our vacation place.

3. I go back to my hometown; see my dad and if he's not ok at all, i'll just stay there and cancel the plan. But Froggy has to go; besides Egha will be there to accompany him since we've already paid for the tix and everything.

When i was on my way back to hometown, dad was still in coma. Aunt was reciting Yaaseen Sorah to him..


Cass Said: Life is hard; if it's easy then anyone can be Donald Trump

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

of greatness and grievance?

It's almost at the crack of dawn of 2009 and it's approaching.


And closer.

This has been a quite overwhelming year for me. So much of ups and downs. So much sugar and spice and everything nice. Not!!

But I am grateful that I could this survive even in the blackest day of my life. Thanks to all my friends who have always been near to me and to my heart.

I’ve got the KPLI offer and I’ll be registering this January 12th 2009 and I just finished doing my resignation letter and I am updating the blog now. Luckily my boss didn’t see it when he came to my desk just now. I wonder how he will react when he gets it.

I’m quite reluctant to accept this offer since Froggy and I have been planning to expand our bridal biz to the next step. But it’s hard for me to say no since all my family knew about it already and I know how much they have been meaning to see me working in government sector. Thanks to my sis who opened the letter without my permission!

My dad has been sick for months and he’s hospitalised recently. I hope that he’ll be fine and will get better. His weight has been exponentially dropped to 44kgs the last time I saw him. Mom is looking after him now. I wish I could see him though.

Well, as much as I wanted to see my dad, I have planned to get together with Froggy this 26-29 December. We have planned it for months and everything has been paid for and there no turning back to it. *derhaka tak? But I secretly plan to go back home right after that.

A friend of mine is sick.

I really hope he’ll be fine.

I hope God spares him His love.

I hope God spares him his life.

I hope for the best for him.

I love him as friend

I love him as a brother

I love him as a Muslim.

I felt like crying when I heard the news. I felt like there’s a lump of shock, sadness and sympathy in my heart. But as egha said, I have to be strong for him. Be strong I will!

Cass Said: New Year, I hope you are better than This Year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The tests of life?

Have you guys tested?

If yes, good. Get tested again.

If not, better do it now.

Cass says: Better late than never.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bloody Snatcher?

Today started as a fine day-i woke up early at 8.30 a.m. and went down stairs for coffee and watched The Nanny and Oprah. I'm a big fan of Fran since i was in elementary school. She's sexy, hourglass body shape and with funny nasal voice of hers, she never fails to make me laugh everytime i watch her and Oprah has always been as informative as ever.

Then it was 10 a.m when my client called me up to remind me that i've to get to his office at KJ to my my new staff. I rushed to the shower and 30 mins later i was ready to take off. Since my niece isnt feel that well, my sis couldnt send me to the LRT and that means that I have to get there my taxi.

Bloody taxies! Waiting for them is like waiting for snow in KL and waiting for Brad Pitt to be gay! I walked a bit further up to the main road and kept on looking at my back in case if there's taxi coming from there. Nada!

There was this one time when i looked back and i saw 2 motorcycles running side by side. Oh, it was just another ruthless bikers whose brains located on their bike handles.

And then it happened.

When i looked back one more time, one of the bike sped like bloody motor cross racer and the other biker who turned out to be a girl chased after him while screaming, "arghskbjkfujgfkdkhfkj!!!!!! Arghjgkgigoufytf!!!".

Seriously. She was shouting like a lady in labor that i couldnt understand a word she's saying plus she was too fast when she's passing me by. It happened within 5 seconds..no, make it 3 seconds that it took me a while to really understand what was really going on that time.

But than it's too late..The snatcher went off like lightnings and the girl chased after her followed seconds after that and i couldnt really help her. I wish i spotted the snatcher's bike plate number!

Anyways, i called my sis and told her abt what happened and she said, "Biasala..la(skang) ni banyak dok jadi, sebelum ni akak sebelah rumah kena ragut rantai emas luar rumah masa die ngn suami dia dok sapu sampah depan rumah! hang tu jaga sket, jangan dok usung2 beg ceti (my man bag) hang tu nanti kena ragut plak. Simpan dlm bag laptop tu elok2 jgn sampai peragut aim!" She nagged and nagged and nagged~

And when I sms telling what happened to froggy, the reply, "OMG, is the person hurt? Siang2 pun kena ker? Mesti dah lama aim.Jaga2 man bag ceti awk tu." Aku jugak balik2 kena ekk~

Lesson to be learned:

1. Be more careful when there's a person or a gang who's walking, riding a bike or a car right too close behind you.

2. Flash your jewelleries only in parties or kenduri..but never tengah dok breakfast or sapu sampah pon pakai barang kemas segenggam!

3. Man bag is a manly stuff, and you only ought to put lip balm (manly le sgt, LOL..okla tu bukannya lipgloss MAC), card holder, ciggies and the non-valuables stuff in there. Dont put handphones or wallet like me inside there *note to self!

"ko ingat ko cahantekk nak ragut beg petaling street aku!"

Cass says: I wish i could spot the snatcher's plate number! *mesti dah kaya gi amik nombor ekor~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Of Stupidity and Browser?

I really hated it when my address bar on my Opera browser was accidentally deleted by none other than.....Me myself*jebon!. Then it took me almost a month to figure out on how to get it back.

Thus, am taking the liberty to show u guys out there the configurations u need if u ever lose ur address bar out of stupidity like me


Go to View ->Toolbars -> Customize->Appearance -> Buttons -> Browser View
Then from there you can see the Address Bar button, just drag it out from there to the tools bar on your browser and click ok and... walla!

Your Opera browser now is as good as new..LOL!

Cass Says: thanks to google, now you can even get answers about life on you little fingers *hiks

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Congrats to Arttouch

I'm takin this opportunity to congratulate Arttouch for his new job at Philharmonic starts from today (19 Nov 2008). May this job brings you...hurm..wutever u want in your life (senang sket kannn~).

Cass says: lepas ni wajibla aku dok lepak KLCC ngn u sesambil minum di starbucks!! matila ponteng keje lagikkk!!

Speaking of starbucks, i was told that woman who takes coffee will face the ultimate effect-their boobs will gradually shrink, according to a research done by sweddish scientists!

But not to worry pussies, bcoz they wont go smaller overnight or disappear when you wake up the next day.LOL

On another note, While caffeine may shrink women’s breasts, the reaction is the reverse for coffee-slurping blokes – it can make their “moobs” swell.

On the plus side, the study showed regular hits of caffeine reduce the risk of women developing breast cancer.

i bet this lady needs a gallon starbucks daily to shrink that boobies of hers,LOL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Money matters?

Malay is the highest to have below RM 1000.00 of household income. Deputy Minister of Prime Minister Department, Datuk S.K. Devamany revealed that based on research done by Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia last year, Malay dominated the number of 301,000 household to have below RM1K income per month.

A total of 495,500 household to have below RM1K income, and Malay alone dominated 60% of it.

60% out of 495,500 household are malays. And they are getting below RM1000 per month.

This is not inddividual income we're talking about. This is like the mom's plus dad's plus whoever that works in that house; and the total of their incomes are less than one frikkin thousand!


Cass Says: I know that happiness is not measured by how much do we make every month, but it certainly is needed to pay all the mounting bills to keep our spouse from yelling her lungs out!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My birthday- a quater of century to be remembered

It has been 25 years old.

A quater of century.

That i've sipped this air of this earth and exhaled the extension of my life with vigorous enthusiasm to keep on surviving in this ludicrous world.

I've had my share of happiness, amusement, bitter and blandness

Father Time has been tick-tocking his clock for more than 9125 days since the day i was born last November '83.

So many goals to achieve and so many prophecies to be dictated.

I want to enjoy life as it is for better for worse, not to the fullest. Just as lovely as it is.

p/s: thanks to mary who sent me a box of 25 cupcakes to my office. They were lovely. Too bad i have to eat them, *winks. And also to Froggy and family who bought me takeaway pizzas and black forest birtday cakes. Extended apprecation to Andy, Egha, Ted and Acap, Androi8, Jambu, Afif, Fizi, Ezz, Tasya and others who sent me bithday messages via sms.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Congrats to Froggy on his new job endeavours with the government. He's attending all the briefings and hopefully he'll be posted to the HQ or KL branch..


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mein Sister


My sister's name is SF. She's er..around 32..if am not mistaken. I never know what year she was born, i only memorized her birthdate.

She loves to cook, to overdeco her house, to read anjung seri and to imitate the datin's style house and she loves to nag for at least 5 minutes before she aks me to do house chores. Oh..she's a housewife and therefore she mostly spends her time doing all the stuffs i mentioned above or otherwise she'll get bored to death.

Well, i don't really mind abt those stuffs really bcoz she cooks very well and am living wif her all this while and thus i dont really have the right to complaint so much. hiks.

But ONE thing that i hate about her is that she can't sleep.. I mean really2 cannot shut her eyes unless there's at least an adult in the house. And that means, if my bro-in-law is not around i.e if he goes outstation or he goes out for drinks late at night with his biz partner, BY DEFAULT i should be the next ADULT who would accompany her that nite just so that she could sleep. Mind you she already has 2 kids (daughter-10 years old, son-7 years old).

The thing is, when that bloody nite falls on my gym day..or the nite am supposed to go out with froggy, or am going out for drinks with my bestfriends, that means i need to cancel all those itenaries and stay at home. And what normally happens during that bloody nite is that she and her lil kids will go upstairs and watch tv or sleep early in their bed (my sis n bro-in-law kids sleep together) while I'm alone watching tv all by myself which is something that i rarely do bcoz i always hate to be alone.

It is understandable if the reason is sickness or that she's handicap or sumthing. But she's just as normal as others and she has been pampered by people around her i.e my parents and her husband and she never do anything to diminish this fear of hers. The latest is when i have to meet a friend of mine since she needs my help for her wedding dress fittings on this Thursday nite and am planning to stay at Froggy's afterthat; but i din tell her that of course. I told her that am goin off for biz oustation with my bos this thursday evening and will be back to KL on friday evening; and she brushed me off and straightly asked me to give reasons to my bos (she asked me to tell my boss that my dad's coming to Kl and i need to send him to see his specialist) and forbided me to go, Boleyy?????? Sentap gile aku!

Keep telling her to learn to overcome that stupid fear of hers, tapi ADO DENGAR?????

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SIDE BIZ #2 ??~

A lot of things happened recently. But that's not what i want to talk about today.

Let me introduce you my little side biz no 2 (Copied the Add from a fren's site; It's in BM):

Perfume Pelbagai Jenama Terkenal Dalam 1 Box

Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, Jennifer Lopez, Narciso Rodrigues, Yves Saint Lauren, Davidoff, Body Shop, Lancome, Gucci, Kenzo, Cacharel, Lancome, J'adore, Dior, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Coty, Elizabeth Arden, Paris Hilton, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Lolita Lempicka, One Drop Perfumes, Amouage, Montana, Yohji Yamamoto, Givenchy, Bvlgari, Versace, Issey Miyaki, Aramis, Guy Laroche, Gaultier, J.P.

" Anda Boleh Dapat 8 Jenama Di Atas Dalam 1 Kotak "

8 in 1 ! Harga Murah !

  • Best Quality – Baunya berkualiti;
  • 8 in 1 – 8 jenama dalam 1 kotak, hari-hari boleh tukar brand & ikut mood;
  • Long Lasting – ia bukan spray tetapi pati perfume (oil-based);
  • Alcohol Free – tanpa was-was;
  • For Souvenir – packaging sungguh cantik & menarik.

Pakej For Him : 2 sets

Perfume No. 1 : Inspired by Black Hugo Boss;
 Perfume No. 2 : Inspired by Blue Jeans, Versace
Perfume No. 3 : Inspired by CK One, CK
Perfume No. 4 : Inspired by Eternity, Calvin Klein
Perfume No. 5 : Inspired by Polo Sport, Ralph Lauren
Perfume No. 6 : Inspired by Acqua di Gio, Giorgio Armani
                                          Perfume No. 7 : Inspired by Issey Miyaki, Issey Miyaki
                                          Perfume No. 8 : Inspired by Hugo Men, Hugo Boss


Perfume No. 1 : Inspired by Boss Signature, Hugo Boss
Perfume No. 2 : Inspired by Echo, Davidoff
Perfume No. 3 : Inspired by Tuscany per Uomo, Aramis
Perfume No. 4 : Inspired by Cool Water, Davidoff
Perfume No. 5 : Inspired by Drakkar Noir, Guy Laroche
  Perfume No. 6 : Inspired by Allure Pour Homme, Chanel
Perfume No. 7 : Inspired by Le Male, J.P. Gaultier
Perfume No. 8 : Inspired by Pleasures for Men, Estee Lauder

Pakej For Her: 4 Sets



Perfume No. 1 : Inspired by Escape, Calvin Klein
Perfume No. 2 : Inspired by Romance, Ralph Lauren
Perfume No. 3 : Inspired by Pleasure, Estee Lauder
Perfume No. 4 : Inspired by Still, Jennifer Lopez
Perfume No. 5 : Inspired by For Her, Narciso Rodrigues
Perfume No. 6 : Inspired by Baby Doll, Yves Saint Lauren
Perfume No. 7 : Inspired by Cool Water for Women, Davidoff
Perfume No. 8 : Inspired by Apple Blossom, Body Shop


  1. Perfume No. 1 : Inspired by Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel
  2. Perfume No. 2 : Inspired by Aqua di Gio (Women), Giorgio Armani
  3. Perfume No. 3 : Inspired by Lolita Lempicka, Lolita Lempicka
  4. Perfume No. 4 : Inspired by Baby Jesz, One Drop Perfumes
  5. Perfume No. 5 : Inspired by Gold, Amouage
  6. Perfume No. 6 : Inspired by Montana "Parfum de Peau", Montana
  7. Perfume No. 7 : Inspired by Yohji, Yohji Yamamoto
  8. Perfume No. 8 : Inspired by Amarige, Givenchy


Perfume No. 1 : Inspired by CK Be, Calvin Klein
Perfume No. 2 : Inspired by No.5, Chanel
Perfume No. 3 : Inspired by Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana
Perfume No. 4 : Inspired by Vanilla Musk, Coty
Perfume No. 5 : Inspired by Sunflower, Elizabeth Arden
Perfume No. 6 : Inspired by Women Boss, Hugo Boss
Perfume No. 7 : Inspired by Palace, Paris Hilton
Perfume No. 8 : Inspired by Poeme, Lancome


Perfume No. 1 : Inspired by Tresor, Lancome
Perfume No. 2 : Inspired by Envy, Gucci
Perfume No. 3 : Inspired by Kenzo Flower, Kenzo
Perfume No. 4 : Inspired by Eternity for Women, Calvin Klein
Perfume No. 5 : Inspired by Gloria, Cacharel
Perfume No. 6 : Inspired by Miracle, Lancome
Perfume No. 7 : Inspired by J'adore, Dior
Perfume No. 8 : Inspired by Intense, Hugo Boss

Courtesy Pics from Rizi-biz.com

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Side Biz #1

Sorry for being unavailable for quite sometimes. I was busy with my preparation for the KPLI interview. And at the same time my new office (am still at the ol' company, its just that we moved out to a better place) still doesn't have land line and therefore it's impossible for me to get online.

Btw, i want to wish all of Muslims out there, Happy Ramadhan and hopefully this coming Ramadhan will bring us Rahmah Ilahi..


Currently, am engaging to my new side biz. and i wrote a whole length of narration to seduce u guys to get this stuff. Unfortunately, as i was trying to post it, something happened to this bloody laptop and all of the were gone!

So what am gonna do is just to paste wutever stuff that i have in Bahasa, no mood to traslate them in English anymore~cries*

Anyways, enjoy them!

So i give you...

MiOR - The Moor Facial Bar With IndinineLuxeTM

miOR ini adalah 100% natural dan berasal dari Austria. Antara bahan-bahan yang terkandung dalam miOR adalah:-

IndinineLuxe™ - Algae yang kaya dengan antioksida, vitamin dan mineral dari Europe
untuk mengembalikan keremajaan dan menyembuhkan kulit;

Heilmoor Clay – Terdiri daripada beratus herba, bahan organik, antibiotik yang semulajadi, hormon tumbuhan dan banyak lagi. Inilah Heilmoor Clay :-

And the effects are as the following:-

The Advantages Effect:
  • Mengecilkan pori-pori;
  • Mengawal blackheads dan whiteheads;
  • Mengawal keseimbangan pH pada kulit;
  • Mengawal masalah jerawat dan kulit sensitif;
  • Mengurangkan kesan parut pada kulit;
  • Mengurangkan pigmentasi dan mengawal masalah jeragat;
  • Mampu mengurangkan garis-garis halus/kedut pada wajah;
  • Membantu mengawal masalah penyakit kulit, eczema, psoriasis, stretchmarks, kesan selulit dsbnya;
  • Kulit kelihatan 1 tona lebih cerah kerana proses exfoliation;
  • Kulit kelihatan lebih kemerahan secara semulajadi dan berseri-seri;
  • Meningkatkan keupayaan kitaran sel kulit, menjadikan kulit sentiasa anjal, sihat dan berseri;
  • Juga sangat sesuai dan selamat digunakan kepada bayi dan kanak-kanak;
  • Mengurangkan noda-noda hitam dan sel mati pada keliling leher, celah ketiak dan bikini line;
  • Bagus untuk mengekalkan keseimbangan minyak pada kulit kepala;
  • Menghilangkan kelamumur & melembutkan rambut dan menyihatkannya.
And this is how you apply it:-
  1. Basahkan tangan dan keluarkan buih daripada sabun;
  2. Letakkan buih sabun di tempat jerawat, eyebag, jeragat atau tempat yang bermasalah;
  3. Baki buih sabun gosok di seluruh muka selain dari tempat yang diletakkan tadi;
  4. Biarkan 2-3 minit dan lepas itu cuci. (Pohon jangan dibiarkan melebihi 3 minit, kurang tidak mengapa);
  5. Jangan lap muka dan biarkan kering sendiri;
  6. Sesuai untuk 2 kali sehari (pagi dan malam);
  7. Hanya 2-3 minit sahaja setiap kali kegunaan.
  8. Apabila menggunakan sabun miOR, ianya menggantikan fungsi sabun malah lebih dari itu. Namun digalakkan supaya jangan terus tinggalkan routine harian penjagaan diri anda, semata-mata kerana bergantung 100% kepada sabun miOR ini. Dengan sabun miOR anda boleh mengurangkan jumlah step penjagaan iaitu hanya guna sabun miOR, moisturiser dan sunblock sahaja berbanding dengan pengunaan susu pembersih, sabun, toner, moisturiser, night cream dan sunblock. Lebih ringkas bukan ?
Tindakbalas Apabila Penggunakan MiOR
(Special case sahaja - bukan untuk semua kulit)
  • Kulit menjadi kering (bagi mereka yang kulit kering) - Hanya biarkan selama 1 minit sebelum basuh muka dan selepas kering pakai mousturiser. Kurangkan masa cuci kepada 1-2 minit shj;
  • Keluar bintik-bintik halus di muka - Cuci selama 1 minit sahaja kerana ia merupakan “proses pembersihan dari dalam” (detox). Gunakan mousteriser dan jangan risau dan teruskan guna miOR;
  • Kulit akan mengelupas sikit (terutama kulit yang berpigmentasi) - Cuci selama 1 minit kerana ia mengeluarkan sel kulit-kulit mati. Biar pengelupasan sendiri dan jangan dikopek;
  • Kulit rasa gatal-gatal - Itu tandanya ada resdung. Jangan garu dan kalau boleh dalam tempoh sebulan ini jangan makan seafood, daging atau telur. Tunggu sehingga kulit dah ok. Kurangkan masa cuci kepada 1-2 minit sahaja
There you go. I've been using MiOR for a month now. At 1st there were some zits on my face, but i understand that it was the immediate effect of Mior when it's detoxing your face; and they dissapeared less than one week after that and as results, my pores are getting smaller and almost invisible now, my skin is getting vibrant..and am very happy about it and am very confident to reccomend it to others. perhaps you should give it a try too..

For a start, you can try a quarter bar 1st for only RM 70.

And after using it, if u feel the effect, you can buy for half a bar or whole bar for will cost you RM130 and RM259 each.

p/s: my sis used my Mior bar without my permission. And one day she called me when i was at Froggy's house telling me that her face got inflamated after using it for the 1st time. I told her that served her right for using it without my consent. And i told her to stop using my bar coz perhaps it's not suitbale for her. After 3 days, her face got to its normal condition and to our shocked, all the big zits and acnes that she had were gone and so as her pigmentation around the eyes corner. Her pores get smaller too..

As much as i'm happy with her condition, i know now that i have to share my MiOR with her. sigh~

Friday, August 08, 2008


Sometimes i wish that somehow, life will get easy on me. I'm not a faithful follower, but i always believe in God. And i never blame anyone when things get tough on me. But sometimes, it's just hard. Live is hard, a part from its ferocious living things.

People have their own way on how to release all the tension and stress in them. Some go for window shopping and some go to extra mile and bring back piles of shopping goods. Well, good for them.

What do i do when i have things bugging around my head, hurm let see.

Normally, if it's just a teeny thing, i'll just deal with them straight. Otherwise, i'll call froggy and talk about it for while and go to sleep. Yes, sleeping is the best remedy for me for almost all of my problems. I just dont wanna get insane by thinking about all those bullshits silmutaneously but rather get a sleep or a short nap, and rethink about it one by one when i wake up. Because sometimes when u gather all the problems mounting in ur head, there's least chance for you to solve it efficiently and wisely.

When things get rather ugly, like when i lost my wallet and all my money were taken out from my account, i just wished that i'll be with someone who cares abt me the most. Goodness that i was able to meet froggy that nite, otherwise i'd end up sleeping alone with tears on my pillows. (What, pretty guy cant cry meh?)

Yet sometimes, i just want to be alone on my bed or on the couch whole day long watching cartoons and let time passes me by

Or sometimes when i have probs, i'll get my superbly long shower for 1 to 2 hrs and shave my facial hairs hoping that all my prob will go aways with them. And i did go to the extreme when i cut my hair uber short once. hiks.

And infact, after what happened in my office lately, i feel like i really need a long shower when i get home tonite!

Oh since i'll be staying over Fz's tonite, so i'll get my shower there then

You know i love you


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love quote #1

Love quote of the day:

She/He's just not into you;

"If a sane guy/girl really likes you, there ain't nothing that's goin to get in his/her way. And if he/she's not sane, why would you want him/her?"


Ive got a few news to share with u guys.

1. Good news- I passed the KPLI Mtest and am goin for the interview this comin' August. No, i havent really decided whether i will accept the offer if i get it. I'll cross the river when it's infront of me. I just want to do the best in my interview, wow the panels and get it over with.

2. Bad News
- I lost my wallet, and the culprit(s) who took it used my bankcard and withdraw my money-I already made police reports, bank reports and now it's just a matter of time taking the culprit(s) down! And yes it was my fault bcoz i used the fragment of my ic nos as my password. Bad me!

3. Goodnews
- Froggy received his graduation day confirmation letter and we all will be goin t0 JB this mid Aug! Yaribba!!!

4. Goodnews and badnews
-I'm in my serious routines now to tone up by body and lose weight~finally!*cross fingers that i'll achieve my target by 3 months and the badnews part is that i cant eat like hell nemore! criessss~

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ol' Froggy?

Froggy's birthday was on July 6th, but we couldnt celebrate together as he was in Jb at that time attending to a cousin's wedding. And so, last July 12th, i took the chance of celebrating his birthday, just the two of us at The Pavillion (The P), KL.

We had 2 movie marathons; Hell Boy II: The Golden Army and Sepi. Well actually. we wanted to watch The Mummy, but it will only be screened by this 24th. Nevertheless, we had fun watching those two movie, tho i'd say that Sepi could do better in its storyline. It's not moving enough to make ones cry, as Froggy said.

After movie, we had a tour of walk aroud BB area, but i was too sick to walk, especially around crowded patrons. We went back to The P and had drinks at Satrbucks with Jas; It was so happened that Jas was also at The P with some of his frens. After the drinks and a couple of sessionsof me throwing up in the toilet, i brought Froggy to our dinner place.

Well, luckily i made the RSVP earlier the day before because it turned out that C.Club was quite busy that night. That was actually the 1st for me and even Froggy to eat there. Surprisingly the food was good; as good as the service and ambiance that wrapped us together with the amount satisfactory that would intrigue us to back after some times.

While waiting for the train, my hair's getting longer eh?

As The Birthday Boy Waiting for the food

Love the emblem *winks


Froggy's Lobster Pasta, Slurrpp!

Me and My Orgasmic Mouth Watering Lamb Shank!

Birthday boy and birthday cupcakes-with frogs and panda deco!

The Host

Drinks and cupcakes-The meaning of life is fulfilled~LOL

And right after that, i puked again in The P toilet and again in my house. The birthday celeb was perfect, ain't it? LOL. Sorry dear, we'll go to LaQ next time kay. When my throwing up session is gone.

Anyway, happy birthday darl. There's long road in front of us, so many junctions to choose from and so many consequences to face. Lets walk thru our journey of life step by step; as long as we move forward and never look back.


Sunday, July 06, 2008


When it comes to homosexuality, people tend to look back and pretend that it never exists in this world. And when they meet these people, they tend to oppress and hurt them instead of guiding to the light..to the right way. And Often, these people become the innocent victim of the bias world.

This is what Shanon Ahmad is trying to say with his first full-length play, developed under the banner of The Instant Cafe Theatre Company's (ICT) FIRSTWoRKS playwriting programme.

When Egha first told me that we are goin to watch a play at KLPAC with some of our frens, Muja, Kay, Fenda and Zul, i knew nothing about that play bcoz i was so busy with my work at the office. During the 1st minute of the play, it pictured bout the school and the students and teachers..and i felt awkward when some of the students were soft.

I even asked Fenda, "Uols, why is it there are so many soft students in that school??"

I was answered when the school faced a big issue when there were a transexual murdered behind the railway depo which is locted just behind the school and there were rumours that the murderer could be one of the school's student since many reports said that many students went there to get their dick serviced! And the school tried to curb this prob by happening again in near future by setting up a motivational camp for these softy students so they wont end up like that pondan..LOL!

And there were conversation of 2 students and all they talked about was peliaq..peliaq..peliaq..peliaq (pelir in Kedah accent..or DICK) And i was like, OMG! OMG! blushed and bcoz inever said that kind of stuff that vulgar all my life (Yeah rite~) LOL!

To cut the story short, Chep and Burn (Burn is so cute, kan Egha Kann???) are top students in Sekolah Menengah Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Mukarram Shah, an elite school in Kedah. Burn is the school’s golden boy (Head Prefect, Captain of the Hockey Team) and his best friend Chep is feared and admired by the younger boys for his quick temper and skill on the hockey field.The school is well respected for its strong academic and sports record.

However the discovery of a dead prostitute in the abandoned railway tracks near their school unravels the status quo and we discover a less golden world of bullying, sex crimes and violence and also I did learn the word Air-Con means err...a service provided by tannies when they give blowjobs and the cool sensation comes from the Hacks or Hudsons sweets that they ha prior to the blow...Very interesting! LOL!!!!!

From Left, Burn and Chep.Best buds or lovers??

Friday, June 27, 2008

He sings?

I was doin my work at my office and while i was browsing the net searching for the right photoshop brush for my company brochure i opened up google and browsed for songs that i like (what can i say, am a multitasker...more like procrastinator eh?). And i somewhat remembered that Afi has some videos that he has uploaded in youtube about two years ago. After looking through his id..i found the videos that he mae with his sis.

There were two videos that i found and he sang a song from Meg and Dia and a song fom Colbie Caillat. Surprisingly, he sang very well...and tell you lil' bro...you has a very nice voice and talent.

Here goes;

and this one too;

Check out more songs in youtube aite.

He was complaining,well..not really complaining..he was just telling me how he was disappointed that no one really go and browse his videos and how he wishes that he'll get more comment from others..And so, this post is for you lil' bro!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The death of the world?

It's like the doomsday is goin to be tomorrow..Yes, I really think that it's goin to be tomorrow..or least during my lifetime..

The earth is hurting like nobody cares and it's giving it back to us. Look wut happened in Manila..in China..in US..and it's comin nearer..and nearer to Malaysia..Everywhere u go, u can see riot on oil..on rice..on food...The sources of life i.e water, food and air are lessening, and people are fighting for these stuff that used to be found everywhere..

The apocalyspe is showing its face bit by bit and there's nothing we can do about it..

Wut will i do?

wut will u do?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Its been awhile eh since i update my blog..and ive been tagged twice by Isis..Since i dun wan to disappoint that lil girl, here below is one of the tag that i need to do..the otha one..next time eh?

Question : 1 minit yang lalu, apa yang sedang anda lakukan?
Answer : I was surfing thru the web looking for boutique design. Oh yeah..My new freelance job is to deco a new boutique. But we haven’t decide on the colors and theme yet..Lotsa jobs to be done..

Question : 1 jam yang lalu, apa yang sedang anda lakukan?
Answer : same as above

Question : 1 hari yang lalu, apa yang sedang anda lakukan?
Answer : I had my last driving class. Err..yes..am 25 and I dun have driving licence yet!

Question : 1 jam kemudian, apa yang akan anda lakukan?
Answer : same gak..still dok blaja drive..huhuhu!! but am getting better! Ohh and then I went to Wangsa Maju Carrefour n met a fren there.

Question : 1 hari kemudian, apa yang akan anda lakukan?
Answer : I was at froggy’s house. We discussed about our freelance projects and I helped him to upholstered the old lamp shade.

Question : 1 orang yang terakhir sms kamu?
Asnwer : Tassya

Question : 1 orang yang terakhir menelfon kamu?
Answer : my officemate

Question : 1 makanan yang baru dibeli?
Answer : Nothing. I just had low fat milk that I bought last week. Still have anotha 18 cartons to go. LOL

Question : 1 barang yang baru hilang?
Answer : my MP3 player. My lil bro lost it at his hostel

Question : 1 cerita yang baru ditontoni?
Asnwer : Kung Fu Panda!!!

Question : 1 hal yang terakhir digossipkan?
Answer : Bitched about this one guy in my fren’s place who tendered his 2 months resignation notice and do nothing in the office!

Question : 1 buku yang sudah dibaca?
Answer : Teknik Menjahit Manik…ehhehehe..Froggy bought me this book when he was in JB

Question : 1 penyakit yang sering datang melanda?
Answer : Migraines!!!..X suke!!!!

Question : 1 keinginan
Answer : Nak six packs and buff myself so that I’d feel like jerking of whenever I see me in the mirror!!! LOL!!! Kidding, I just wana lose sum weight and get rich!!!!!..Ehh That’s two eh? Who cares!

There you go. And now, its my turn to tag otha people:


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tag Of LOVE??

I was tagged by artistickly, and below are the questions that i have to answer:

1. What does true love mean to you?
TRUE LOVE happens when the couple believe in each other's honesty, prioritised the relationship among other things but at the same time keep everything into places with their rationalities and it happens when you are ready to let your partner go for his/her sake; knowing that he/she'll definately come back for you.

2. How do you know you're really in love?
When your friends are getting annoyed when all they hear are how sweet he/she is; how she/he makes you feel so calm and excited at the same time...when then first person that you think of when the phone rings is him/her...when the time goes faster when you'r around him/her and it gets slower when he/she'd not there.

3. How many times in your life have you fallen in love?
I DUNNO KNOW....bcoz, i dunno the definition of love itself..bcoz sometimes when you think that is love..it wasnt..it was just merely obsession..or compassion or..i dunno..2 times i guess..or is it countless? (am a bitch, am i not?..LOL)

4. Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?

5. Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing?
Nope! You feel attracted to a nice looking person; when she/he is nice at heart and the chemistry sparks, that's when you will fall in love

6. If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way?
No Way!!!!....Yes!!, No way i'll feel for him differently..

7. Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love?
NO. Didnt u get it Egha, NO!!!!! opsss!

8. Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love?
Yes i do..believe me. As subjective as a love could be, it's also unpredictable. If now you're loving this person, as time goes by; if that LOVE is not being nurtured, and you'll find that you'll no longer have the feeling for him/her..that's when the LOVE dies..

9. Would you give up something you want for someone you love?
Yes..up from the smallest to the biggest thing in the world.

And,i hereby tag these people below:

1. Ted

2. Isis

3. A.J

love is blind? or is it us who get blinded by it?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Raging storm

The raging storm swept her face away from us;
or is it we were the one who swept her away?
Oh, how glad i am now
that the sickness is out of the issue
and joy is there to be cherished
cherish me as i cherrish u;
n thou shalt learn how to honor love


Monday, May 12, 2008

Fight Fairly?

Fights are not necessary in a marriage. Couples need to have discussions, they need to solve problems, and sometimes they need to disagree, but they don't need to squabble, argue, bicker, or fight. Fights are dramatic, which is not helpful to a discussion. If you have enough energy to create drama, you have more than enough to tone it down into a discussion. However, because social expectations and mythology are so strong, many of my clients want guidelines for "fighting fair."
Fair Fight Guidelines

the point of the fight is to reach a solution, not to win, be right, or make
your partner wrong.

  1. Don't try to mind read. Ask instead what he or she is thinking.
  2. Don't bring up all the prior problems that relate to this
    one. Leave the past in the past; keep this about one recent problem. Solve one thing at a time.
  3. Keep the process simple. State the problem, suggest some alternatives, and choose a solution together.
  4. Don't talk too much at once. Keep your statements to two or three sentences. Your partner will
    not be able to grasp more than that.
  5. Give your partner a chance to respond and to suggest options.
  6. Practice equality. If something is important enough to one of you, it will inevitably be important to both of you, so honor your partner's need to solve a problem.
  7. Ask and Answer questions directly. Again, keep it as simple as possible. Let your partner know you hear him or her.
  8. State your problem as a request, not a demand. To make it a positive request, use "I messages" and "please".
  9. Don't use power struggle tactics: guilt and obligation,threats and emotional blackmail, courtroom logic: peacekeeping, sacrificing, or hammering away are off limits.
  10. Know your facts: If you're going to fight for something, know the facts about the problem: Do research, find out what options are available, and know how you feel and what would solve the problem for you.
  11. Ask for changes in behavior, don't criticize character,
    ethics or morals.
  12. Don't fight over who's right or wrong. Opinions are opinions, and that won't solve the problem. Instead, focus on what will work.
  13. Ask your partner if he or she has anything to add to the
    discussion. "Is there anything else we need to discuss now?"
  14. Don't guess what your partner is thinking or feeling. Instead, ask. "What do you think?" Or "How do you feel about it?"
  15. Hold hands, look at each other, and remember you're partners.
  16. If you're angry, express it calmly. "I'm angry about ..."
    There's no need for drama, and it won't get you what you want. Anger is satisfied by being acknowledged, and by creating change. Anger is a normal emotion -- rage is phony, it's drama created by not taking care of yourself.
  17. Acknowledged and honor your partner's feelings -- don't
    deflect them, laugh at them or freak out. They're only feelings, and they subside when respected, heard and honored.
  18. Listen with your whole self. Paraphrase what your partner says; check to see if you understand by repeating what is said. "So you are angry because you think I ignored you. Is that right?"
  19. No personal attacks or criticism. Focus on solving the
    problem. If you want to let off steam (vent), ask permission or take a time out. Handle your excess emotion or energy by being active (run, walk, hit a
    pillow,) writing, or talking to someone who is not part of the problem. Don't direct it personally at anyone. You can't vent and solve problems at the same time.
  20. Don't try to solve a problem if you're impaired: tired, hungry, drunk or unstable.
  21. Surrender to your responsibility. When you become aware that you have made a mistake, admit it, and apologize. Use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Long Beach, California, since 1978 and author of 11 books in 14 languages, including "It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction," "How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free" and "The Unofficial Guide to Dating
." She publishes the "Happiness Tips from Tina".

Cass: Guys, i got this article from Yahoo!, and i found that this article is very2 useful in order to sustain the relationship between u n ur loved ones..Because sometimes, argumentations are unavoidable especially when you'r in a negative state, but still..to argue in a fair situation is the best thing that u can do to solve the matter..Solve it..not winning it for yourself...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Am not sure whether have i done anything wrong here?
If i did, i dont mean it.
Im hurt as much as you are
It has never been easy for me too
Im sorry
I do.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hurm, let see..how should I summarise the stuff that I’ve been doin so far since my last trip to this blog?

Alright, let’s start with my trip to Malacca with Froggy. Froggy was supposed to submit his final thesis amendments last March 28th, and we have planned to take leaves and shoot there and spend our weekend at JB. But somewhat, two days before that, his panel told him over the phone that he was actually in KL, therefore there was no need for Froggy to go to JB; he could just submit his thesis in KL.
OK, so we thought spending our leaves somewhere else since we have gone to JB the year before. I suggested Redang, since Bro art is staying there and we could stay in his place and yada..yada. But Froggy disagreed because the journey alone will take half of the trip and we will surely be exhausted by the time we get there, plus there will be some crankiness on my part if something goes wrong..Hurmm

Anyways, we ended up gambling our leaves by going to Puduraya, while trying to confirm about our place to stay with froggy’s fren’s mom. After about 30 minutes of trying to get her, we managed to get a place to stay in….erk, I forgot the name of the resort! But it’s located somewhere near Pantai Klebang. Well, that was not the 1st time I went to Malacca because I’ve actually gone there once with my family and had a night stay there; before shooting to Tangkak the day after and the time when I went there with Ted n Isis and we only walked around The A Farmosa and Dataran Pahlawan Mall, but it was surely the 1st time ever I had a round of a trip throughout Malacca and to its popular places like the Jonker Street n others. Froggy and I, we were like so amazed with the stuffs that they got there in-Relics, antiquities and arts!

Seriously, I have to say that I really had a great time there with Froggy; because it’s not like everyday ur gonna have the time of your own. Not that having our frens around isn’t exciting though.

Dutch's church.teringin nk masuk dlm tp froggy ckp xyah. (Yelah, masjid seminggu skali pon ko susah nak masuk, gereja ko gigih nak masuk kannn???)

A Farmosa

pose seorang jejaka, hiks

Uii, kalu kena tembak, bersepai kepala tuh!

Guess what? At last, Froggy and I had our anniversary dinner at Yi Qi. Thank goodness that Froggy really liked the place and food (And Yes, no pork or lard are served there..so jgn dok speku i makan babah haj okay!). And if could see in the picture, u can see that cute Panda on our complimentary dessert. Froggy said it reminded him of me, bley? *Nampak sgt mata aku ni bengkak banget skang, LOL!

Little Panda on the top~

pose alakadar

Chef of the nite. siap tumpahkan ajinomoto dlm periuk lagi. Nasib baik die ganti soup baru..LOL

Alahai..cutenye...................kete dekat luar tuh!

tak paham nape nyonya2 kat luar tuh dok jengok2 x abis..LOL!

After that, we headed for Pavillion and met Bro Art and his new baby Ordie and watched Spiderwick Chronicles. Well, i have to say that the animation was amazing but i dont quite like the ending; but at least it was still unexpected, unlike malay movies..LOL