Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey guys. It's 2015 and as i was reading all my posts, i couldnt help but to notice all grammatical errors that i made. Im so sorry to have made you guys bleed ur eyes while reading them posts. Lol.

I dunno whether there are still readers out there who care about my blog anymore, but i really miss reading musang api, oxymoronic and few other blogs too. Ive been contemplating to delete this blog or not coz eventho i dun write anymore, i do sometimes reread all my old posts and reminisce all my sweet and bitter moments.

Anyhow, im now teaching in kl and there were lotsa ups and downs as usual. Im still with my masyam froggy who has been so nice to me all these years.  God knows how i really appreciate all froggy's effort to help me with my financial problems and family matters.

Oklah, thats all for now. Till then :)

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