Wednesday, May 30, 2007


hey y'all..

It has been 3 days since I went back to my home town.Kedah was HOT...literally! and thank god my sis proposed for a picnic at Titi Hayun (a waterfall picnic place in quite rural area in Yan). Mom was fine, as beautiful as was not that well, he has been having fever, sum rashes on his face (i think mom was quite glad that dad's not well; coz he'll only be lazing around the house and that makes mom happy..hiks!) 2nd niece was as cute as an angel, and she didnt hide herself behind my mom nemore whenever i call her...and the house is not in a mess as i tought it'd be.hahhaa!

Well, that's not the reason why am blogging today btw. The topic is G.D!

Wut? wut s G.D?.....G.D stands for "Grand Diri". IT could b a noun..a verb or even an adjective. In a nutshell, GD happens when one self-worship himself so much that no one could stand to hear it.

How GD hurts others??? Well, put this way, if u think that you'r good looking and your proud of how u look like..That's not GD, you are 'GD'-ing when u tell others wut you feel for hundred times per day, everyday...even if u tell once a day u cn be considered as a GD person i THINK. hahaha..and the repercussions??? You are actually successful in making others think that you are an annoying person! and if you are lucky, you will get 'carutanzz' from others especially me.

Scene 1:
A couples wif B. Almost every single day B will call..not to ask bout A but braggig how other guys were complementing his cuteness, handsomenes..bla bla..yada yada... At 1st A took it finely, feeling proud of himself getting a cute guy..but as time passes by, the volcano started to blurt out. For me, if you know that ur cute..bla2..u DONT need others to tell it for you and you ALSO dun need to keep on telling it to others!

Scene 2:
C is quite a well off guy. He shops almost every month. Well i have no prob with that but he thing is, the show off begins when he meets his frens..telling other how happy he is; buying XXX shirt..XXX confident he is..n bragging abt it....and the list goes on..Duhhh!!! NO, am not jealous of him..Not ever..haha..bcoz i dun need to be confident when only wearing designer labels and so on..confidence is in yourself, how u show it to others and ur outfit is just a spporting system that agrees to your behaviour (matila GD jugak!!)

Humm...wut do guys think abt GD? or GD people themself???? My only advise to this people:

on another note, i'll be having dinner wif Froggy tonite. and most probably spending sum times in his place.
til' then, daaaaaaa~

Friday, May 25, 2007


i'm ok now...

more content than before, kinda busy wif works and payroll...
goin back to my hometown this very evening afta work..
happy weekend everybody~

Sunday, May 20, 2007


There are times when you wish u havnt been born..

There are times when u wish your life would be different than now...

There are times when u wish that you could change the world..

There are times when u think everything that you do will never be enough...

There are times when u think that you are actually fooling yourself around doing things that you dont like...

There are times when u feel like crying your lungs out..but there are no tears coming out from your eyes, yet it's eating you from inside...

There are times when u feel like 'balik kampung', stay there forever...
There are times when you feel like you've done everything, yet nothing has been achieved..

There are times when u feel like you just want to sleep and the minute when u wake up, everything is perfect and back to normal...

....or that is your last sleep

-i'm wishing all of that-


Friday, May 11, 2007


I believe everything God creates is in perfect balance….If shit happens, the great time will cum later.. That’s when you sit with your rival, having coffee together and laugh to wut he or she and you had done back then.


My fren Er*** asked me to find a good job for him, since he has been working for almost a year in Astro as a customer service officer and tired of being sworn by the customers. As a good fren and a great citizen of Malaysia (ape kene ngena ntah), I agreed to recommend him to work in LG (my company’s client-oh, I forgot to mention to you guys before that I’m actually working in a HR outsourcing
Company now)

There was a shortage in LG’s customer service; therefore, they need him ASAP. But ER cannot resign wif short notice; otherwise he has to pay the compensation fees. And so LG paid for his compensation fees which were actually under his own liability.


After less than 4 weeks of working there..he tendered his resignation whichwill be effective this bloody end of the month. WTF???

I mean, c'mon! Afta wut people have done for you, you shouldn't just leave like that...The reasons were bcoz, he couldnt stand those bloody kiasu Singaporeans and the new place is nearer to his place tho te salary is lower than wut LG has given to him...And he has the dare to say that if I were put i his position..or anybody were..we'll do the same..WTF???

From wut I heard, he was d only staff who's being so rude and inpatient towards the customer. I believe from experience..if U know how to tackle the customer..even the most irate customer will melt and be less provocative. (Bak kate pepatah; "kalu muka dah macam jalan tar, jalan salahkan mekap yang tak cantik) If I know that he's only using that job as a stepping stones for him to get other job...No way am gona give him that position till d last of my breath!

Remember d 1st part when i say that one day we will sit wif our rivals and laugh to wut we have done b4?-that day wont cum for him and me!

On another note; I hav already got my paycheck..(dapat trus abis katanya sbb hutang keliling pinggan..wakakaka)

and on another note..again; I've made myself a Maybank account. Its Maybank Acct! and just to get it..i've gone thru bizzilions of processes..(cam haram jer, kalau tak sbb gaji masuk dlm sini, jangan harap aku nakbukak acct kat Maybank!~yucks!) its bcoz, u cant just open it at any must be near to office or your house .Otherwise there will probs when u wana do transactions (kononnya) ..duhhhhhh....didnt u guys have the thing that called 'online system'?????

p/s:lantakla grammar btol ke tak..typo ke tak..malas nk edit...ape? aku dh xde keje lain ker?

Monday, May 07, 2007


Wut date is today? (wut kind of question is that?, even 6 years old kid knows it)
Yes, it's Monday(and most y'all are having Monday blues..yada yada!)..and it’s 7th day of May…and it’s not yet my pay day! Demm it!

All because Boss need the second signatory before he hands me the check. MY CHECK!

And now, am like a poor guy, trembling by the streets begging for others’ mercy!..(ok, I was exaggerating lil’ bit) but the bottom line is I’m broke now..(cries)