Thursday, October 19, 2006

Orgasmic Triffle?????

On Ted's last birthday, Southernson had made triffles for us. They were sexilicious! One could get orgasmed by just looking at them(wut? is it wrong to exaggerate a lil' bit? gimme a break! ).

Well anyway, the good news is that I was able to steal the secret recipe from Southernson and below is my conversation with him; probing the secret of making Orgasmic Triffle:

OMG, OMG! I just created a name for this recipe! Hiks!

Session Start (kas*****:southernsons**): Fri Oct 13 12:39:56 2006

[12:40] kas*****: abg south
[12:40] kas*****: i need ur favor!
[12:40] kas*****: :)
[12:42] southernsons**: apa dia kast..
[12:42] *** Auto-response sent to southernsons21: I am currently away from the computer.[12:42] southernsons**: then?
[12:42] kas*****: cane nak wat triffle?
[12:42] southernsons**: owh..
[12:43] southernsons**: all u need is evaporeted milk,susu cair
[12:43] southernsons**: susu cair..
[12:44] southernsons**: tepung custard
[12:44] southernsons**: fruit cocktail
[12:45] southernsons**: swissroll
[12:45] southernsons**: crystal jelly..
[12:45] kas*****: ok..ok
[12:46] kas*****: cane nk masaknya lak?
[12:46] southernsons**: ok..
[12:47] southernsons**: mula2 swissroll tu slicekan..
[12:47] southernsons**: then susun dlm bekas
[12:47] southernsons**: pastu fruitcocktail tu toskan, airnya jgn buang
[12:47] southernsons**: then susun fruitcocktail tu atas swissroll base tu
[12:48] southernsons**: dah susun fruitcocktail, put aside[12:48] southernsons21: air jus fruitcocktil tu campur dgn susu cair..
[12:49] southernsons**: 1 tin susu cair campur dgn i tin air fruitcocktail tu
[12:50] southernsons**: masak susu cair tu atas api yg kecil
[12:50] southernsons**: keep kacau campuran tu
[12:51] southernsons**: bila susu cair tu agak2 nak didih
[12:51] kas*****: ok
[12:51] southernsons**: masukkan tepung custard yg dah dibancuh dgn sedikit air
[12:51] southernsons**: 1 sudu besar utk i tin susu cair[12:51] southernsons21: ikut suka la[12:52] southernsons**: klau nak pekat lagi, tambah lebih skit tepung custard tu
[12:52] kas*****: tepung banyak mane?
[12:52] southernsons**: 1 sudu besar tepung custard utk i tin susu cair
[12:53] kas*****: ic
[12:53] southernsons**: pastu keep kacau smpi pekat
[12:55] southernsons**: lps masak, tuang custard susu tu atas fruitcocktail td..
[12:55] kas*****: ic
[12:55] kas*****: then?
[12:56] southernsons21: dah tuang tu.. keep cool
[12:56] southernsons**: bila dah sejuk, crystal jelly tu bancuh dgn air panas ikut sukatan yg ada dlm arahan pd kotak
[12:57] southernsons**: lps tu, tuang perlahan2 kat atas custard susu tu..
[12:57] kas*****: then ble makan ekk?
[12:57] kas*****: :P
[12:57] southernsons**: then lps tu, bila dah agak keras skit jelly tu, boleh la hias dgn hirisan pic..
[12:58] kas*****: (terliur~)
[12:58] southernsons**: serve chilled..
[12:58] kas*****: thanx so much :-*
[12:58] kas*****: tak sabar nak try
[12:58] southernsons**: hehehhe..
[12:59] southernsons**: utk melihat cara2nya, sila lawati teddieville.blogspot
[13:00] kas*****: yeyeye
[13:00] southernsons**: ;))
[13:00] southernsons**: kat situ kan ada caption2nya..
[13:01] kas*****: insy
[13:01] kas*****: tp rasanya ble wat
[13:03] southernsons**: try la
[13:27] *** "southernsons**" signed off at Fri Oct 13 13:27:58 2006.Session Close (southernsons**): Fri Oct 13 13:44:26 2006

(For privacy and confidentiality of ME and South, our IDs are half sensored,-feeling2 jadi artis plak, hiks!)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Lemme's the 16th day of ramadhan(or is it 17th?) and there's another half of Ramadhan that we need to go thru in before Syawal comes.
Me myself is actually quite 'liat' when it comes to sahur*, but thanks to Froggy who has always gimme calls to wake me up.
But when it comes to break fast, i eat like there's no tomorrow. One thing 'bout Ramadhan is that rezeki comes to ur hands ad infinitum. You buy rice. Later you'll find ikan keli,kuih-muih and segala-mala wut not on the table. Those days, people fast to feel hunger yet nowadays people fast so that they'll have chocked-full dead break fast(same goes to me :P).
During Ramadhan, stalls open even at the very small inch of the place all over Malaysia, just to satify Malaysians hungry mounths. Like yesterday, i had nasi beryani,mutton curry,ikan keli, tepung pelita, popia basah. Yes dude, i had 'em, I had 'em all. Not to mention the 2 whole roasted chicken that i shared with my 8 colleagues.(talk bout nafsu makan)
The other day,on weekend I had Froggy and Jib (Froggy's fren) bunk-in my house. Froggy cooked our fav Steam Dori fish and Jib showed his skills in cooking by making his own unique fried spaghetti. 3 of us ate like no one business.
The next day, we went to Jusco but Jib had to go back since his head was feeling kinda dizzy leavin' me and my other half to explore the sales there ourself. Nothing much was in Jusco that we decided to extend our exploration to Midvalley Megamall. Broke fast at McD, and later Froggy had to rush for home since her sis needed him to send her to her univ.
In the end, I bought 2 pairs of Renoma undies, and a shirt with marshmallow kinda color. Gotta give credit to froggy for choosing that shirt for me.
thanks dear.