Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 07-Updates of mylife...

Lesson to be learned:

"There are times when u tried to be protective towards people who you love, then you realised they are the navigator of their life..and ur just a map that guides them; not ordering them to go to the place they should be...the choice is theirs"

on another note,

I (so as Mak Bee and Ted) had help Isis in designing her dress *tho she never credited me in her blog, nanges!!!!; for her Company Annual Dinnerand it turned out that she won the Best Dress Person Award! That raw silk dress inspired by Indian Maharani displays a simple mermaid cutting with one metre train and bare back design constructed with peacock feathers deatailings and sequins.

Pics as follow:

Pose al' aqadra (pose alakadar)

Pose Al' aqadra (ii)

Gorgeous??? U need to say that twice!

And i successfully designed and made a simple yet lovely small dais for my cousin for her engagement ceremony...Garden of Pink; displays the serenity of a garden enveloped in a pink atmosphere injected with self-made cute butterflies-a complete eco-system of a wonderful engagement!

Pics as the following:

Gigih disiapkan pkol 1 a.m.

No, I din do the make-up. I did the tudung.

Bersimpuh sambil control ayu

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Work out?

Was surfing around Metacafe, looking for cool clips when i stumbled into this workout clip. (NO! i wasnt looking for porns..sheesh!!) .. It's been months since i pay a visit to the gym...Hurmm.
Anyways, enjoy the clip ok..especially for those who want to tone their body up..or those who want to watch eye-candy guy doeshis workouts..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You and ??

You and I
Here we are
On earth together
It's you and I
God has made us fall in love
It's true
I've really found
Someone like you
Will it stay
The love you feel for me
Will you say
That you will be by my side
To see me through
Until my life is through
Well in my mind
We can conquer the world
In love you and I
You and I,
you and I...
I am glad
At least in my life
I've found someone
That may not be here forever
To see me through
But I found strength in you
Cause in my mind
You will stay here always
In love
You and I
You and I,
you and I..
You and I.....
In my mind
We can conquer the world
In love you and I
You and I,
you and I
You and I...
-micheal buble

I was onl9 with Froggy; discussing about Froggy's fear
of the thesis and how he got tensed up by it, plus the family matters and
all that came tumbling after in a bulk...and then, he said the sweetest
Froggy: i didnt want to tell u this but masa sy ikut my family pegi beraya Deepavali tu, i was listening to Michael Bubble's song
Me: ok..
Me: wic one?
Froggy: You & I
Froggy: n i cried
Me: nape syg? (matila lambat pickup sbb xtau lagu tu yg mana satu..hehhe)
Froggy:because it explains my situation & us
Froggy: tapi dipenuhi pelbagai rintangan
Froggy: back then when i was on my own without all these responsibilities , i go the extra mile for the one tht i care
Froggy: but know, sumtimes it nearly impossible
Froggy: im saddened by this by i have to submit to the reality that wasnt like the 1 i had b4
Me: sayang..jgn la camtu....
Froggy:theres a part of the song that goes, "in my mind, u & i, we can conquer the world".
Me: ive found the's lovely...
Froggy: how ture
Froggy: true
Me:i know sumtimes..i just wish d same too..
Me: i want u to be all mine...
Me:all mine..
Froggy: if only the situation was different
Me:but i have to succumb to the fact that it's almost impossible to do so..
Froggy: but i betul2 kesiankan u sbb u have to give in alot
Me:at 1st when we were was very hard for me to face it..but by time i grew strong...admitting that we can still be happy working with wut we hav now..
Froggy: yeah
Froggy: like syuk always say, things cld've gone worse
Me: it could..
Me:but so far it didn n im thankfull for that
Froggy: me too
Me:listening to that youtube..
Froggy: hehe
Froggy: sedih lagu tu
Froggy: cuca ni pun very condusive nak sedih2 ni
Me: no lah..
Me:xsedih sbb..dalam kelam kabut..kekusutan hidup sy ni...i still have u...n this song reminds me how we r still here..together.. (matilaaa..pandai tak ngayat??)
Froggy: i feel the same way to syg (me too awk..)
****matila korang sume muntah darah bace post kalini kan!!!!..suketi ah aku nak mushy2 kat sini..hehhe..

Monday, November 05, 2007

My day?

The date was 3rd Nov 19**, at 3.30 p.m., a cute lil' boy was born..adding spices to that lil' family..

Now, that cute lil' boy has grown to be such a fine young man *perhaps he's not that..that young, but as long as he's below 40 he's still young what!! least at heart..hehe...

and, of course that young man is me!!..

"Happy birthday to me..
happy birthdayto me..
happy birthday to Kast
happy birthday to ME!!!!"

And for the 2nd time, i celebrated birthday with Froggy..Met him at Subang and had our brunch at McD.

Then he drove to KL without telling me where we were heading. An hour later he parked at in front of Istana Budaya and gave me my birthday gifts-Two books abt Lightings and Interiors!! which i need the most now since i in a way am into this deco field now..............

and then, he showed me my 2nd surprise birthday gift, tadaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I was shouting histerically (of joy of course, bley???). OMG..OMG..OMG!!!! It was the ticket for the last show of P.Ramlee The Mucical....THE P.Ramlee The Musical!!! I've been wanting to watch it since God knows When...and It came true..!!!!!!!
Had a really superb time with Froggy watching it...(surf the website for he review..malas nk cite..huhu)
Then he brought me to a cool place for dinner...Had quite a hard time to find the place bcoz he never really got the time to check where the place some confuse dicrection given by the waiter when i called...luckily Froggy managed to find it by is own. *Bravo dear!!

Palet Pallete is really a nice place for having dinner..The ambience was cool..the service was great..It serves fusion meals...mixed of local recipes with international style of cooking...Apart from that uneasy stomach ache i was having, it was a great dinner.

The next day, Froggy and Art, Jas and Syuke and of course me headed to PD. (*this picnic trip was supposed to be another surprised, but Froggy's mom has blown their secret in front of me when i as at Froggy's house..hehehe!!) Nevertheless, we had a good time there in Blue Lagoon since i've been meaning to go to the beach since forever..hehehhe!!! The breeze..the beach..the sky..everything was so perfect. I really owe Froggy for all the things he has done.
And thanks to Art for taking us there, for being the coolest driver tho u were only had ur sleep for one and half hours....,to Jas for being there; u never bore us with ur stories and and to Syuke for being such an angel to take our photo together. You really a Pro photograher!!

Last but not least, Thanks so much my Froggy darling...Thanks for the lovely surprises and presents...and for all the things you've done for my birthday...
*tak dilupakan pada all my frens (Ted, Taj, Isis, Mary,Tasya, Egha, Wan, Erhan, Paranoid, Sheera, Izuan a.k.a Samuel) and others yg wish me happy birthday...thanks for remembering me....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Raising high?????

On anotha note, bought the LRT travel card this morning.. and i was so shocked when the salesperson told me that they have raised the price from RM90 to RM100!!!!

Demmit, y i wasnt even told about this? I mean? Did they put it in Malaysia's budget or nething? How could they raise the pice just like that!!!!!!!

Sh*t, dunno wut else will be raise aftaa salary? dream on honey~

My first child?

(1) That kain batik is actually a courtesy of Zizie, a friend of Egha-I borrowed from him since i had so lil' time (or so lil' budget) to find a good one to cover that hideous table.

(2) My personal fave~a hint of balinese style and modern concept

(3)The centerpiece; The anchor

(4) An impromptu Arrangement-initial ideas from Froggy

(5) Side table Deco-stole that flower vase from the office's Pantry, hiks!

(6) This arrangement is made at the craft shoppe by me, while surveying stuffs needed for my deco~tapi x beli pon..mahal sgt!!!

There u go..Those are some of the decos or arrangements that i've made, marking my 1st step as an amatuer Interior Designer...(Clap..clap!!!)
My 1st Child~

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Interiors deco has always been my fave, and it pays when I did one of my fren's office interior deco and the bos was impressed by my skills...and am happy to call myself an amatuer interior designer..

Yeay me! (Clap clap clap!)

was gona to upload sum pics..

but will upload later k...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raya O' Raya??

It's the 5th Day of Raya..and everyone seems to be starting to resume their work now...

Raya was fun..Met almost all of my relatives..cousins..lil' cousins..gosh kids grow up so far now arent they...It's aonly like 1 year ago I met them and my lil' cousins are about the same of my height now. Or am i getting shorter??..i dunno...

but what i'm sure of is that my sis-in-law has gave birth to a beautiful baby boy weighted around 3.5kilos (pretty heavy eh, it runs in the family i guess..hiks!!!!) and 2 of my cousins are pregnant now. It's like it was yesterday i met them and the next thing I know some of them are getting married and now..some are pregnant..hurm, talk about time's tickin' fast now!

On anotha note, Raya has also successfully made me the most 'pokai' person..Apetaknyer...sane hulur sini hulur..the next thing i know..dh kempis my poket!!!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

A W.I.S.H to ALL??

It's kinda bit late for me to wish u guys A Happy Ramadhan day...but it's never too late to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all my friends -Egha, Fizi, Wan, Andy, Ted, Ben, Ahfad, Taj, Mat Nor (this time around i spell ur name correctly), Sheera, Ezz, Isis, Izuan, Bella, Holden, Musangapi, Apau, Naim, Naomi, Jerry and otha of my frens who are not being mentioned here, u guys are as important as othas!

I would like to record my deepest regards to all of you guys for being such gr8 frens and being an important part of my wonderful life...

To Froggy whom I love so much for always being there when i need spine back support life..

To the late Ochee a.k.a Kentang whose birthday was yesterday 10.10.2007, may God bless you darl and may U rest in peace till the judgement day comes...

To all of you out there...Selamat Hari Raya....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Holla all,

sorry that i procrastinated the rest 4 of my habits/facts..well i believe that it's easy for one to tell abt others, yet not about oneself..hehheec (Alasan sgttt kannn!!)

allright, let's see wut do we have here:

5.) I cant help myself seeing those girls with bad make-ups walking down the streets, in the lrt n etc. There is this urge I feel like wanting to seize them off the street and do sum make-over. (padahal diri sendiri selekeh ya Amatss)

6.) I just realised lately that i'm kinda protective when it comes to my friends and families...The last thing that i wanna hear is that they are in trouble...Seriously, for me those are people whom i treasure the most in this u better watch if u wanna mess with them..*Flips hair n run away~

7.) I'm a beauty conscious person-especially on my facial part. Hate zits and acnes, big pores and sun-burns..SAY NO TO ALL OF THAT!!!! (tapi muke x flawless pon~)

8.) I'm a very careless and clumsy person at times, very un-organize, almost care-freeand shoppamaniac- the opposite of Froggy's qualities..huhu...(seb baik la die sanggup terima hubby cani..huhu!!)

ohh, and i tag these bloggers to continue this so-called Tagging Games:

1- by HOLDEN
2- by Isis
3- by Eghayana
4- by Paranoi8Androi8
5- by MusangApi
6- by Samuel (whose birthay was yesterday 2nd OCt)
7- by Teddie
8- by Ciki

Monday, September 17, 2007

Been tagged on Habits/Facts?

I've tagged again..infact, i've been tagged twice n for today i'll only do this topic 1st..since am quite free today, despite of this fever i have today *cries

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eightpeople to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've tagged and to read ur blog.
without further adue, here's how the list goes:
1) I rank all the meals in my plate and eat them accordingly from the less-fave-meals to my fave! For eg: if let say i eat steam rice with fried egg, fish and chicken and veges, i'll have egg 1st, then veges, then fich and lastly chicken...and also according to the amount of them..the bigger amount of the meals, the bigger chance of them to be eaten.
2) When i dont meet Froggy or friends during weekend, i'll just sit back and watch cartoons from morning 'till nite.
3)I love to oggle man and women, to see how they they dress and how they present themselves in public..*matila observant ke stalkingggg!!!
4)I cant sleep without a blanket...or atleast sumthing to cover my legs while am sleeping-be in an airconditioned or hell-hot room.
otha 4????..upcoming next k..meanwhile, just read and memorised those 1st okie dokie??

Friday, September 07, 2007

Rich ME, Poor ME?

Alhamdulillah..things n people around me has started to be on track now..except for ME myself...
After reading couple pages of Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert Sumthin' (it was quite late when i started to read that book that i didnt really remember the author's full name-spare me for that), it banged me to rock bottom that for 24years, i've been implanted with this mind-setting that i need to go to school to good grades, then enter college and graduate with honors so that i could get a good job.- yet the truth is life is much more than just a piece of transcript..*cries
I've at the end of the day done things that has been done by people before me; subconciously knowing that i will end up working in a private company or governmental company, working my ass out of it; waiting for my monthly salary. And the best part is, it will bring me to.....(drumrollllll!!!!!)-NOWHERE.
Its like wut am i currently doin; being an exec to my boss, go to work everyday (well not everyday tho, i did ponteng oncein a while) and wait for my monthly paycheck to pay bills and others leaving me with only a couple of quids.
Now, am seating on my avant-garde chair in my room in my office thinking one big question that ive yet to find THE answer-How am i going to get RICH???????
Before this, i've been negating the fact that money is important in every aspect...I mean, money is important but my goal is not to have lotsa money, millions of them...the only thought tht i have in mind is that one day, I would settle down in an sub-urban area near my hometown or KL area with my child or even children, with my loved one, having a simpe middle-class lifestyle; happily ever after. (well, once in a while, arguing and disagreement are allowed, hiks)
But, as i grow wiser n older...i realised that, having a simple life is just not enough. Not that ive becomin' greedy or wut, it's just that sometimes in life, things can be soooo unexpected that when u stumbled into things u werent really trained to dealt with, u felt so..BLUR..EMPTY, other word U JUST DUNNO HOWTO HANDLE IT. And this is when the extra money or wealth u have will come in handy...
Last but not least,
Money is not everything, but u CANT have everything if u dont have MONEY

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today is the 4th day after we had a blast of Merdeka. And in conjuction of our Merdeka celebration i will conduct today's post in Bahasa Malaysia.
30 Ogos 2007
Pertamanya, Tahniah Malaysia di atas Sambutan 50 tahun Kemerdekaan yg telah kita sambut baru-baru ni. (Err..nape aku jadi skema ckp BM nih ekk)
Cane korang sambut Merdeka aritu ek? Aku dengan gigihnya mencemar duli buat pertama kali di Dataran Merdeka tu. Sebab awal sgt sampai, Froggy n kwn2 die sampai lewat sket. So aku pon jln2 sepanjang jln menuju ke Dataran tu. Meriah sakan wooo..Macam pesta!
Dlm pkol 11.30 Froggy n Frens sampai...We all jalan2 sekeliling tempat tu cari port menarik time bunga api nanti..hehehe..Dengan semangat juangnya..kitorg gigih menyanyi...melalak..
sambil menunggu bunga pi dipancutkan..err...di ermm...di ape ekk..dipersembahkan?..hurm ape2 je la..korang pikir sendiri perkataan yg seswai.huhuhu~
Selepas nyanyi..countdown sampai pkol 12 tgh malam dengan semangat patriotik yg ada, kitorg melaugkan, "MERDEKA! MERDEKA!MERDEKA!" sampai tujuh kali..time tu ingatkan ade bunga api.. tapi perghhhh ade ucapan Rais Yatim...ok...fine sbb die yg berpenat lelah utk mlm tu kan...selepas aku dh lenguh berdiri..mencangkung dan berdiri balik, Rais Yatim abis bercakap..Pastu Pak Lah pulak bagi ucapan ..Beeerjela-jela sampai sume naik lenguh!! Aku nampak semangat patriotik dide tu..tapi dalam keadaan camtu die hanya mewujudkan anti-climax situation (dengan izin Yg Arif..hiks). Kesian aku tengok Nenek2 tua, Pakcik2 tua yg dah lenguh berdiri menunggu..budak dh nangis2 sebab penat dan mengantuk..bayangkanlah..dari pkol 12.oo A.M., dlm pkol 2.30 pagi baru diorg wat upacara bunga api. Apela!!
Aku paham yg diorg (pihak majlis) nak kekalkan orang ramai mendengar sume ucapan sbb tu bunga api dilancarkan lewat mlm tu (malam hapenye kalu dah dekat 3 pagi!), tapi agak2 ar sampai lewat ak mampos, sian budak2 yg tunggu mlm tu..
Tapi at least berbaloi la tunggu nak tengok bunga api tu...betul2 atas kepala kitorg heheh...cuma xde la lame sangat macam yg pernah aku tengok kat KLCC dulu..
Ohh, sebut pasal KLCC, baru aku teringat yg kwn aku ade gtau yg diorg gigih pegi KLCC tapi xder plak bunga api mlm tu...Aku x bley bayangkan cane kalu makcik2 ngn anak2 kecik yg dok tunggu kat situ alih2 xder plak aper2..siankan...hurm..
Abis pertunjukan bunga api kitorg sume naik komuter balik umah Froggy, seb bek tren menghala ke Port Klang x sesak cam Tren yg menghala ke Sentul, dapatla kitorg duduk..hehe.
*****The author wants to take this chance to congratulate Ted for his new job. Kakak, semuge kemarau yg telah pergi tidak akan kembali dan semoga musim2 mendatang memberikan manfaat pada kita sume~Ameen

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ON kARMA????

Do u believe in Karma?

I do...i believe that wut comes round goes round...i believe that we do sumthing wrong, it'll will sooner or later come back lookin for us.

I believe that life is like a roller coater, sumtimes u'll be at the top of the loop or down near the soil..

And that's why when ordeals stricked into action, the 1st thing i look intois myself. One would say i victimised myself for things that not supposed to be my fault in the 1st place, but deep in my heart i always knew it has ot to come from me..

It happend as i just started to feel the joy of entering new month..but guess the Big Guy knows wut's best for me...

Let's forget abt that now, shall we?

anotha update on ma life...went to IIU yesterday nite. watched the Law Students's mock trial, my lil' bro was in it. He acted quite well and he really made me proud.

Mock trial is one of the most prestigeous events hosted by th Law Students' Society. This year they came out with a play entitled "Driven: What would you do?".

The case was about a Nerd who killed the deceased who bullied him and in jured 2 of the deceased's frens. Both Councel n Defense team were quite good, thanks to the script writers and directors. the story line is simple yet nicely put in a way that never bores audiences.

Though i stucked in IIU afta that, at least all the hastle to go there were really worth it dude!! Go Afi!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anotha Day???

As usual, i'll be busy as hell when it comes to the end of the month. and so as my outdoor many things to lil' time..duiiii~

Yesterday was quite a hectic day for me. Instead of rushing to the office, i headed to Pertama Complex to buy the printer inks at my fav plc there. Well, i could get those inks at a chaper price but to go all the way to Loyat Plaza just for the sake of 2 inks..IDTS (i dun think so)~

Ans, ahh..i spotted a cool pc cam at that shop. The function is great, cool clarity and design..and its cheap too..around Rm69 if im not mistaken and otha ranging up to 100++..thinking of buyin myself one of those cams-when i have extra money that is..huhu~

Oh yeah, SOGO is havin' quite a sale now. Lotsa cool handbags..thinkin of buying one late on for ma mum..*tak janji ye ma~and i did try one discounted Padini long-sleeve shirt-mampu yg discounted je sbb tgh pokai, cries~ and i found out that despite of how cool that shirt was, the fitting din look nice on me, perhaps bcoz of the cutting or wut i dunno. And no, its not becoz i've gained weight* matila defensive tak ngaku dh gumuk!!!

Heyyyy, ini baju size S tau i pakai~

Headed to the office rite afta lunch, did some works until 6pm and then rushed to Gleneagles Jln Ampang to visit my dear bestfren Fizi who just had he tonsils operated n cut out from his throat..huhu..Called him yesterday couple hrs afta he had that surgery, he could barely talk. The only word he murmured was, "sakitttt~" huhuhu~

Sorry darl i went there without balloons or nething, was just plainly bringin' maself there..hehehe..

met Ted Afta that, oggling around KLCC abt an hr and headed back to his place. Oh, did i tell you that am staying at his place this whole week bcoz my sis went back home due to school holidays, and no one is gona send me to lrt station every darn morning..hhuhuhu...

Back at his place, i continued to do ma works until 6a.m wif Ted accompaned me while watching "Mami Jarum d Movie"..huhu~

And i was abt to doze off when the Bilal recited the Azan..huhuhuhu.......

And there you go, anotha typical day of ma life ended like so~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

First Time??

Hey there,

I had a dinner at PICC last Thursday. It was actually a dinner in conjuction with Golden Jublee of 3 Schools-STAR, SDAR and STF. Nope I'm not from any of those schools but my Boss was..and he booked table for all the staffs in our comp. and there he was....Mr Mc Dreamy...Hishamuddin Tun Hussien..or nicknamed ABG UDIN by Ted..huhuhuu..Erk..did i just said it out loud...hehehheee..wutever~

I really like Hishamuddin, perhaps becoz he's the youngest minister (guy) ever..hehe. He was just a step away from me..and oh yeah..his wife was there too..hiks~hurm..wish i bring my cam along..oh demm!.now i remember that it was broken..Cisss~

The next day, Ted, Isis, Isis's day and me shot for Malacca..believe it or not, that was the 1st time ever i touched down there and saw A' Farmosa with my bare lame for a 24 years ol' guy eh..hehehe

And today, didnt really do nething except lazing around this Internet cafe near ma area..with ma nu hair huhu!!!!!!....

And that's the real point of today's post..hehehee...

so, enjoy~

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Nothin' new in ma life. Tryin' to sort things out an trying to finish all works earlier than the due date this time. Really hate when i need to forsake my bedtime for work..

Only gona work half day today and shoot for Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) and have to reach there b4 5 today. Need to arrange a dinner tonite there.

Checked my current loan balane wif PTPTN, and i still have 8K++ to pay..huhuhuuuu~

so..the point of today's post is..adeke sesape yg baik ati nak wat charity nak derma2 seribu dua utk aku bayo PTPTipah ittew?????


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tagged: 6 weird things abt ME?

I was tagged by Bella, (see ) and it's about 6 weird things about me. .Well, this is the chance to prove that i actually as normal as other person...which means my weird list is supposed to be quite similar wif others...(hopefully~)

Here goes:

1)I hate to be alone-I dunno whether it's obvious or not, but i just cant stand to be alone...I love my life to be filled wif my frens..good that's why, i try to get aay from loneliness as far as i can...goin out wif my frens, wif bucuk...wif my sis. There were times when i slept alone and started to think abt things..u know..wut will happen in future when we r gettin 'ol and our frens are leavin' us; 1 afta anotha..gosh it hurts to think abt that...

2)I'm A reserved person- People always see me as a bubly person, cheerful, very extrovert...and i like to be that way...bcoz it makes me happy..and my frens too..But on the otha hand, i can be very reserved and so secretive...I guess it's normal that people show their smily face when they are actually weeping inside there...It's actually very hard for me to start conversation too..but i guess im improvin' now..huhu..

3)I dun like to do laundry, to hang, to iron and to fold my clothes-Hurm...i guess these dont ned any explanations..huhu~Except buying clothes and trying them..i'll try my best to get rid from doing all those chores...hehehe.*talk about laziness

4)It takes time for me b4 i go to bed- there are times when i found myself in a deep problem-cannot sleep. I dunno whether that was insomniac or wut..but it's really anoyying when u want to sleep but ur mind keep on winding and winding abt things..things that i didn really need to think in the 1st plc..demm! Normally when encounter this prob, i'll make sure that everything is switched off-lights, even fan and I did stuffed all the gaps between doors and windows wif clothes or wutever i cud find at that time so that the room will be sound-proof...and not to forget, to put my watch away from me and take out batteries from the wall clock!!

5)I dun have definite handwriting-Yes, i think till now, all my BM and English teachers are clapping their hands and dancing cha-cha to celebrate my leaving out from the school..(i do feel that my lecturers are doin' the same too)...and because they dun need to read my bad handwritings too..Dun blame me coz' ive tried my best to improve my handwriting but the best handwriting has yet to come..LOL

6)I hate frogs..real frogs!!- Hurm..i know this is weird...My blog is fulled with and there..and even my bucuk's nick is froggy...but the truth is i really hate look at touch them..or to get near to them..Yuck!...but o another note..i really found that those artificial stuffed frogs are really cute!! cute as froggy himself (bucuk, i bodek so that u can belanja me later, k??).hiks! I have 2 stuffed frogs named F1 and F2..1 made from plaster of Paris done by Froggy afta he submitted his first thesis's draft, 2 cute lil' frog clips and etc...

(sorry i dun have their pics now xcept F1 and F2)


and now, it's my turn to tag 6 other bloggers and u guys have to cum out with 6 weird things abt u guys!



3) Paranoi8(


5) MusangApi(



Tuesday, July 31, 2007

IT's TIME???

How do you know when it's the time to give up?


*there are things that the blogger really wanted to share here...yet it'sso complex that it couldn be explained perfectly by words...jus pray that happiness is still willing to share its light wif me...hopefully...demm i hate to feel this way :(

Thin pocket day~

Todays's last day of July...and am broke like a single mother with 20 kids...There's only RM1.50 left in the right pocket of my pants. Boss said i'll get my paycheck by tommorrow...But God knows wut will happen if he didnt turn up tommorrow. I have no problem to work here, but the fact that this company is still on its way to build its foundation before it grows up is killin' me.
Cross fingers that tommorrow will be a thick-pocket day for me!

Monday, July 23, 2007


KUALA LUMPUR: Lelaki ‘lembut’ tidak akan mendapat tempat dalam bidang perguruan di negara ini dan permohonan mereka mengikuti program ijazah sarjana muda pendidikan di universiti tempatan berkemungkinan besar akan ditolak, walaupun cemerlang dalam akademik.Malah, semua calon guru berkenaan diwajibkan menjalani ujian Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEdSI), selain saringan temu duga dikendalikan Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, sebagai langkah memastikan mereka tidak tergolong dalam kumpulan yang mengalami ‘kekeliruan gender’.
Setiausaha Parlimen Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Dr Adham Baba, berkata tindakan itu dilakukan bukan untuk mewujudkan diskriminasi terhadap golongan lelaki ‘lembut’ terbabit, sebaliknya sebagai pendekatan berhemah menyedarkan golongan berkenaan yang menyimpang daripada landasan hidup sebenar.Beliau berkata, pengambilan calon bagi program ijazah pendidikan yang dilaksanakan sebelum ini hanya berlandaskan kecemerlangan akademik semata-mata, dan calon tidak perlu menjalani ujian serta menghadiri proses saringan temu duga.Keadaan itu menimbulkan masalah apabila banyak sekolah mula dibanjiri guru lelaki ‘lembut’ dan senario ini jelas sekali mencacatkan imej perguruan dan pendidikan negara.“Justeru, mulai tahun ini semua calon yang mahu menyertai bidang perguruan perlu menjalani ujian MEdSI dan saringan temu duga. Hanya mereka yang lulus dan menepati kriteria ditetapkan termasuk tidak mengalami masalah kekeliruan gender akan dibenar menyertai kursus pendidikan,” katanya.
Ketika diminta mengulas definisi lembut, Dr Adham berkata, ia bukan merujuk kepada guru lelaki yang berperwatakan sopan santun, tetapi golongan ‘hetroseksual’ iaitu lelaki yang mempunyai perwatakan wanita seperti bersolek dan membentuk kening.“Sebagai pendidik yang juga model kepada pelajar, mereka tidak boleh mempamerkan imej sedemikian kerana perkara ini menimbulkan persekitaran kurang sihat kepada pelajar. Jika inilah golongan pendidik, apa yang akan jadi pada generasi negara akan datang,” katanya.Sementara itu, Naib Canselor Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Datuk Dr Muhammad Rais Abdul Karim, berkata langkah memperkenalkan ujian MEdSI dan saringan temu duga diyakini mampu mengatasi lambakan guru tidak berkelayakan di sekolah.
“Kami mahu guru tampil dalam satu pakej yang sempurna bukan saja mempunyai kredibiliti bahkan imej yang terpuji,” katanya.
-courtesy of berita harian
Hurm...the issue is interesting. But i dunno how far will the ministry impose this ban towards the soft teacher. If they will only ban those who drag with make-up; that is still considerable...but hey, I dun think there are teachers who will actually go teaching with make-up on their face and wig and heels....hurm~
And they (the ministry) never explain, if there are teachers wannabe who is soft in behavior as in lelaklem (lelaki lembut) but they never go for crossdressings and never put make-up on their face, will they be banned too?
I'm actually curious abt the method that they are gona use i.e. MEdSI. because i dont think that these soft candidates will actually show or even tell the panels that they will eventually drag in school knowing that they will surely be chucked out if the panels were to know abt it...or they (panels) will just fail the candidate right after they see the feminine side of them? hurm....and also, i dun think this will eventually solve this issue at the end of the day.
My recommendation, just use normal recruiting system for all the candidates, and make sure that states education department makes an effort to make spot check for at least 3 times monthly in making sure that NO TEACHERS breaks any rule...and I am sure those soft teachers who drag in school will not dare to do it anymore knowing that they will be punished unbearably by doin so...and these new candidate will never have an initial thought to drag while teaching!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stress Reducers?

52 Proven Stress Reducers
National Headache Foundation
"Get up fifteen minutes earlier in the morning. The inevitable morning mishaps will be less stressful."
"Prepare for the morning the evening before. Set the breakfast table, make lunches, put out the clothes you plan to wear, etc."
"Don't rely on your memory. Write down appointment times, when to pick up the laundry, when library books are due, etc. ("The palest ink is better than the most retentive memory." - Old Chinese Proverb)"
"Do nothing which, after being done, leads you to tell a lie."
"Make duplicates of all keys. Bury a house key in a secret spot in the garden and carry a duplicate car key in your wallet, apart from your key ring."
"Practice preventive maintenance. Your car, appliances, home, and relationships will be less likely to break down/fall apart "at the worst possible moment."
"Be prepared to wait. A paperback can make a wait in a post office line almost pleasant."
"Procrastination is stressful. Whatever you want to do tomorrow, do today; whatever you want to do today, do it now."
"Plan ahead. Don't let the gas tank get below one-quarter full; keep a well-stocked "emergency shelf" of home staples; don't wait until you're down to your last bus token or postage stamp to buy more; etc."
"Don't put up with something that doesn't work right. If your alarm clock, wallet, shoe laces, windshield wipers, whatever, are a constant aggravation, get them fixed or get new ones."
"Allow 15 minutes of extra time to get to appointments. Plan to arrive at an airport one hour before domestic departures."
"Eliminate (or restrict) the amount of caffeine in your diet."
"Always set up contingency plans B, "just in case." ("If for some reason either of us is delayed, here's what we'll do?" kind of thing. Or, "If we get split up in the shopping center, here's where we'll meet.")
"Relax your standards. The world will not end if the grass doesn't get mowed this weekend."
"Pollyanna-Power! For every one thing that goes wrong, there are probably 10 or 50 or 100 blessings. Count 'em!"
"Ask questions. Taking a few moments to repeat back directions, what someone expects of you, etc., can save hours. (The old "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get, " idea.)"
"Say "No!" Saying "no" to extra projects, social activities, and invitations you know you don't have the time or energy for takes practice, self-respect, and a belief that everyone, everyday, needs quiet time to relax and be alone."
"Unplug your phone. Want to take a long bath, meditate, sleep, or read without interruption? Drum up the courage to temporarily disconnect. (The possibility of there being a terrible emergency in the next hour or so is almost nil.) Or use an answering machine."
"Turn 'needs' into preferences. Our basic physical needs translate into food, water, and keeping warm. Everything else is a preference. Don't get attached to preferences.""Simplify, simplify, simplify?"
"Make friends with nonworriers. Nothing can get you into the habit of worrying faster than associating with chronic worrywarts."
"Get up and stretch periodically if your job requires that you sit for extended periods."
"Wear earplugs. If you need to find quiet at home, pop in some earplugs."
"Get enough sleep. If necessary, use an alarm clock to remind you to go to bed."
"Create order out of chaos. Organize your home and workspace so that you always know exactly where things are. Put things away where they belong and you won't have to go through the stress of losing things."
"When feeling stressed, most people tend to breathe in short, shallow breaths. When you breathe like this, stale air is not expelled, oxidation of the tissues is incomplete, and muscle tension frequently results. Check your breathing throughout the day, and before, during, and after high-pressure situations. If you find your stomach muscles are knotted and your breathing is shallow, relax all your muscles and take several deep, slow breaths. Note how, when you're relaxed, both your abdomen and chest expand when you breathe."
"Writing your thoughts and feelings down (in a journal, or on paper to be thrown away) can help you clarify things and can give you a renewed perspective."
"Try the following yoga technique whenever you feel the need to relax. Inhale deeply through you nose to the count of eight. Then, with lips puckered, exhale very slowly through your mouth to the count of 16, or for as long as you can. Concentrate on the long sighing sound and feel the tension dissolve. Repeat 10 times."
"Inoculate yourself against a feared event. Example; before speaking in public, take time to go over every part of the experience in your mind. Imagine what you'll wear, what the audience will look like, how you will present your talk, what the questions will be and how you will answer them, etc. Visualize the experience the way you would have it be. You'll likely find that when the time comes to make the actual presentation, it will be "old hat" and much of your anxiety will have fled."
"When the stress of having to get a job done gets in the way of getting the job done, diversion ; a voluntary change in activity and/or environment ; may be just what you need."
"Talk it out. Discussing your problems with a trusted friend can help clear your mind of confusion so you can concentrate on problem solving."
"One of the most obvious ways to avoid unnecessary stress is to select an environment (work, home, leisure) which is in line with your personal needs and desires. If you hate desk jobs, don't accept a job which requires that you sit at a desk all day. If you hate to talk politics, don't associate with people who love to talk politics, etc."
"Learn to live one day at a time."
"Every day, do something you really enjoy."
"Add an ounce of love to everything you do."
"Take a hot bath or shower (or a cool one in summertime) to relieve tension."
"Do something for somebody else."
"Focus on understanding rather than on being understood; on loving rather than on being loved."
"Do something that will improve your appearance. Looking better can help you feel better."
"Schedule a realistic day. Avoid the tendency to schedule back-to-back appointments; allow time between appointments for a breathing spell."
"Become more flexible. Some things are worth not doing perfectly and some issues are well to compromise upon."
"Eliminate destructive self-talk: "I'm too old to?," "I'm too fat to?," etc."
"Use your weekend time for a change of pace. If you work week is slow and patterned, make sure there is action and time for spontaneity built into your weekends. If your work week is fast-paced and full of people and deadlines, seek peace and solitude during your days off. Feel as if you aren?t accomplishing anything at work? Tackle a job on the weekend which you can finish to your satisfaction."
"Worry about the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves." That's another way of saying: take care of the todays as best you can and the yesterdays and the tomorrows will take care of themselves."
"Do one thing at a time. When you are with someone, be with that person and with no one or nothing else. When you are busy with a project, concentrate on doing that project and forget about everything else you have to do."
"Allow yourself time -: everyday ; for privacy, quiet, and introspection."
"If an especially unpleasant task faces you, do it early in the day and get it over with; then the rest of your day will be free of anxiety."
"Learn to delegate responsibility to capable others."
"Don't forget to take a lunch break. Try to get away from your desk or work area in body and mind, even if it's just for 15 or 20 minutes."
"Forget about counting to 10. Count to 1,000 before doing something or saying anything that could make matters worse."
"Have a forgiving view of events and people. Accept the fact that we live in an imperfect world."
"Have an optimistic view of the world. Believe that most people are doing the best they can."
-those are 52 tips to a better life...i got them from Adamdryxx's blog. Very-very useful especially when all these tension factors are only shortening my life day by day~cries!

The Tale of a Bird

The Tale of a Bird
Imagine..u found a bird that broke its leg.
U nursed it, fed it and as return the bird kept u company...until one day, it recovered and it was time to part as now it can feed and take care on its own. Ur mission has come to the end and u kow you has to let the bird go...Otherwise you'll end up hurting the lil' bird that you love...
In your heart there is this only big Q: will it come back for me?
-the blogger always believe that if you love someone, you will let that person go; and if he/she is meant to be yours, he/she'll come back for you. But, will you ready to accept him/her back when he/she now is?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hey again y'all,
nothin interestin' wif ma life that i could put in here btw.
Went lepak at 'Kunang-Kunang' which located near Platinum Condo or sumthin wif Mak Bee, Ted, Ben, Waja and Isis...

Unfortunately, the food there was such a disappointment. I had ‘Kunang-Kunang Curry Mee’…ermm…no, I had kuey teow instead of mee. Nothing special wif that specialty cousine in wutever means wut-so-ever. Wouldn’t recommend anybody to go there anyway..I admit that the ambiance was nice..tropical-balinese-ethnic-kinda-place, but that was just abt it…

For me, the taste of the food comes 1st, the place and other factor come latter. Not to for get the cleanliness larr…

Headed for home afta that, but we later decided to 'mencemar duli' at Danau Kota Downtown. Saw this one stall selling Paul Smith shoes for RM400, the design was nice, that sales guy claimed that it was genuine and an over-running stock...hurm..doubt that tho. and so as a pair of gorgeous white Replay shoes I found at the other stall. Gonna check it in the net aftawards.

till then, daaaa~

p.s.: And No, tat's not that Fat LAdy who's singing!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy Birthday??

Froggy's birthday fell on last friday and since his thesis has been submitted and he's quite free nowadays, we agreed to meet at L* Q***n that nite. The songs played by DJ weren't that bad an wehad quite a great time...but it didnt last long when the Anti Narcotic Dpt came rushed in the club and everyone had 2 wait for almost 2 hours so that they could check everyone's urine! It was totally a new experience for me, hehe. The idea of urine test is not a problem fo me as I myself am clean from drugs or wutsoever but the but to make people waiting for 2 hours????...Really, What are they thinking???????????
Enough with that, I btw has succeeded in making a surprise for Froggy as his birthday present. Yeay for moi!!! Where did I bring him to? Wut did i give him? Wut did i do to him? guys will have no idea abt it, cos I aint telling.. :P
I just hope that he likes it tho..
(fingers cross)
Dear bucuk, happy birthday. Many things had happened in our journey and I hope together we can face come wut may. I really am thankful that I've got you..really, i am.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wut is it with a name?

Hye y'all, I wanna share this one thing that Froggy got from his fren. It's so demm hillarious that we were laughing our lungs out..

p/s: the pic appears to be quite blurry, therefore, if u intend to have a look at it, just double click on that pic, and ENJOY!!!!!

And a reminder to all the Malays out there, next time when u wanna name ur daughter, dun put Shahwati...gross!


Q: Wut is it with a name?

A: It's given before people know how to use barcode!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Hurm..yeah I know I did it again...(pretending to be innocent)....

I was away from this blog for most 2 months...but hey!look at the bright side; I'm BACK!!!

Hurm..for a start, I just wanna update this Birthday party that i involved in couple of days back. It was Ted's RED n BLACK Party. Yes, the theme was RED n BLACK. I just wore a simple shirt with a red printed dragin motive on it...There were shows from Anique..Naomi..and sum otha funny games!...Me myself was abducted to participate in the MIMING game..I had to do lips sync for 'Kocok-kocok' sang by Inul!!!!...Yes u heard it right...and as perdicted, I did it worse than Britney; ahahahhaha!!..I mean..c'mon..kalu kasi lagu 'Mujeragede'(Hindi song) pun i can still try my best since i did pick up here n there when my dad watches Hindi Movie..Cheeewwahh!!!!

BTW, here are the pix!

i) the guests (pls focus on the right of the pic-sapela yg bertudung ayu tuh!!)

ii)a pose from the posers!!

iii) The CAKE

iv) great party, great people, great outfits-wut else can i say~

Nope, it aint finish until the fat lady sings!!!!!

but she hasnt sing yet; Til' then, Daaaaaaaaa~

*pulang ke Nirwana!!!