Saturday, July 23, 2011

im still here

hey guys,
I've been away for ages and it was all my fault. I was so distracted with work and other stuffs that i reckoned blogging is listed last in my to-do list.

A lot of things happened between past and present.

Im still with froggy with our ups and downs.

Im still teachin' in swk.

I have lotsa ongoing projects in school that i sometimes abandon or have little interest in my core business. God forgive me!

I managed to lost few pounds and was getting good feed backs from friends.

I hate my housemates for they're so typical that i cant barely sit with them.

My lappy is spoiled due to my own stupidity and ignorance.

I'm really not an organised guy and that's a quality that i hate the most in me. What i hate more about me is that I already acknowledged my weakness but i have no effort in rectifying it. *crazy!

I wish i had better paycheck.

Those are some ramblings on my current life and some past updates.

au revoir* i hope that i'll start blogging regularly from now on.

You wish!


it's all about me said...

hi efarojie, haven't heard about u lately... but am glad u're back, although it took quite sometime.. am no longer active blogging, but please write coz am waiting for the post from you...

Efarojie said...

hey im glad to see u too. will try my best to find time to write babe. :)

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Lezteer said...

Hey it's okay! We understand you dear. I, too, is being distracted by work and stuffs but I can manage to write everything put back everything to normal. Just find some time to reorganize yourself mate. :)

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