Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Congrats to Arttouch

I'm takin this opportunity to congratulate Arttouch for his new job at Philharmonic starts from today (19 Nov 2008). May this job brings you...hurm..wutever u want in your life (senang sket kannn~).

Cass says: lepas ni wajibla aku dok lepak KLCC ngn u sesambil minum di starbucks!! matila ponteng keje lagikkk!!

Speaking of starbucks, i was told that woman who takes coffee will face the ultimate effect-their boobs will gradually shrink, according to a research done by sweddish scientists!

But not to worry pussies, bcoz they wont go smaller overnight or disappear when you wake up the next day.LOL

On another note, While caffeine may shrink women’s breasts, the reaction is the reverse for coffee-slurping blokes – it can make their “moobs” swell.

On the plus side, the study showed regular hits of caffeine reduce the risk of women developing breast cancer.

i bet this lady needs a gallon starbucks daily to shrink that boobies of hers,LOL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Money matters?

Malay is the highest to have below RM 1000.00 of household income. Deputy Minister of Prime Minister Department, Datuk S.K. Devamany revealed that based on research done by Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia last year, Malay dominated the number of 301,000 household to have below RM1K income per month.

A total of 495,500 household to have below RM1K income, and Malay alone dominated 60% of it.

60% out of 495,500 household are malays. And they are getting below RM1000 per month.

This is not inddividual income we're talking about. This is like the mom's plus dad's plus whoever that works in that house; and the total of their incomes are less than one frikkin thousand!


Cass Says: I know that happiness is not measured by how much do we make every month, but it certainly is needed to pay all the mounting bills to keep our spouse from yelling her lungs out!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My birthday- a quater of century to be remembered

It has been 25 years old.

A quater of century.

That i've sipped this air of this earth and exhaled the extension of my life with vigorous enthusiasm to keep on surviving in this ludicrous world.

I've had my share of happiness, amusement, bitter and blandness

Father Time has been tick-tocking his clock for more than 9125 days since the day i was born last November '83.

So many goals to achieve and so many prophecies to be dictated.

I want to enjoy life as it is for better for worse, not to the fullest. Just as lovely as it is.

p/s: thanks to mary who sent me a box of 25 cupcakes to my office. They were lovely. Too bad i have to eat them, *winks. And also to Froggy and family who bought me takeaway pizzas and black forest birtday cakes. Extended apprecation to Andy, Egha, Ted and Acap, Androi8, Jambu, Afif, Fizi, Ezz, Tasya and others who sent me bithday messages via sms.