Saturday, July 23, 2011

im still here

hey guys,
I've been away for ages and it was all my fault. I was so distracted with work and other stuffs that i reckoned blogging is listed last in my to-do list.

A lot of things happened between past and present.

Im still with froggy with our ups and downs.

Im still teachin' in swk.

I have lotsa ongoing projects in school that i sometimes abandon or have little interest in my core business. God forgive me!

I managed to lost few pounds and was getting good feed backs from friends.

I hate my housemates for they're so typical that i cant barely sit with them.

My lappy is spoiled due to my own stupidity and ignorance.

I'm really not an organised guy and that's a quality that i hate the most in me. What i hate more about me is that I already acknowledged my weakness but i have no effort in rectifying it. *crazy!

I wish i had better paycheck.

Those are some ramblings on my current life and some past updates.

au revoir* i hope that i'll start blogging regularly from now on.

You wish!