Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Holla all,

sorry that i procrastinated the rest 4 of my habits/facts..well i believe that it's easy for one to tell abt others, yet not about oneself..hehheec (Alasan sgttt kannn!!)

allright, let's see wut do we have here:

5.) I cant help myself seeing those girls with bad make-ups walking down the streets, in the lrt n etc. There is this urge I feel like wanting to seize them off the street and do sum make-over. (padahal diri sendiri selekeh ya Amatss)

6.) I just realised lately that i'm kinda protective when it comes to my friends and families...The last thing that i wanna hear is that they are in trouble...Seriously, for me those are people whom i treasure the most in this world..so u better watch if u wanna mess with them..*Flips hair n run away~

7.) I'm a beauty conscious person-especially on my facial part. Hate zits and acnes, big pores and sun-burns..SAY NO TO ALL OF THAT!!!! (tapi muke x flawless pon~)

8.) I'm a very careless and clumsy person at times, very un-organize, almost care-freeand shoppamaniac- the opposite of Froggy's qualities..huhu...(seb baik la die sanggup terima hubby cani..huhu!!)

ohh, and i tag these bloggers to continue this so-called Tagging Games:

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Been tagged on Habits/Facts?

I've tagged again..infact, i've been tagged twice n for today i'll only do this topic 1st..since am quite free today, despite of this fever i have today *cries

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eightpeople to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've tagged and to read ur blog.
without further adue, here's how the list goes:
1) I rank all the meals in my plate and eat them accordingly from the less-fave-meals to my fave! For eg: if let say i eat steam rice with fried egg, fish and chicken and veges, i'll have egg 1st, then veges, then fich and lastly chicken...and also according to the amount of them..the bigger amount of the meals, the bigger chance of them to be eaten.
2) When i dont meet Froggy or friends during weekend, i'll just sit back and watch cartoons from morning 'till nite.
3)I love to oggle man and women, to see how they behave..how they dress and how they present themselves in public..*matila observant ke stalkingggg!!!
4)I cant sleep without a blanket...or atleast sumthing to cover my legs while am sleeping-be in an airconditioned or hell-hot room.
otha 4????..upcoming next k..meanwhile, just read and memorised those 1st okie dokie??

Friday, September 07, 2007

Rich ME, Poor ME?

Alhamdulillah..things n people around me has started to be on track now..except for ME myself...
After reading couple pages of Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert Sumthin' (it was quite late when i started to read that book that i didnt really remember the author's full name-spare me for that), it banged me to rock bottom that for 24years, i've been implanted with this mind-setting that i need to go to school to good grades, then enter college and graduate with honors so that i could get a good job.- yet the truth is life is much more than just a piece of transcript..*cries
I've at the end of the day done things that has been done by people before me; subconciously knowing that i will end up working in a private company or governmental company, working my ass out of it; waiting for my monthly salary. And the best part is, it will bring me to.....(drumrollllll!!!!!)-NOWHERE.
Its like wut am i currently doin; being an exec to my boss, go to work everyday (well not everyday tho, i did ponteng oncein a while) and wait for my monthly paycheck to pay bills and others leaving me with only a couple of quids.
Now, am seating on my avant-garde chair in my room in my office thinking one big question that ive yet to find THE answer-How am i going to get RICH???????
Before this, i've been negating the fact that money is important in every aspect...I mean, money is important but my goal is not to have lotsa money, millions of them...the only thought tht i have in mind is that one day, I would settle down in an sub-urban area near my hometown or KL area with my child or even children, with my loved one, having a simpe middle-class lifestyle; happily ever after. (well, once in a while, arguing and disagreement are allowed, hiks)
But, as i grow wiser n older...i realised that, having a simple life is just not enough. Not that ive becomin' greedy or wut, it's just that sometimes in life, things can be soooo unexpected that when u stumbled into things u werent really trained to dealt with, u felt so..BLUR..EMPTY, BLANK..in other word U JUST DUNNO HOWTO HANDLE IT. And this is when the extra money or wealth u have will come in handy...
Last but not least,
Money is not everything, but u CANT have everything if u dont have MONEY

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today is the 4th day after we had a blast of Merdeka. And in conjuction of our Merdeka celebration i will conduct today's post in Bahasa Malaysia.
30 Ogos 2007
Pertamanya, Tahniah Malaysia di atas Sambutan 50 tahun Kemerdekaan yg telah kita sambut baru-baru ni. (Err..nape aku jadi skema ckp BM nih ekk)
Cane korang sambut Merdeka aritu ek? Aku dengan gigihnya mencemar duli buat pertama kali di Dataran Merdeka tu. Sebab awal sgt sampai, Froggy n kwn2 die sampai lewat sket. So aku pon jln2 sepanjang jln menuju ke Dataran tu. Meriah sakan wooo..Macam pesta!
Dlm pkol 11.30 Froggy n Frens sampai...We all jalan2 sekeliling tempat tu cari port menarik time bunga api nanti..hehehe..Dengan semangat juangnya..kitorg gigih menyanyi...melalak..
sambil menunggu bunga pi dipancutkan..err...di ermm...di ape ekk..dipersembahkan?..hurm ape2 je la..korang pikir sendiri perkataan yg seswai.huhuhu~
Selepas nyanyi..countdown sampai pkol 12 tgh malam dengan semangat patriotik yg ada, kitorg melaugkan, "MERDEKA! MERDEKA!MERDEKA!" sampai tujuh kali..time tu ingatkan ade bunga api.. tapi perghhhh ade ucapan Rais Yatim...ok...fine sbb die yg berpenat lelah utk mlm tu kan...selepas aku dh lenguh berdiri..mencangkung dan berdiri balik, Rais Yatim abis bercakap..Pastu Pak Lah pulak bagi ucapan ..Beeerjela-jela sampai sume naik lenguh!! Aku nampak semangat patriotik dide tu..tapi dalam keadaan camtu die hanya mewujudkan anti-climax situation (dengan izin Yg Arif..hiks). Kesian aku tengok Nenek2 tua, Pakcik2 tua yg dah lenguh berdiri menunggu..budak dh nangis2 sebab penat dan mengantuk..bayangkanlah..dari pkol 12.oo A.M., dlm pkol 2.30 pagi baru diorg wat upacara bunga api. Apela!!
Aku paham yg diorg (pihak majlis) nak kekalkan orang ramai mendengar sume ucapan sbb tu bunga api dilancarkan lewat mlm tu (malam hapenye kalu dah dekat 3 pagi!), tapi agak2 ar kan...ni sampai lewat ak mampos, sian budak2 yg tunggu mlm tu..
Tapi at least berbaloi la tunggu nak tengok bunga api tu...betul2 atas kepala kitorg heheh...cuma xde la lame sangat macam yg pernah aku tengok kat KLCC dulu..
Ohh, sebut pasal KLCC, baru aku teringat yg kwn aku ade gtau yg diorg gigih pegi KLCC tapi xder plak bunga api mlm tu...Aku x bley bayangkan cane kalu makcik2 ngn anak2 kecik yg dok tunggu kat situ alih2 xder plak aper2..siankan...hurm..
Abis pertunjukan bunga api kitorg sume naik komuter balik umah Froggy, seb bek tren menghala ke Port Klang x sesak cam Tren yg menghala ke Sentul, dapatla kitorg duduk..hehe.
*****The author wants to take this chance to congratulate Ted for his new job. Kakak, semuge kemarau yg telah pergi tidak akan kembali dan semoga musim2 mendatang memberikan manfaat pada kita sume~Ameen