Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ON kARMA????

Do u believe in Karma?

I do...i believe that wut comes round goes round...i believe that we do sumthing wrong, it'll will sooner or later come back lookin for us.

I believe that life is like a roller coater, sumtimes u'll be at the top of the loop or down near the soil..

And that's why when ordeals stricked into action, the 1st thing i look intois myself. One would say i victimised myself for things that not supposed to be my fault in the 1st place, but deep in my heart i always knew it has ot to come from me..

It happend as i just started to feel the joy of entering new month..but guess the Big Guy knows wut's best for me...

Let's forget abt that now, shall we?

anotha update on ma life...went to IIU yesterday nite. watched the Law Students's mock trial, my lil' bro was in it. He acted quite well and he really made me proud.

Mock trial is one of the most prestigeous events hosted by th Law Students' Society. This year they came out with a play entitled "Driven: What would you do?".

The case was about a Nerd who killed the deceased who bullied him and in jured 2 of the deceased's frens. Both Councel n Defense team were quite good, thanks to the script writers and directors. the story line is simple yet nicely put in a way that never bores audiences.

Though i stucked in IIU afta that, at least all the hastle to go there were really worth it dude!! Go Afi!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anotha Day???

As usual, i'll be busy as hell when it comes to the end of the month. and so as my outdoor activities..so many things to do..so lil' time..duiiii~

Yesterday was quite a hectic day for me. Instead of rushing to the office, i headed to Pertama Complex to buy the printer inks at my fav plc there. Well, i could get those inks at a chaper price but to go all the way to Loyat Plaza just for the sake of 2 inks..IDTS (i dun think so)~

Ans, ahh..i spotted a cool pc cam at that shop. The function is great, cool clarity and design..and its cheap too..around Rm69 if im not mistaken and otha ranging up to 100++..thinking of buyin myself one of those cams-when i have extra money that is..huhu~

Oh yeah, SOGO is havin' quite a sale now. Lotsa cool handbags..thinkin of buying one late on for ma mum..*tak janji ye ma~and i did try one discounted Padini long-sleeve shirt-mampu yg discounted je sbb tgh pokai, cries~ and i found out that despite of how cool that shirt was, the fitting din look nice on me, perhaps bcoz of the cutting or wut i dunno. And no, its not becoz i've gained weight* matila defensive tak ngaku dh gumuk!!!

Heyyyy, ini baju size S tau i pakai~

Headed to the office rite afta lunch, did some works until 6pm and then rushed to Gleneagles Jln Ampang to visit my dear bestfren Fizi who just had he tonsils operated n cut out from his throat..huhu..Called him yesterday couple hrs afta he had that surgery, he could barely talk. The only word he murmured was, "sakitttt~" huhuhu~

Sorry darl i went there without balloons or nething, was just plainly bringin' maself there..hehehe..

met Ted Afta that, oggling around KLCC abt an hr and headed back to his place. Oh, did i tell you that am staying at his place this whole week bcoz my sis went back home due to school holidays, and no one is gona send me to lrt station every darn morning..hhuhuhu...

Back at his place, i continued to do ma works until 6a.m wif Ted accompaned me while watching "Mami Jarum d Movie"..huhu~

And i was abt to doze off when the Bilal recited the Azan..huhuhuhu.......

And there you go, anotha typical day of ma life ended like so~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

First Time??

Hey there,

I had a dinner at PICC last Thursday. It was actually a dinner in conjuction with Golden Jublee of 3 Schools-STAR, SDAR and STF. Nope I'm not from any of those schools but my Boss was..and he booked table for all the staffs in our comp. and there he was....Mr Mc Dreamy...Hishamuddin Tun Hussien..or nicknamed ABG UDIN by Ted..huhuhuu..Erk..did i just said it out loud...hehehheee..wutever~

I really like Hishamuddin, perhaps becoz he's the youngest minister (guy) ever..hehe. He was just a step away from me..and oh yeah..his wife was there too..hiks~hurm..wish i bring my cam along..oh demm!.now i remember that it was broken..Cisss~

The next day, Ted, Isis, Isis's day and me shot for Malacca..believe it or not, that was the 1st time ever i touched down there and saw A' Farmosa with my bare eyes...so lame for a 24 years ol' guy eh..hehehe

And today, didnt really do nething except lazing around this Internet cafe near ma area..with ma nu hair huhu!!!!!!....

And that's the real point of today's post..hehehee...

so, enjoy~

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Nothin' new in ma life. Tryin' to sort things out an trying to finish all works earlier than the due date this time. Really hate when i need to forsake my bedtime for work..

Only gona work half day today and shoot for Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) and have to reach there b4 5 today. Need to arrange a dinner tonite there.

Checked my current loan balane wif PTPTN, and i still have 8K++ to pay..huhuhuuuu~

so..the point of today's post is..adeke sesape yg baik ati nak wat charity nak derma2 seribu dua utk aku bayo PTPTipah ittew?????


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tagged: 6 weird things abt ME?

I was tagged by Bella, (see http://www.belladonna.blogspot.com/ ) and it's about 6 weird things about me. .Well, this is the chance to prove that i actually as normal as other person...which means my weird list is supposed to be quite similar wif others...(hopefully~)

Here goes:

1)I hate to be alone-I dunno whether it's obvious or not, but i just cant stand to be alone...I love my life to be filled wif my frens..good frens..family...and that's why, i try to get aay from loneliness as far as i can...goin out wif my frens, wif bucuk...wif my sis. There were times when i slept alone and started to think abt things..u know..wut will happen in future when we r gettin 'ol and our frens are leavin' us; 1 afta anotha..gosh it hurts to think abt that...

2)I'm A reserved person- People always see me as a bubly person, cheerful, very extrovert...and i like to be that way...bcoz it makes me happy..and my frens too..But on the otha hand, i can be very reserved and so secretive...I guess it's normal that people show their smily face when they are actually weeping inside there...It's actually very hard for me to start conversation too..but i guess im improvin' now..huhu..

3)I dun like to do laundry, to hang, to iron and to fold my clothes-Hurm...i guess these dont ned any explanations..huhu~Except buying clothes and trying them..i'll try my best to get rid from doing all those chores...hehehe.*talk about laziness

4)It takes time for me b4 i go to bed- there are times when i found myself in a deep problem-cannot sleep. I dunno whether that was insomniac or wut..but it's really anoyying when u want to sleep but ur mind keep on winding and winding abt things..things that i didn really need to think in the 1st plc..demm! Normally when encounter this prob, i'll make sure that everything is switched off-lights, even fan and I did stuffed all the gaps between doors and windows wif clothes or wutever i cud find at that time so that the room will be sound-proof...and not to forget, to put my watch away from me and take out batteries from the wall clock!!

5)I dun have definite handwriting-Yes, i think till now, all my BM and English teachers are clapping their hands and dancing cha-cha to celebrate my leaving out from the school..(i do feel that my lecturers are doin' the same too)...and because they dun need to read my bad handwritings too..Dun blame me coz' ive tried my best to improve my handwriting but the best handwriting has yet to come..LOL

6)I hate frogs..real frogs!!- Hurm..i know this is weird...My blog is fulled with frogs..here and there..and even my bucuk's nick is froggy...but the truth is i really hate frogs..to look at them..to touch them..or to get near to them..Yuck!...but o another note..i really found that those artificial stuffed frogs are really cute!!...as cute as froggy himself (bucuk, i bodek so that u can belanja me later, k??).hiks! I have 2 stuffed frogs named F1 and F2..1 made from plaster of Paris done by Froggy afta he submitted his first thesis's draft, 2 cute lil' frog clips and etc...

(sorry i dun have their pics now xcept F1 and F2)


and now, it's my turn to tag 6 other bloggers and u guys have to cum out with 6 weird things abt u guys!



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