Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Raising high?????

On anotha note, bought the LRT travel card this morning.. and i was so shocked when the salesperson told me that they have raised the price from RM90 to RM100!!!!

Demmit, y i wasnt even told about this? I mean? Did they put it in Malaysia's budget or nething? How could they raise the pice just like that!!!!!!!

Sh*t, dunno wut else will be raise aftaa this...my salary? dream on honey~

My first child?

(1) That kain batik is actually a courtesy of Zizie, a friend of Egha-I borrowed from him since i had so lil' time (or so lil' budget) to find a good one to cover that hideous table.

(2) My personal fave~a hint of balinese style and modern concept

(3)The centerpiece; The anchor

(4) An impromptu Arrangement-initial ideas from Froggy

(5) Side table Deco-stole that flower vase from the office's Pantry, hiks!

(6) This arrangement is made at the craft shoppe by me, while surveying stuffs needed for my deco~tapi x beli pon..mahal sgt!!!

There u go..Those are some of the decos or arrangements that i've made, marking my 1st step as an amatuer Interior Designer...(Clap..clap!!!)
My 1st Child~

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Interiors deco has always been my fave, and it pays when I did one of my fren's office interior deco and the bos was impressed by my skills...and am happy to call myself an amatuer interior designer..

Yeay me! (Clap clap clap!)

was gona to upload sum pics..

but failed..so will upload later k...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raya O' Raya??

It's the 5th Day of Raya..and everyone seems to be starting to resume their work now...

Raya was fun..Met almost all of my relatives..cousins..lil' cousins..gosh kids grow up so far now arent they...It's aonly like 1 year ago I met them and my lil' cousins are about the same of my height now. Or am i getting shorter??..i dunno...

but what i'm sure of is that my sis-in-law has gave birth to a beautiful baby boy weighted around 3.5kilos (pretty heavy eh, it runs in the family i guess..hiks!!!!) and 2 of my cousins are pregnant now. It's like it was yesterday i met them and the next thing I know some of them are getting married and now..some are pregnant..hurm, talk about time's tickin' fast now!

On anotha note, Raya has also successfully made me the most 'pokai' person..Apetaknyer...sane hulur sini hulur..the next thing i know..dh kempis my poket!!!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

A W.I.S.H to ALL??

It's kinda bit late for me to wish u guys A Happy Ramadhan day...but it's never too late to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all my friends -Egha, Fizi, Wan, Andy, Ted, Ben, Ahfad, Taj, Mat Nor (this time around i spell ur name correctly), Sheera, Ezz, Isis, Izuan, Bella, Holden, Musangapi, Apau, Naim, Naomi, Jerry and otha of my frens who are not being mentioned here, u guys are as important as othas!

I would like to record my deepest regards to all of you guys for being such gr8 frens and being an important part of my wonderful life...

To Froggy whom I love so much for always being there when i need you...my spine cord..my back bone......my support system..my life..

To the late Ochee a.k.a Kentang whose birthday was yesterday 10.10.2007, may God bless you darl and may U rest in peace till the judgement day comes...

To all of you out there...Selamat Hari Raya....